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Destiny 2 Leviathan Boost Service

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Howdy, dear Customer! My name is Librarian Husky. There are many raids in Destiny 2. Each raid has its own story, tough battles, and amazing rewards. Raid runs called Leviathan are special because there are three of them.

Here, at HuskyBoost, you can get the full completion of this Leviathan run in no time, and get all the pinnacle rewards from it.

Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid Boost
Leviathan Raid
Updated Loot
Powerful Gear
Fast Completion
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Here, at HuskyBoost, you can get the full completion of this Leviathan run in no time, and get all the pinnacle rewards from it.
🕑 15 Minutes: Start time
⏳ ETA: Flexible

The special thing about these runs is that they all take place on a giant Cabal spaceship. This ship can eat whole planets and has powerful weapons that can destroy fleets quickly. The ship is home and prison to Cabal Emperor Calus.

Over time, the state of these runs has changed a lot. Gamers who are brave enough to enter this huge ship will face many tough battles. They can earn strong rewards by using our HuskyBoost boosting service.

Buy Cheap Leviathan Raid Boosting For D2

In this excellent run, gamers must battle through challenges set by Calus. These tests measure the strength and dedication of humanity’s warriors. HuskyBoost players will help you with competing in this run entirely.

In it, you can get these weapons:

  • Top Rocket Launcher called Sins of the Past;
  • Excellent Pulse Rifle called Inaugural Address;
  • Strong Back Sword called It Stared;
  • Insane SMG called Mob Justice;
  • Beautiful Sniper Rifle called Alone as a God;
  • Quick Auto Rifle called Ghost Primus;
  • Exotic Hand Cannon called Midnight Coup;
  • Rare Scout Rifle called Conspiration.

Quick Boosting For Leviathan, Eater of Worlds in D2

In it, gamers face the challenge of many D2 player’s bosses called Vex Hydra Argos. It got trapped inside the Leviathan when the ship consumed part of the planet called Nessus.

The weapons you can get in this raid are:

  • Super strong Grenade Launcher called I am Alive;
  • Huge-DMG Shotgun called Zenith of your Kind.

Destiny 2 Boosting For Leviathan, Spire of Stars

In this challenging run, gamers again face the same boss. And HuskyBoost boosters will help you complete this run to get all the top weapons.

The weapons available in this raid are:

  • One of the best Grenade Launchers called I am Alive;
  • Insane Shotgun called Zenith of your Kind.

Best Destiny 2 Boost For Leviathan, Spire of Stars

Your main target is the deadly boss called Val Ca’uor. He is one of the strongest Cabal commanders and leads the remnants of the well-known for its power Red Legion. HuskyBoost gamers are always here to help you with this top run and destroy of the boss.

You can loot these weapons in this raid:

  • Excellent Sidearm called Last of the Legion;
  • Popular Fusion Rifle called The Emperor’s Envy.

Fast And Cheap Crown of Sorrow Raid Destiny 2 Boost

The CoS run also takes place on the Leviathan. Here, gamers must defeat the challenging and strong Gahlran, the Sorrow Bearer. If you need help with him – order HuskyBoost boost.

In this top-challenge run, you can get these weapons:

  • Extremely damaged Machine Gun called Bane of Sorrow;
  • Great Machine Gun called Calusea Noblesse;
  • Precious Shotgun called Emperor’s Courtesy;
  • Fast Scope Auto Rifle called Gahlran’s Right-Hand.

Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid Difficulty Boost

To be honest, it is a challenging run to complete. But not for our HuskyBoost professional gamers. Leviathan raids are very challenging and will test your skills and understanding of the game. But with our Leviathan raid help, you can handle it.

Recommended Power Level For Leviathan Raid In D2

The recommended lvl of power for this challenging run is 1700 or higher. If you can’t meet this lvl yet, order our Power Leveling HuskyBoost Destiny 2 services.

Weapons Recommendation For Leviathan Raid D2 Raid Boost

If you need a guide for weapons picking for this challenging run – it all depends on your class, playstyle, and build. Any good weapon combination can work well for this raid.