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Greetings, dear Customer! Welcome to Huskyboost – the best provider of League of Legends boosts! Want a new rank? Don’t hesitate to order Elo boosting service from the #1 Company in the world (by Trustpilot official)

Many professional challengers are available now to achieve the new Division or even League for your account! Save your time and buy a League of Legends boost right now!
The Customer can check our LoL Product table (with the guaranteed best price) in the lower section under this message. Ensure that you have used the search option or filter the products by categories

Request Custom Order

What to order something Custom? Can’t find on the website the desired boost? Feel free to use our request form and have an offer in 1 hours

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Honor level
⏳ Start: 30 min.

Reach the highest Honor level to get in matches with the best LoL players.

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Lol Elo deboost by games
⏳ Start: 30 min.

A quick way to get de-boosted by games.

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Restriction Removal
⏳ Start: 30 min.

Remove Chat restriction in few minutes with our professional players

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Net Wins
⏳ Start: 30 min.

Net wins on any Elo. Express start!

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Elo Deboost
⏳ Start: 30 min.

Hire a the professional player to deboost your elo properly.

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Normal Matches
⏳ Start: 30 min.

Hire a Pro player to do normal matches for you. Instant delivery!

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⏳ Start: 30 min.

Express start and Free bonus! Dominate in Clash right now!

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Guides from Challengers

Guides from Challenger players. Start to improve right now!

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Coaching by Matches
⏳ Start: 30 min.

Hire a Challenger play to Coach you, paying for the games, not for the hours

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Accounts Market
New Offer
Expires Soon
Save 10%

Rare skins, Low, average, and High elo.
Collection Accounts.
Handmade 30 lvl accounts ranked ready. Get yours now in a few minutes.

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Champion Mastery
⏳ Start: 30 min.

Easy Champion mastery power leveling! Express start and Free Bonus

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🔥 Discount Packages
⏳ Start: 30 min.

Get up to 50% discount on your favorite offers!

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Elo DUO (Selfplay with the Pro player)
⏳ Start: 30 min.

Get your desired rank in a DUO queue with Challenger players. Customer’s Choice! Start right now!

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Placement Solo and DUO
⏳ Start: 30 min.

Get your Placement Games done with the highest possible winrate by Challenger players. Start right now! Pilot And selfplay options are available

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Coaching by Challengers
⏳ Start: 30 min.

Improve your skill by hour-by-hour Coaching Challenger players. Instant start. Replay analysis, in-game, text or voice consultation

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Handmade Power Leveling
⏳ Start: 30 min.

Get your 30 lvl ranked-ready account right now!
No Bots, guaranteed handmade delivery with the stream.
Start right now!

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Elo Boost
⏳ Start: 30 min.

Hire a Challenger player to increase your Elo Rank. We are ready to start right now!

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Why should you buy LoL Boosting from Husky?

League of Legends is a game with a long and rich history. It started in 2006 as a humble project of two students with a great vision and a grand design. Later, the game was joined by many veteran players and developers of the original Dota. In 2009, League of Legends was released to great success and opened a path for Lol boosting to emerge.

More than ten years have passed, and today the game is among the most popular titles in the world, having huge tournaments and a massive community of gamers.

Huskyboost was also, coincidentally, founded over ten years ago. We did not have League of Legends boosting at that time. We started as boosters for WoW but have since branched out more directions, including your game of interest.

Advantages of choosing Huskyboost for LoL Services

Huskyboost is the best site for League of Legends services and boosting by Trustpilot ratings. We try hard to satisfy all our customers, and here are some ways we make your experience perfect!

We offer the finest offers on the market! You can check that yourself – let us know if you find anything cheaper, and we will lower the LoL prices immediately!

You would think that delivering the League of Legends boosting service would be enough to make your day, but we went even further. We have frequent discounts for many of our boosting offers. Visit our website often and catch all the hottest League of Legends deals before they expire!

Save your time

Using Husky’s boosting help will allow you to save a lot of time in the long run.

  • Are you a busy person with a lot of stuff to do daily?
  • Cannot dedicate enough time to boosting the rating and perfecting your League of Legends skills?
  • Want to chill after a long day at work without the stress of LoL-ranked games?

