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Hello, Champion! My name is Librarian Husky, and welcome to League of Legends guides from pro players.

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New info of the recent patch for LoL.

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The new most OP builds – Patch 13.11

Become the greatest OP build in LoL.

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Itemization Guide for ALL ROLES – Patch 13.10

Get a full info on the new 13.10 patch about itemization.

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How to appear offline in LoL?

Awesome guide on how to appear offline in LoL.

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The Only Roaming You'll Ever Need

Get the best roaming guide here.

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Why Taking Towers Is Losing Games

Towers are widely regarded as some of the best objectives in the game.

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New Updated Tier List For Patched

Volley is a new top lane build that’s giving him a ton of extra strength.

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This Is How You One-Shot With AD

If Riot never wanted this to happen, Thresh wouldn’t have an AD Ratio on his E.

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How Good This Challenger AD Builds

This is Ady, and I’ve linked their League of Legends below.

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Patch 12.10b Buffs and Nerfs Heroes

Six of them are getting buffed, and five are getting nerfed.

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new champion builds for patch 12.8

How’s season 12 eh well 12.8 is going to be easier because after watching today’s guide you.

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how to easily 1v9 on any champion

Zed is never going to be able to hit level 2 first against a champion with a higher range.

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most broken heroes for patch 12.8

We’re gonna be talking about the best champions for patch 12.8, which will be hitting the rift in about a week’s time.

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10 most broken heroes of every role

So to know who the best champers are going to be would be a great idea to stick around for the whole guide.

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New Champions Tier List for 12.8

So we’re going to give you the tiers for each role. we’ll also be going through the changes and what they might mean in the near future. so make sure you stick around for the whole guide.

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The Best Builds to Use On Zed

All right, so we’ll just talk about the the two builds.

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The 3 Best Champions for Every Role

In today’s guide, we’ll be breaking down the three best autofill champions for each roll you’ll.

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10 Worst Solo Champions to Avoid

I’m actually going to give you the rune pages and still the builds and the skill order and maybe even a tip for these because it looks like people need them.

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Best Champions Of All Roles In 12.7

We’re going to be talking about the ten most underrated champions for the upcoming 12.7 patch, and there are some very interesting picks in here.

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Top 10 New Builds for Patch 12.7

Make sure you stick around for the whole guide.

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Choose your mains for season 12

We’re going to talk about champion pools and how you actually go through selecting your champions and hopefully are going to do.

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