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Throne and Liberty Currencies Boost

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Throne and Liberty Lucent Boost
Lucent in Throne and Liberty
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You will obtain the chosen amount of Lucent.

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Throne and Liberty Sollant Farm Boost
Sollant Farm in Throne and Liberty
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You will obtain the desired amount of Sollant currency.

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Our in-game currencies, gathered by actual players, are typically delivered within a few hours. Once the trade is successfully finished, we pay the trader. Currency is crucial as it’s needed to buy essential items and unlock different types of content.

This game is a free-to-play MMORPG that stands out with its dynamic world and large-scale PvP (versus real players) and PvE (versus environment) battles. One unique aspect is its class-less combat system, allowing players the freedom to choose their combat style by selecting different weapons without being restricted to a specific class.

There are three primary types of currency that fuel the in-game economy:

  • A currency called Lucent: This is the premium currency in the game. You can use Lucent in the Shop and the Marketplace for exclusive transactions. Order it from HuskyBoost to become #1 player in this game.
  • A currency called Gold: Gold holds a significant place as the most vital currency in the game. It’s your go-to for purchasing a variety of items, including Diamonds and other essential in-game assets.
  • A currency called Sollant: Often obtained through regular activities such as hunting and completing contracts, Sollant is the common currency circulating among players.

Buy Cheap Currencies Boost in Throne and Liberty

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Does Throne and Liberty have trading?

Simply put, no. The truth is that currencies such as Lucent can only be moved through the in-game marketplace. Sollant can’t be transferred. So, order currency from the best HuskyBoost boosters, and we’ll manage our character while you take it easy and do something else.

Quick Throne and Liberty Currency Delivery

Our insane HuskyBoost service comes from real players, guaranteeing delivery within a few hours or even minutes. Use it to get a variety of items and supplies.

Lucent vs Sollant in Throne and Liberty

Lucent is used in the in-game marketplace and can be bought by players there.

Sollant, on the other hand, can’t be transferred and is used to upgrade gear and buy consumables.

Are there other currencies besides Lucent and Sollant?

Currently, we know about these additional currencies in the game, such as Coins:

  • A currency called Guild.
  • A currency called Contract.
  • A currency called Ornamental.