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Dota 2 Duo Mmr Boost Service

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Increase your Mmr rank selfplay with 7000 players. Customer's Choice and 100% safe


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01. Mmr Boost Pilot
Your Discount: [variable-14707]%, buy [variable-14706] more to increase the discount
Speed(mmr per day): [variable-14718]
▶️ MMR Boost: [variable-14287] - [variable-14288] ⚙️ Speed Rush: [variable-14289], Only Solo Queue: [variable-14290], Only Support Heroes: [variable-14291], Special / Banned Heroes: [variable-14292] ⚠️ Acc. Level > 41: [variable-14293], I have behavior > 5000: [variable-14294]


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02. Duo Mmr Boost
Your Discount: [variable-14707]%, buy [variable-14706] more to increase the discount
Speed(games per day): [variable-14718]
▶️ Duo MMR Boost: [variable-14287] - [variable-14288] ⚙️ Speed Rush: [variable-14289], Hire 2 Boosters: [variable-14290], I want to play the special role: [variable-14291], I want to add friends: [variable-14292] ⚠️ Acc. Level > 41: [variable-14293], I have behavior > 5000: [variable-14294]


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03. Behavior
From: [variable-14719] - To: [variable-14720]
Buy [variable-14706] more to increase the discount
Speed(Games per day): ~ [variable-14718]


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14. Calibration Pilot (Дубль)
You should order at least [variable-11129] games to make sure your account fully calibrated (Rank Confidence >= 30% after calibration)
Last Season Rank:
winrate guarantee:


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15. Calibration DUO (Дубль)
You should order at least [variable-11129] games to make sure your account fully calibrated (Rank Confidence >= 30% after calibration)
Last Season Rank:


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16. Rank Confidence (Дубль)
You should order at least [variable-11129] games to make sure your account fully calibrated (Rank Confidence >= 30% after calibration)
Last Season Rank:


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Hello, dear customers! Husky dedicates this page exclusively to Dota 2 Duo MMR boosting service. I’m Librarian Husky, and I will tell you about our service and this offer. First, I will answer Frequently Asked Questions.

Why should I buy the Dota 2 Duo Mmr Boost Service?

Let’s begin by explaining how things work after you place an order. Our manager will create a chat conference, especially for you, depending on the specific options you’ve chosen on the order page. There, you will need to agree on when you will play. Our professional player will invite you to the in-game party at the arranged time and start helping you increase your matchmaking rating.

What do Customers receive?

  • You will get MMR boost for Dota 2.

How does Dota 2 Duo Mmr Boost Service work?

  • Express speed – We will complete your order with a higher priority, and the completion time will be faster by 30%.

Completion time

Start Time: This will entirely depend on the Customer’s Boosting type. Usually, all orders start in 1-5 hours(Guaranteed 24 hours), but if the Customer orders at Nighttime (CET), Start ETA Could be longer.

  • In an order conference, the support agent will manage daily game sessions with the Customer.
  • The Customer can also post his Schedule, and we will apply a booster that can play according to the Customer’s times.
  • Service Delivery time: According to the Fact, Customers sometimes can’t play for a full day, and every day, we do not guarantee any delivery time for the Dota 2 Duo MMR Boosting Services.
  • Instead of time, we guarantee the minimum number of games.
  • Speed rush off, we will perform a minimum ~ of six games per day.
  • Speed rush on; we will perform a minimum ~ of ten games per day.
⚠️ If The Customer is not ready to start according to the Schedule, Huskyboost stops any games guarantee for this day. (of course, the booster will try to play as much as he can)

Additional options

  • Broadcast – Want to spectate the whole process of farming items & completing your order? No problem, you will be able to do it. Our professional player will start the stream for you.
How do we track the Devered MMR
  • Huskyboost will ask the Customer to post Start & End MMR screenshots of game sessions to count the Delivered MMR.
  • If the Customer would not send MMR screenshots, the delivered MMR will be counted according to the number of games, wins, and losses.
Behavior score

If its less than 5000 & an Account level less than 41:

  • Slow down the queue time, makes boosting harder, and stop all games per day guarantee.
  • Games per day number becomes approximate.
  • It makes Dota 2 DUO MMR boosting a lot harder.
  • Costs more money.


  • Dota 2 Duo MMR Boost Service is not an AFK (Away from keyboard) Carry.
  • The Customer will be required to listen to what the pro player tells him to do.
  • Pick the Heroes. That booster will ask him to pick.
  • Play at the place where the booster will ask him to play.
  • The Customer will be fully required to participate in the battle, not feed the enemy, and not perform anything that will ruin the game.

Buy Dota 2 Duo Mmr Boost Service now!

Dota 2 Duo Mmr Boost details

Overall, our pro will do most of the work, and your job will be not to ruin the game or stay AFK and listen to what your teammate has to say. The instructions you will have to follow during the boost varies depending on the concrete Dota 2 duo rank and your skills. If necessary, your professional partner will tell you which hero to pick. However, it would be much better for you to agree on the hero pool beforehand.

Who will play with you?

We have something to say if you were wondering about the players we hire to provide such services. We seek only people with over six thousand points, among other qualities, so they are more than capable of performing well. If you want an even more skilled teammate, we have the solutions. The most budget option provides you with the best price and a six thousand plus player since we don’t hire anyone lower.

No randoms for Duo Boosting

One more thing regarding the players we hire: they are far from random high-ranked people, and we carefully select them by conducting a thorough selection. They provided us with all their accounts, so we could directly appraise their skills during the interview. In addition, we make them perform a test Dota 2 carry service at high MMR. After gathering all this data, our analysis sector specialists, who work at our office and personally have at least eight thousand points, carry out an investigation and decide whether we should hire the person in question or not. The analysts test the new boosters and help improve our customers’ overall experience.

All our workers complete the certification by verifying their social media accounts. We do this to avoid hiring people blocked by other offer providers. We do all this to make your experience as perfect as possible!

Select the Role

Let’s move back to the selfplay boost in Dota 2 itself. For example, we need you to choose the role you want to play during the process. You’ll increase the service price by selecting a core role for yourself and a support role for the booster. Things are like this simply because it increases our employees’ effort to put into their work tremendously. Additionally, please understand that the higher the rating is, the more significant the impact of random events is. Thus, another fantastic option for you exists!

Hire two boosters

We have numerous boosters who have experience playing together. You can choose to hire two professionals who will carry 99% of the games together, and they will decimate the opposing team to particles.

Overall, booster’s skill

One last note regarding the employees: even though we have mentioned hiring six thousand or higher players, most of our workers are over 7k. We take our work very seriously, as seen from this Dota 2 selfplay MMR boost. We have multiple verification steps while hiring, and we double-check everything so your experience will be as smooth as possible.

That is the reason why customers love us. And it’s precisely the reasoning behind high-skilled boosters moving over to Husky. Check out other Dota 2 boosting services we have to offer. We are happy to see you on any given day!