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Coaching in online games

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Hello and welcome to Huskyboost – your trusted provider of Coaching in online games and WoW. Allow me to introduce myself – My name is Husky, and I will be your guide on our website of endless wonders. You can only find all offers with the lowest charge and most fantastic experience here.

Below this message, you will find all games that we are providing. If your desired game is not on the list – please don’t hesitate to contact our 24\7 support; we will make an offer shortly.

Why do Customers choose Huskyboost for WoW Coaching?

  • Number 1 service in 2021 and 2022 by Trustpilot in 4 Categories: Game Store, Gaming Service Provider, Hobby Store, Video Game Store
  • There can be a lot of game service providers in the world. Still, only the best and Customer’s choice companies with professional support, timely delivery, and years of experience can be on the top.
  • Overall we have more than 33000 positive reviews from happy customers.
  • More than 50000 boosters are online and ready to start.
  • We are processing orders as fast as a blink of an eye
TIP: If you need a particular service or can’t find it on the website – you are welcome to check our request page. Please get in touch with support, and get the best price in a short time.

Why should you buy WoW Coaching Services?

  • If you want to get your Game up but don’t have enough time to grind, allow Husky to take this burden and provide the most pleasing experience you ever had in MMO games with Husky’s insane offers.
  • We will take care of all the nitpicky details for the Customer, allowing them to concentrate on essential careers, family, and friends. It is easy to free up enough time by ordering several coaching runs.
  • If you speak a foreign language and are more into not purchasing products, let’s say, kaufen, comprar, or acheter, our customer support will help you overcome the language barrier and obtain the necessary game coaching aid.

We provide services on all realms and servers.

We provide all kinds of services, regardless of whether the Customer plays in Europe, the USA, or Oceania. If your realm or region is not on the list, please get in touch with support; we will find a professional player for anyone.

PvE and PvE Professional WoW Coaching

  • Do you want to complete the latest raids? Our carry company can do that.
  • Finish challenging keys in time? We’ve got that, too!
  • Do you want to get a rating upgrade or play yourself and be coached in the PvP arena? We’ve got you covered!
  • Too lazy to farm reputation for allied races? Say no more.
  • Want to glide through the skies on your epic flying mount in the new expansion zones? We’re already on it because this website only provides the top Game helping offers.

Custom Offers

One might say: “But Husky, didn’t you say something about providing all kinds of services? I don’t see a service I want.” Have no fear, mate! Husky has you covered on that, too. Husky tries to provide the finest products in any game, including the convenience of Huskyboost’s customers. Hit up our customer support, and we’ll create a custom offer. On this site, you will only find top-quality carry products.

Safety for WoW Services is the main thing for us.

When you purchase products from us, Husky takes personal responsibility for your character and guarantees that your WoW coaching order will be done by the top players and professionals in the field. Every Husky’s carry is a spiced veteran of Vanilla and has played through virtually every expansion, having many years of carrying experience.

What is about a safe connection?

For pilot services, Huskyboost is also famous for Huskycarry 2.0 – A Safe connection program that allows the coach  to log in from Customer’s Country and City. The support agent also will provide the screenshot proofs of IP and MAC addresses.

How does WoW Coaching Service work?

TIP: If you have any struggles – you can contact our 24\7 support right now for help. Live chat is in the right-down corner of the website.
  • Usually, you need to choose the desired item and its options
  • Make payment
  • Contact our support and get your service/item/account

Very simple and fast.

What is the delivery time?

  • Huskyboost is the fastest service in the World of Warcraft and other games. We have already been working with the best prices for ten years and have 10000+ members in discord, skype, and telegram pro player’s conferences.
  • Our team is famous for the fastest order processing and delivering the services as soon as possible.
  • Usually, you can find approximate delivery time on the product’s page and website calculator.

What is the Start Time?

  • We start all orders in 1 – 2 hours after you contact us.
  • If you want to check the exact start time – don’t hesitate to contact our support; we will be happy to find the pro player before the payment.

Any Requirements for Coaching in WoW? 

TIP: You can always find the requirements for WoW Coaching Services on the left side of the product’s page – in the description
  • Usually, Husky does not require anything from the Customer cause our Services are fully automated.
  • Coaching is performed by the best professional players in the world – they don’t need an assist from the Customer.
  • The maximum character level for the current expansion is required to access the endgame services. Customers can check the exact requirements on the desired offer page.
  • For some selfplay services, we tell the Customers if they can go AFK (away from the keyboard) or not. (if we say that AFK is not possible, it means that service is impossible to deliver without the Customer minimally participating in the coaching process)

What do Customers Receive for buying WoW EU or US Coaching?

Here is an answer to the question, what should you expect from our services.
Pilot Mode
  • Entirely handmade services for wow pilot coaching type. For ten years, Husky never had such an experience as cheating, using bots, or something like that. All pro players pass 3 test orders entirely performed on Huskyboost’s accounts, and that barrier protects Customers from unverified randoms.
  • Huskyboost offers streams on Discord / Twitch / Youtube to ensure that the service is entirely handmade and transparent.

For selfplay wow coaching services, Huskyboost offers only professional carries, which means that the Customer will be invited only to the group of pro players, without any pugs.


Huskyboost is famous worldwide for being the cheapest gold market for Currency trade services, especially with 100% legit gold(coins). We do not buy from randoms, only from legit sellers with reputations.


Thousands of famous players have contracts with Husky for Coaching Services and education in games. If the Customer wants to learn how to play, he is in the right place.

  • We don’t buy accounts.
  • We sell only Huskyboost own handmade accounts.
  • You will receive the lifetime guarantee and first email.

The Best Price for WoW Coaching is guaranteed. Buy now!

The Best Price for WoW Coaching is Guaranteed. Link us to the competitor’s offer, and we will beat it!
Husky researches the market daily. We are determined to be the market’s low-charge game help website. The charge our company provides is the lowest on the market. We ensure that Husky’s customers aren’t repelled by baselessly sky-high fees other services might have.

Reasonable prices Game education with the best service

  • Huskyboost is known for providing not only the most attractive game help offers but also extremely low-charged ones. We want Husky’s clients to access the maximum possible discounted deals. Where else can one always find such juicy deals if not on our website?
  • If one is hesitant to order a coaching because of such expensive offers, Huskyboost has that covered. Support managers of our company are devoted to providing affordable solutions for all of the needs, and they will come running in case a problem arises. Clients who want to start improving right now will receive only super tasty offers.
  • Only Huskyboost can offer you a whole professional raid of carrying players all for yourself for a cash amount that’s just below a night-out in your favorite restaurant. Only on Huskyboost can one get a month’s worth of orders done for your character in under a week for such low expenses as ours.
We monitor the competitor’s prices every day – you get low prices.


If you think we are done here, you are wrong! Not only are Husky’s offers low-charged, but they are also even more beneficial for our loyal clients. Our company provides a 10% cashback code for future purchases for almost every offer our clients buy. We carry out each run with diligence and strife onward.

Discount Bundles

If you are not yet sold on our low-charged, quick, and top-quality coaching offers, Husky also has multiple super cool WoW bundles that you will love. Let me give a couple of examples of our most fantastic offers.

More than 50000 pro players in our Telegram and Discord Channels

One might think that our little cost products and runs do not provide enough income for our workers, but that is not the case. On the contrary, not only do we earn enough to pay our valuable WoW coaching workers, but also to provide for charity.

Big thanks for checking this long article. I hope you will find it helpful, and it will help you to order our WoW Coaching Services easily.

This Was Librarian Husky, cya!