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Amirdrassil, The Dream’s Hope Heroic Raid Run

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Awesome to see you here, dear Customer. AtDH boost on a deadly heroic mode is a fast loot run to defeat all nine unique and challenging bosses in the raid run called Amirdrassil on this crazy difficulty. It’s a quick method to obtain top-tier gear and sets in patch DF’s 10.2.

Why should I buy the Amirdrassil, The Dream’s Hope Heroic Raid Run?

Outfit your WoW character with top-quality gear obtained from this nice DF run. Enjoy a memorable raiding adventure with our HuskyBoost team, earn the unique and original AOTC achievement, and acquire a special skin of Fyrakk for your mount with the Dragonriding abilities that you won’t forget.

Become one of the early gamers to jump into the excitement of the last DF raid run this November.

What do Customers receive?

  • You will get a nice AtDH raid run completed on the heroic mode.
  • You will get a nice Amirdrassil Dream’s Hope completed on the heroic mode
  • We will kill all nine deadly bosses from the run (counting Fyrakk).
  • You will get a loot from the dead bosses.
  • You will obtain great achievement from the AOTC collection called Fyrakk – Blazing FoS by ordering an entire run.
  • You will obtain some great proto-drake skin for dragon riding from this deadly boss run, and the possibility of obtaining even more skins.
  • You will obtain the achievement of killing the deadly bosses in this raid.
  • You will get a nice option to obtain class-tier pieces of the the gear set.
  • You will obtain some unique reagents in order to boost your character’s gear.
  • Possibility of obtaining a unique and top axe called Fyr’alath, the Dream Render.
  • Possibility of obtaining some of the set pieces for this boost.
  • The possibility of obtaining items in levels ranged from 467 to 476.

How does Amirdrassil, The Dream’s Hope Heroic Raid Run work?

  • Express speed – We will complete your order with a higher priority, and the completion time will be faster by 30%.

Completion time

It will take us about two hours to complete your order. Also, take a look at the options for this boost – and how we can complete it.

  • I’d like to get a Self-Play mode – You will be playing just like regularly by joining the group of our boosters in the game.
  • I’d like to get a Piloted mode – Nice way to get help from boosters – they will log in to your WoW account and complete your order.
  • I’d like to get a Remote Control mode – A nice option for those who don’t want to share the account with boosters – so the boost will be completed on your PC using remote managing tools such as Anydesk.

Additional options

  • Broadcast – Want to spectate the whole process of farming items & completing your order? No problem, you will be able to do it. Our professional player will start the stream for you.
  • I’d like to get an entire gear (heroic) – gear up in levels ranging from 467 to 476 during this boost in each of your character’s slots.


  • Your character levels should be not less than 70.
  • You are required to have the DF expansion.
  • You are required to have an available cooldown for the run called Amirdrassil on the heroic difficulty.

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