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LoL Booster Job Application

Welcome! My name is Librarian Husky. If it so happens that you enjoy playing games and absolutely love LoL, here at Husky’s, we can offer you some interesting boosting jobs.

Check the best League of Legends job applications here at HuskyBoost.

Lol Booster job details

Are you a professional? Maybe you always wanted to become one? Or, perhaps, you just want to make money doing something you like? Well, you’ve come to the right place because Husky is currently recruiting employees! We’ll help you start making money doing what you are good at – playing games, especially at a particular MOBA.

Don’t worry too much. Our specialists will teach you everything you need to know. Just make sure to match some minor requirements. I’m about to tell you about the possible positions. In case you’re familiar with the details, go ahead and choose a specialty you like. Husky will provide you with plenty of League of Legends boosting jobs to carry out.

We offer you a variety of in-game services to choose from. Here are the examples of offer types you could possibly get:

  • Straight-up ELO boosting;
  • Account leveling;
  • Playing out the placement games;
  • Performing a restriction removal service;
  • Providing coaching assistance;
  • Farming events, etc.

Requirements for boosters in LoL

You need to have Diamond 3 or better in the duo queue if you’re planning on performing ELO boosts or doing placements. Do you have good social skills and language knowledge? Perhaps, you used to lead the projects back in school or university times? Then, the following specialty would suit you! It is going to be pretty similar to teaching and explaining stuff to newbies. But some people come here with a desire to learn about hidden interactions or features.

I’m trying to say that you need to have some experience and knowledge yourself to teach advanced pupils. There’s also an endless opportunity to learn something new yourself! Moreover, people who tend to order this type of service are pretty easy to deal with. That kind of job is coaching, and you would provide it ideally in LoL.

Become an LoL booster team and earn real money

Maybe you’ve been at the top of the ranking ladder for the past seasons. Or did you have to push your skills to the second plan due to the necessity to work? Well then, take a look at our offer! The only requirement for you here is to have a reasonable win rate. Just do win ranking games and gain points by any means necessary, and that’s it! Years of training are finally going to pay off.

Just make sure to follow some standard rules and earn a reputation, and you’ll be getting tons of money just by eviscerating enemies in the game! All this may seem a bit too easy, but why not take the opportunity if it’s right here? By the way, you won’t be able to take it any time. Husky won’t be hiring people to boost the win rate and ELO forever.

Contact us fast to earn the cash

Just make sure to contact us as soon as possible. Our support manager will give you all the answers to the questions you may have. After that, it would only take a bit of time and effort to memorize the ruleset. However, most of it is a part of common sense.

I mean, obvious things like not speaking with the user’s friends or not being toxic are to be mentioned as well. Anyway, I doubt it’s going to be a problem. After all, it comes down to you doing the thing you are skilled at – winning games. Of course, we’re going to reward those who perform extraordinarily well. You don’t even realize how good of an opportunity it is!

Do not skip on a chance to be playing League of Legends while being a booster.

Nice job advantages as LoL booster

There’s no need to get in the flow of the routine office employees. Why would you do that when it’s possible to earn a lot of money without leaving your home? Well, in the beginning, it’s better to visit internet cafes with good PCs if you are not confident in the performance of your computer. But the necessity to rent a machine won’t be a problem shortly after you begin working here.

You’ll simply earn enough to afford to get a brand-new PC and a high-quality cable. And after that, you’ll get even more opportunities to earn cash and upgrade your gaming gear. If English is not your best part, there is not going to be a problem. Various people from all over the globe request and provide all the top LoL boosts.

Available jobs for game boosting

We are hiring for ELO boosting and other LoL services, among other jobs.
Besides, why not take the opportunity and improve your language skills? In the modern age, it is essential to possess a certain level of English. In addition, the more you are capable of, the more choice you’ll have while selecting an order.

Here are some facts about Huskyboost:

  • ▶️ Our service is open for all people from all Regions! It doesn’t matter what language you speak or where you are from. The important things are your skill, honesty, decency, and diligence.
  • ▶️ We are a big international company. We pay taxes and also help homeless dogs, cats, and other animals all over the world! If you are working with us, you are taking part in this too!
  • ▶️ Payouts are scheduled every 24 / 48 hours in a workday. If you’ve fully completed an order, that is. We do not send money on the weekends.

Also, you’ll learn to cooperate with other employees to increase the speed of some of the tasks. It’s always better to perform service along with someone you can trust. And you know better than anyone else; 2×5 is way easier than one versus nine.

  • ▶️ Lots of Positive reviews from our customers. You can check Ownedcore, Epicnpc, Elitepvp, Facebook, Instagram, Trustpilot, and website reviews. You can easily find and read them to understand that we are a legit and honest provider.
  • ▶️ Years of Great Service! We have been working on the market since 2010. Of course, we weren’t so prominent in the old times. Some of our boosters, however, have worked with us for over nine years!
  • ▶️ Friendly 24\7 Support. If you have any questions, we are always online to answer you.
  • ▶️ Number of Orders: We have about ten orders per day in LoL.

By the way, if you are into other games, it is fantastic! We operate internationally, and our area of service is pretty broad. Check the other pages to learn more about our WoW boost company.


Thanks, we will contact you soon! Have a nice day!
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Оплата за заказы.

Пожалуйста внимательно изучите способы выплаты для вашей страны и комиссии

⚠️ Мы не производим выплаты на Paypal
⚠️ Обычно оплата бустеру составляет 40-50% от цены сайта. Тем не менее менеджер по заказам в телеграмме может менять цену. Мы обсудим с вами цену, перед тем, как отдать вам заказ.
⚠️ Выплаты производятся каждые 7-14 дней. Этош означает, что вы получите оплату через 7-14 дней после окончания заказа, или раньше

Payout ways & Payout amount for orders.

Please check Payout ways

⚠️ We are not supporting Paypal for payouts
⚠️ Booster's Cut is 40-50% from the website prices. Manager can change this cut.
⚠️ Payroll is every 7-14 days. That means you will receive your funds in 7-14 days after the order's completion, or faster.

Test Boosts

We don't allow to start boosting clients' accounts without test boost verification.

⚠️ After telegram authorization, we will ask you to do a Test boost (Simple order, similar to the real orders we have every day).
⚠️ We don't pay for test boosts - you show us that you can respect booster's Rules, respect order's Estimated time and do proper reports.
⚠️ Also, you will check by yourself if our system is ok for you.

Тест Бусты

Мы не допускаем до бустинга без верификации (тест буста).

⚠️ После того, как вас авторизуют в телеграмме, вам будет предложено сделать тест буст (Обычный заказ, похожий на те, которые доступны для выполнения каждый день)
⚠️ Тест бусты не оплачиваются - в них вы показываете нам, что можете работать согласно правилам для бустеров, выполнять заказы в срок, сдавать по ним отчетность.
⚠️ Так же сами пробуете, подходит ли для вас эта система.

Boosting Rules

Dear Booster, please check the Huskyboost booster's rules.

Правила работы бустера

Дорогой исполнитель, пожалуйста внимательно изучите Правила работы бустера.

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Работа Менеджером

Полная занятость

Работа не предполагает, что вы занимаетесь чем то другим на смене. То есть вы не сможете играть, делать бусты и так далее - просто не будет на это времени. Поставить согласие

Подушка безопасности

При каждой вашей зарплате мы вычитаем 10% в подушку безопасности, пока не накопится сумма равная вашей заработной плате. Эта сумма является гарантом вашей стабильной работы, выплачивается при увольнении сразу либо в течении 3х месяцев - зависит от обстоятельств.

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