Try Husky’s boosting services and save many-days-worth of time.

Skip the Elo Hell

Our ranked section is also excellent for escaping elo-hell. Many League of Legends players say they cannot run their current ranks because teams are less coordinated, and they cannot experience the game properly at their ranks. However, they feel comfortable at platinum and higher ranks and even climb a bit every League of Legends season. Escape elo-hell with Husky’s help!

Our LoL Boost Services available in any region

We have more than 50000 boosters and can cover all regions in this game. The list of regions that we support:

  • EU West
  • EU Nordic & East
  • North America
  • Turkey
  • Oceania
  • Japan
  • Brazil
  • Republic of Korea
  • Russia
  • Latin America North
  • Latin America South

Cashback for every order

Regular League of Legends customers receives even more value with Huskyboost. Yes, we have the best price offers on LoL boosting, but it does not mean we do not want to give you even more. For every completed League of Legends order at Huskyboost, you will receive a cashback code of 5% off your purchase, enter it at the checkout before your next boosting order and receive a nice discount.

Perfect 24\7 Support

Even though we offer the lowest pricing for LoL products, we do not sacrifice quality for it! On the contrary, we try to provide the cleanest boosting experience for our League of Legends clients even before their order begins.

Huskyboost’s customer support is always online. We are ready to accept your League of Legends boost order 24/7/365. Our managers are prepared to answer any questions related to the process of completing your League of Legends order. This also includes questions about Privacy Policy, Refund Policy, and Terms of Service. Feel free to contact us at any time!

Custom Service available by request

Huskyboost is a highly flexible provider of League of Legends gaming assistance. We accept all kinds of requests and try our hardest to fulfill them. Please let us know if you have any specific League of Legends requests! My assistants will develop special boost prices just for your LoL account.

Log in from your Country and City by Huskycarry 2.0.

If selfplay Service is unavailable or you decide to opt into the piloted version of a cheap boost, we will still do our best to protect your League of Legends account. We have developed Husky-Carry 2.0 to conceal the location of our boosters. This VPN-like software will look like you logged into League of Legends from a different place in your city.

No chat allowed – your honor level is safe.

Your League of Legends account’s honor level at EUW, OCE, and other regions is also preserved with Husky’s cheap boosting services, so feel free to buy it. Our workers will ignore all chatting and use smart-pings for reliable communication. This will ensure that no one will have ground to report you for the League of Legends misdemeanor. You might even gain a few honor levels in the process.

Perfect reputation for years of honest Service in LoL

Huskyboost is a long-lived service with many years of positive reputation. Our League of Legends boosting clients give us great reviews of our boost products. We have over 33000 positive reviews on our website and more than 2500 excellent reviews on Trustpilot. Check them out before you order, and don’t forget to leave one after we are done! Feel free to contact me and receive a cheap lol boost.

Perfect Service list for League of Legends

Huskyboost is a highly flexible provider of LoL boosting services. We offer our customers various products, some of which allow selfplay League of Legends boosting, and others are only available with account-sharing.

Do you want to be consistently boosted to a higher rank, but you are not skilled enough? Is the stress of playing ranked League of Legends games too much to handle? Are you too busy grinding the boosting games for the desired rank? Do you ask yourself: “Is there possibly a place where I could boost my League of Legends account?”

If you answered “yes” to at least one of those questions, you are a perfect client for Huskyboost! Purchase our LoL boosting Service at EUNE, EUW, NA, LAN, OCE, SEA, or other regions, and we will get your League of Legends profile to the new best heights. Our pro players are all at least Diamond 1 – but we also have lots of Masters, Grand Masters, and Challengers in our roster for those looking for faster boosting into higher divisions. Simply put, pure legends. Every League of Legends booster is hand-picked.

The Winrate

We guarantee delivery of your boosting order at a specified time, with the specified rank. The average win rate for our League of Legends boosters is about 80% in lower ELOs, and Winrates at higher ELOs can be pretty different from one player to another. Still, they are never lower than 50% – meaning you will constantly be climbing with the boosting help of our professional League of Legends players.

