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Every New Change Coming in Patch 14.3 – League of Legends

Let’s begin with the ones being buffed. On-hit AD carries will be on the rise for this patch, actually having its AD and AP increased from 30 to 35. The recipe for the item will be shifted around as well, going from Hearthbound Axe plus Long Sword to now Recurve Bow plus Pickaxe.

Buffed Items and Indirect Buffs

Gangplank will be getting a nice indirect buff this patch with Essence Reaver having its AD increased from 55 to 60. Ezreal would benefit from this change as well, if he wasn’t being directly nerfed, which we will be having a look at later on.

Mage Item Adjustments

Luden’s Mages have been underperforming to start season 14, so Riot’s giving them a few buffs. The cost of Luden’s is going down from 3,000 to 2,900 gold, and the AP on Luden’s is being increased from 90 to 95. Passive damage per stack is also being altered so that the flat amount is up, but the scaling is down.

Additional Item Changes

There are a few changes lined up for Morellonomicon, with its cost being reduced from 2,800 to 2,700. The damage overtime AP ratio, however, is going down from 6% to 5%. Magic resist shred is altered so that it’s now a flat 10 instead of 6 scaling to 12. Archangel’s will be getting a very simple buff, with Riot reducing the cost of the item from 3,200 to 2,900 gold. Rod of Ages will be getting two separate buffs for the next patch, with its health being increased from 350 to 400 and mana cost up from 300 to 400.

Nerfs and Targeted Adjustments

With the Collector being a staple purchase on many of the strong ADCs right now, Riot will be tagging it with a nerf. Attack damage on The Collector is being reduced, going from 60 to 55. On top of the Collector nerfs, champions like Miss Fortune, Jhin, and Graves are especially being targeted in 14.3 with adjustments to Ghostblade.

Item and Champion Adjustments

Noteworthy are the targeted nerfs on Ghostblade, specifically affecting ranged champions, with reductions in both out-of-combat and active movement speeds to 25 and 15% respectively. Additionally, Knight’s Vow is undergoing adjustments, with a decrease in its shield health ratio from 20% to 18% Max Health, and an extension of the shield’s cooldown from 12 to 15 seconds.

Several items with damage-dealing passives or actives are set for revisions in the upcoming 14.3 update. This includes a wide array of items like Lich Bane, Hextech Alternator, Rocket Belt, Echo of Luden, Static Shiv, Stormrazor, Goredrinker, Hydra, and Titanic Hydra, all of which will see modifications to their damage outputs. Notably, Static Shiv is receiving a significant overhaul, with a price cut from 3,000 to 2,700 gold alongside a reduction in its damage output, adjusting from a scaling of 100 to 180 down to a flat 90 across all levels.

Furthermore, a comprehensive overhaul is planned for Stridebreaker, featuring six distinct modifications. The replacement of Phage with Tiamat in its recipe marks a notable change, alongside an increase in its cost to 3,300 gold, an enhancement in health to 450, a reduction in attack damage to 50, and a decrease in the active ability’s cooldown to 15 seconds. Importantly, the active ability of Stridebreaker will regain its damage potency, with an 80% AD scaling being reintroduced.

Champion Buffs and Adjustments

Nami’s E gets a boost in healing and attack speed. Pyke’s armor increases to 47, with lower Q mana cost and enhanced W speed and lethality. Wukong’s Q gets better AD scaling and range, plus a shorter E cooldown. Zeri, struggling in solo Q, receives a base AD increase and a shorter R cooldown, shifting her build away from Hexdrinker towards full crit.

Champion Updates in Patch 14.3

Ziggs’s base armor is being adjusted upwards from 18 to 21, reversing a previous reduction from 22 in update 13.22. This modification partially restores his prior armor level. Additionally, his armor growth rate is increasing from 4.5 to 4.7. The cooldown for his W ability is being decreased by 4 seconds at the initial rank, effectively undoing the adjustment from 13.23. AP Shyvana, who has struggled at the outset of season 14, will receive enhancements, including an increase in the AP scaling of her Q and a boost to the movement speed provided by her W.

