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Counter Strike 2 Account Boosting

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What’s good, dear Customer? My name is Librarian Husky. Counter-Strike 2 just got released (CS2), and now everyone wants to play this piece of the legendary game trilogy (starting from CS 1.6 to CSS and finally to CSGO). And hear me out – as a HuskyBoost boosting team, we have prepared excellent boosting service for this lovely game.

Also, CS2 is Free – so why would we boost accounts for a high boosting price?
Counter Strike 2 Placement Matches Boost
CS2 Placement Matches
Unlock competitive mode
No cheats or hacks
10 wins available
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Counter Strike 2 Wingman Rank Boost
Wingman Rank
Any desired wingman rank
Many games with high KD
Add extra wins
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Counter Strike 2 Wins Boost
CS2 Wins
Any number of wins
No software used
All ranks available
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Counter Strike 2 Coaching Boost
CS2 Coaching
Hourly gaming session
Learn the best tactics
Solidify your progress
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Why should you buy Counter Strike 2 Account Boosting?

It’s just like Dota or League of Legends – these games are legendary, and legendary often means popularity – and why am I telling you this? Simply because it will be challenging for you to rank up on your own without a good team, but with a team of random players who come up to play this game because of its legendary (and update to CS2), a whole lot of toxic players, griefers, cheaters, noobs, and many more – that’s what is waiting for you without our boosting service. And thankfully, super thankfully, HuskyBoost can get you covered for account boosting.

We will boost you to any desired CSGO rank (even Global Elite), which is the cap rank for this game. Also, all the items, XPs, and badges you will get after winning matches (our boosters will win matches in order to rank up) will be stored in your inventory forever! Yes! They are all yours; we won’t take any of those.

Ranking up in CS2

So hey, you’d like to boost your rank on your own? So far without the help of our booster. Well, let me tell you something interesting. In CS2 (after the release of this game) there are a lot of hackers, griefers, toxic and noob players, de-rankers, and many more. Why would you ever suffer from these categories of players on your own?

HuskyBoost boosting services are created especially for this kind of purpose – to avoid suffering, boring matches, and many more businesses – and to jump right into interesting game activities (such as playing with your friends, or just teammates with a good rank and skill (and communicative skills) after the boost).

So order this boosting service – choose us instead of any others – and get nice discounts, nice prices, and more.

CS2 Trustfactor

Speaking about the most interesting and important thing in the whole CS: GO series – is Trustfactor. What is this, how can we see it, and how to improve it? Basically, Valve invented the so-called ‘AI’ to categorize players by their Trustfactor level. A high Trustfactor means you’re a good player, and players with the same Trustfactor will be playing in matches with you.

This is amazing, but what do you do when players report you, lose games with you, and many more toxic stuff CS players usually do? Well, then you need to ask HuskyBoost to Boost your Account! With a Trustfactor provided! Yes! We will quickly boost your account, get you the desired number of comments (+rep in CS2), and many more to boost your Trust factor.

CS2 skins

By boosting your account, we will definitely get some loot after the game. And the rarity and quality of loot depends on your luck. right? But you can loot a lot of cases and then open them, or just sell them. Just imagine your current rank is Silver – and you’d like to order a boost to Global! I must say it’s easy for our HuskyBoost boosters – and they will do it by getting you a lot of skins for weapons, badges (for boosting levels), and cases you can either sell or open. Depends on you.

CS2 cases

As you probably know, after the release of CS2, a new case will be released, too. And usually at the release of some new skin collection (case) – players are hunting it. After obtaining it – you can sell it on the market for a high price (it can even be an entire 10$ for a case). So after ordering the boost – you can also get your money back by selling the skins you will get after order completion.