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WoW Classic Hardcore 1-60 Level Boost Service

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Hello and welcome, dear Customer. My name is Librarian Husky. Reach level sixty with your Hardcore character (in World of Warcraft) easily, thanks to our great HuskyBoost boosters! Playing a character in this revision of the game is super hard. In it, the rule is that as soon you die – you’re out of the game like entirely!

Why should I buy the WoW Classic Hardcore 1-60 Level Boost Service?

Yup, Hardcore doesn’t let mistakes slide. Your character will be simply moved to the regular world of World of Warcraft. Even the official Hardcore setting, which is a bit less hard than the fan-created one (Custom servers), is really tough. Only really good players with lots of know-how and luck (such as the HuskyBoost team) can get to level sixty in this game mode.

What do Customers receive?

  • Reach the cap level for your character in WoW Hardcore (60 lvl max).
  • Keep all the loot within the boost such as game currency (gold), potions (reagents), and many more.

How does WoW Classic Hardcore 1-60 Level Boost Service work?

  • Express – your order goes faster because it’s more important, cutting down the wait by 30%.

Additional options

  • Stream – watch the boost happen in real-time with a live HQ video.


  • This service is available by piloted mode only (you need to give us your account for the boost).
  • You are required to have an on-going subscription to World of Warcraft.

Buy WoW Classic Hardcore 1-60 Level Boost Service now!

Challenging completion of WoW Classic Hardcore boosting services

Getting to cap level with HuskyBoost without losing even once is like winning a special prize easily! Indeed, if you’re going on your own, it’s like killing the first boss on the first level in Elden Ring (Margit, The Fell Omen) – super challenging. And every time regular players are trying to level on their own, it’s like the game says, “Put these foolish ambitions to rest.”.

Do you know what I mean? But keep grinding, though. It shows you’re really committed and never gave up. That’s why so many gamers find it super exciting to level up the hard way.

In case a character dies in WoW Hardcore during the boost

Even though we do have a great team of professionals, sometimes it’s just consequences that we can do nothing about. So, in case your character eventually dies in this game mode for World of Warcraft – it will be moved to the regular world of the game (aka realm), so let me tell you about the steps we’ll follow right after:

In case leveling from the start to cap is ordered by you:

  • For lvl 50, you decide what to do with the character since he will be moved to the regular world;
  • We’ll figure out how much it (from 50 to 60 lvl) boost price, and in case it costs the same as from the start level to lvl 35, our boosters will provide you with the new character boosted to the lvl 35 (within the already existing 50 lvl character);
  • Also, boosting in addition (for lvl) is available at a great price (% off).

Fast quests finishing from HuskyBoost for Hardcore WoW

So, the all-time thing we’re choosing to complete is picking between going on quests or just beating up enemies for points (XPs). Quests make the game more exciting because you go on different journeys and learn the story. And the story of this WoW version is amazing! It’s like reading a book but interacting with the characters in it, so good.

But sometimes, there aren’t enough quests, so players spend a lot of time fighting enemies (PvE) over and over to earn experience points (XPs). Doing the same thing again and again can be tiring, especially when you have to wait for enemies to come back and when too many players are after the same stuff. So HuskyBoost invented a solution – you just order our boost, wait for its completion, and play on your own, having fun!