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What’s good, dear Customer? My name is Librarian Husky. Achieving comprehensive completion of all Diablo Immortal Codex Activities is a monumental undertaking, but with our exceptional boosting services, every activity can be completed with ease.

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Buy Legacy of the Horadrim Boost
Legacy of the Horadrim
⏳ Start: 30 min.

Increase your permanent characteristics
Start to dominate – your character will increase your power.
Rares are included to the package.

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Buy Bestiary Farm Boost Services
Bestiary Farm
⏳ Start: 30 min.

Hire a pro to complete your Bestiary pages and daily activitied
Level up your Characteristics

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Buy Hourly Driving Service in DI
Hourly Driving in DI
⏳ Start: 30 min.

Hiring Pro player to drive your account hour by hour. You are the boss – just tell us what to do. Stream and 24 hours support. Instant start

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Bounty Board Boost Diablo Immortal
Bounty Board Farm
⏳ Start: 30 min.

Hire a pro player to farm the daily routine.
Legendary drop chance and bestiary farm are included in the package

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Why should you buy Diablo Immortal Codex Boost?

Availing yourself of our services will yield considerable dividends, not least of which is the preservation of countless hours of your precious free time. You will be the recipient of a host of invaluable rewards such as potent items, EXP, and Gold for your characters. We will ensure the daily completion of Daily Board Quests, thereby freeing up even more of your precious time for other pursuits. It bears emphasizing that failure to complete these daily activities will put you at a severe disadvantage vis-a-vis your peers.

Be advised, however, that a staggering investment of up to 1.5 hours daily may be required to complete this one Codex Activity, although the rewards of EXP, Gold, and crafting resources will more than compensate for this expenditure. Allow us to liberate you from the frustrating shackles of time-consuming endeavors and avail yourself of our unparalleled Diablo Immortal Codex Activities boosting services without delay!

Bestiary boost

The Bestiary system is a valuable resource for any player looking to enhance their performance in Diablo Immortal. By unlocking its entries, players can obtain significant bonuses to their Life and Damage stats. Each entry contains a wealth of information regarding the lore of the monsters inhabiting the game world. To unlock these entries, players must first acquire Monstrous Essences by slaying various monsters. Once a player has accumulated 10 Monstrous Essences, a Bestiary entry is automatically unlocked, thus increasing the player’s Bestiary level.

The higher the Bestiary level, the greater the bonuses to Life and Damage stats. To optimize this activity, it is advisable to undertake it concurrently with Daily Board Quests. Fortunately, our exceptional Diablo Immortal Codex Activities carry services are available to spare you the tedium of this seemingly endless grind. Choose our services and liberate yourself from the burden of this pointless endeavor!

Legacy of the Horadrim boost

Venture forth, and behold the enigmatic Legacy of the Horadrim Services! Within this digital realm, the Legacy of the Horadrim unfurls as an ingenious system of character ascension, bestowing an indelible augmentation upon secondary attributes of your virtual embodiment.

The bolstered qualities encompass the following:

  • Life, the vital essence of existence;
  • Damage, the potency of inflicted harm;
  • Armor, the unyielding bulwark against adversity;
  • Armor Penetration, the art of breaching defenses;
  • Resistance, resilience personified;
  • Potency, the amplification of one’s inherent prowess.

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How do Diablo Immortal Codex Boost works?

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