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What’s up, dear Customer? My name is Librarian Husky. In the top game, you can do the exploration three different dungeons. Every dungeon is in a special place, needs a certain key, has its own big enemy, and focuses on specific elements.

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The run called Lightless Arbor is in the Ruined Era, close to The Surface Waypoint. Its big enemy is The Mountain Beneath, and it’s all about Poison. Soulfire Bastion is next to The Felled Wood Waypoint in the Imperial Era. Here, the big enemy is Fire Lich Cremorus, with Fire and Necrotic as the main themes. With HuskyBoost, there’s no problem completing any dungeon in LE.

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The run called Temporal Sanctum is also in the Ruined Era, near Waypoint. The boss here is Chronomancer Julra, dealing with Poison and Void. Each dungeon is a fun challenge, with unique bosses and prizes waiting for you to find and beat. If you want to get the fastest completion for any dungeon in this game – order the best HuskyBoost boosting services.