More Champion Adjustments

Taliyah is set to receive significant enhancements, with the base damage of her Q increasing by 10 at the first rank and the cooldown of her E ability being standardized to 14 seconds across all ranks, down from a previous range of 16 to 14 seconds. Azir will face a minor reduction, with his base mana regeneration decreasing from 7 to 5. Despite a quick fix in 14.2, Brand is slated for further adjustments in 14.3, including a reduction in passive monster damage from 220% to 200% and a decrease in the base damage of his Q across all levels.

Karma and Lillia Adjustments

Following significant enhancements to Karma in patch 14.2, Riot is making adjustments by scaling back in 14.3. The base damage of her RQ is being reduced, transitioning from a range of 35 to 350, now to 40 to 310. Additionally, the AP scaling of RQ is being decreased from 70% to 50%. Lillia is also set to receive some adjustments, with the AP scaling of her passive damage being reduced from 1.5% of Max Health per 100 AP to 1.25% Max Health per 100 AP. Furthermore, the AP scaling of her Q is being lowered from 45% to 35%.

Nerfs to Rengar, Trundle, and Ezreal

Rengar’s dominance in high ELO play prompts nerfs: his base health is cut from 620 to 590, and late-game Q AD scaling is reduced, with empowered Q AD ratio dropping from 140% to 130%. Trundle faces reductions too, with his base health down from 686 to 650 and initial Q damage halved to 10. Ezreal’s recent buffs are dialed back to prevent overuse, lowering his Q AD scaling from 135% to 130% and reducing both base and bonus AD ratios on his R.

Champion Balance Updates

Let’s dive into the details. Yorick’s mana expenditure is being reduced from 25 to 20. The healing effect of his Q will no longer double under 50% health but will instead provide an additional healing of four to 8% based on missing health. However, this Q healing when targeting minions will be halved. The casting time for his E is being improved, shifting from 0.33 to 0.25 seconds, and it will feature a new trajectory, making it arc more prominently. Moreover, the range within which his ghouls remain under control is being shortened from 2,000 to 1,600. The damage dealt by his ultimate’s mark is being scaled back from a range of three to 9% of maximum health down to two to 3%, and the cooldown for this mark proc is being eliminated.

Corki and Illaoi Adjustments

Corki is set to receive several tweaks, notably an increase in his W ability’s AP scaling from 40% to 60%. While the cooldown for his W will see a reduction, this will primarily affect the later stages of the game, and the mana requirement for this ability is being decreased from 100 to 80. Additionally, the time duration for his package is being shortened from 60 to 45 seconds. Illaoi is on the receiving end of a significant enhancement to her tentacle reach, extending by 125 units. However, to balance this, the base damage and AD scaling of her tentacles are being adjusted downwards.

Adjustments to Maokai

Riot is addressing Maokai’s high 55% win rate in the support role from patch 14.2 with several changes in 14.3. His base mana regen is reduced from 7.2 to 6, and the base heal from his passive is removed. The max health heal from his passive is slightly increased to 4% to 12.8%.

His Q ability’s cooldown is decreased by 1 second at the first rank, and its mana cost is reduced from 60 to 40. The E ability’s cooldown now starts at 16 seconds, scaling down to 12, with a mana cost increase from 45-85 to 60-80. Additionally, his R ability’s cooldown is increased by 10 seconds at all ranks.

Zyra and Cho’Gath Changes

In the upcoming 14.3 patch, Zyra will see significant mana adjustments, with her base mana regeneration dropping from 13 to 7 and her mana regen growth doubling from 0.4 to 0.8. Additionally, the mana cost for her E ability will decrease from 70 to 55, and her W ability’s cooldown refund for smaller units will increase from 20% to 35%.

Cho’Gath will also undergo changes, with his mana growth rate decreasing from 0.45 to 0.35. His W ability’s mana cost will now scale down from 70 to 50, and the bonus damage against monsters will jump significantly from scaling between 10 to 50 to 20 to 80. Lastly, the mana cost for his E ability will rise from 65 to 75.

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