Pilot Elo Boost

The fastest way to boost rank is to share your LoL accounts with our pro player. However, it is not the safest boosting method in League of Legends, and neither is it the most informative. Getting a professional gaming partner for ranked solo/duo or flex queue is possible using our selfplay option.

Duo Elo Services

Playing yourself in a boosting order has a wide range of benefits. First of all, your data is entirely safe – account sharing is strictly forbidden by Riot Games but not the process of direct League of Legends boosting, even for real money. Our players are among the LoL professionals, and you will have an opportunity to learn a lot from your partner, a skilled booster.

Placement Services

What if you have never played ranked League of Legends games or purchased any boosting, at least not in the current season? You will need to calibrate your account! Husky offers a League of Legends boosting Service for up to 10 placement matches. We guarantee a high winrate and a relatively decent placement position. Please, note that you cannot gain a high League of Legends starting place if you haven’t got boosting yet, are unranked, or were on a low rating in the previous season.


If you feel like simply getting a boost for your League of Legends rank is not good – we offer you to improve as a player with our coaching and boosting offers. Imagine the gym, but for your League of Legends skill, you will get actual training instead of playing games with our pro players.

One of Husky’s boosting pros will spectate a couple of your League of Legends games and tell you what you did wrong and where you can improve to climb the ranked ladder. They might use account replays, an in-game spectate tool, or your live stream if your PC allows it. You will receive advice after the LoL game with optional coaching boosting in practice to improve your League of Legends mechanics.

Power leveling in LoL

Even though they are our primary target, every LoL boost is not strictly limited to ranked games. There are some other products we provide. For example, level boosting. We discourage new players from using this offer, as it will significantly increase your hidden MMR, making games too hard to enjoy. These boosts are targeted at fresh League of Legends accounts of experienced players who want to get enough levels and blue essence to purchase new champions from the get-go.

Restriction Removal

Have you been toxic lately? Got a chat or ranked restriction outside of boosting? We can help you solve this problem. Order Husky’s chat and ranked League of Legends restriction removal boosting offer, even at the OCE server! We will play enough games with these restrictions, so you won’t have to. Everyone has their moments – Huskyboost is sure that you will reform and become an excellent player after the restriction.

How does League of Legends Boost Services work?

Are you looking for top-class League of Legends boosting products? You have come to the right place! The best League of Legends boosting offers are available 24/7!

LoL Boosting explanation

New to the game and have stumbled here by accident? Allow us to give a quick rundown of how to play.

  • You start an LoL game by picking your champion, choosing runes, boosting teammates if possible, and summoner spells.
  • You are then teleported to your base along with four other companions.
  • You and your fellow teammates will have to defeat five enemy players, destroy their base, and succeed in the League of Legends boosting.

Sounds simple enough, right? Why would someone need boosts in a game like this?

Well, that is where things and boosting get complicated.

  • There are over 150 champions in League of Legends, each with unique skills and playstyles.
  • There are five positions for lol boosting: top-lane, mid-lane, bot-lane, Support, and jungle.
  • They all have other functions in League of Legends and have different strategies to achieve them.

We offer various boosting products from the top League of Legends players who will not get lost in these technicalities.

Different game modes are available.

We should also mention that all of that only applies to Summoner’s Rift – the primary game mode. There is also Howling Abyss, also known as ARAM, and rotating game modes, each helpful in boosting something. Don’t forget about Nexus Blitz that will eventually get released and other modes, and Riot may or may not try adding to League of Legends in the future.

The game is constantly changing.
  • New champions get released
  • old champions get reworked
  • items get changed
  • metal shuffle around every patch
  • unexpected LoL boosting offers emerge.

Whether you are a booster, a new, or a returning League of Legends player, if you are unable or willing to follow LoL ebb and flow, we offer to buy our top-class boosting help and get to the highest rank at the EU flex league queue.

Contact our customer support on Livechat, Discord, or Skype for more information on our League of Legends boosts. Paypal, Paysafecard, and Stripe Bank card checkout are available.