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New World Expeditions Boost

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What’s good, dear Customer? Librarian Husky here. Interested in our great New World Expeditions Boost services? Well, then let me introduce them to you well, so you can get the full understatement of what it represents. We can get you an excellent opportunity to obtain high-level top-tier gear as well as gain level for your character. Sounds good? I know! Hop right in the list of our excellent services for Expeditions in the New world.

New World Amrine Excavation Boost
Amrine Excavation
⏳ Start: 30 min.

Weapon mastery points, coins, and the desired number of the expedition run completion.

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New World Barnacles and Black Powder Boost
Barnacles & Black Powder
⏳ Start: 30 min.

Our carry runs will take you directly into the fray, saving you the trouble of finding a group and allowing you to concentrate exclusively on the obstacles that lie ahead.

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New World Dynasty Shipyard Boost
Dynasty Shipyard
⏳ Start: 30 min.

Obtain a lot of resources, materials, and pinnacle rewards by completing this challenging expedition.

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New World Empyrean Forge Expedition Boost
Empyrean Forge Expedition
⏳ Start: 30 min.

Buy Empyrean Forge Dungeon expeditions to obtain top-tier equipment without the need to master strategies

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New World Ennead Expedition Boost
Ennead Expedition
⏳ Start: 30 min.

Get the completion of this excellent expedition.

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New World Expedition Bundle Boost
Expedition Bundle
⏳ Start: 30 min.

We will run throught three desired expeditions, and you will obtain tons of pinnacle rewards.

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Expeditions in NW
⏳ Start: 30 min.

You will complete the entire selected Expedition.

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New World Garden of Genesis Boost
Garden of Genesis
⏳ Start: 30 min.

Tons of unique and rare rewards can be obtained through this service. Achievements for killing the bosses included.

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New World Lazarus Instrumentality
Lazarus Instrumentality
⏳ Start: 30 min.

Get an awesome achievement as well as pinnacle rewards.

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New World Mutated Amrine Excavation
Mutated Amrine Excavation
⏳ Start: 30 min.

Awesome mutated expedition completion to obtain a lot of unique rewards.

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New World Mutated Barnacle & Black Powder
Mutated Barnacle & Black Powder
⏳ Start: 30 min.

Chance to obtain Tier-V gear & 600 gear score.

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New World Mutated Dynasty Shipyard
Mutated Dynasty Shipyard
⏳ Start: 30 min.

This is an excellent option to run through the entire mutated expedition and collect a lot of valuable rewards.

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New World Mutated Empyrean Forge Boost
Mutated Empyrean Forge
⏳ Start: 30 min.

Mutated Empyrean Forge will be obtained asap.

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New World Mutated Ennead Expedition
Mutated Ennead Expedition
⏳ Start: 30 min.

Great way to complete the desired number of runs for this expedition.

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New World Mutated Garden of Genesis
Mutated Garden of Genesis
⏳ Start: 30 min.

Complete three runs of this expedition to level up your gear and collect tons of resources.

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New World Mutated Lazarus Instrumentality
Mutated Lazarus Instrumentality
⏳ Start: 30 min.

Earn a lot of coins and be rich! As well as other unique rewards from this mutated expedition.

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New World Mutated Savage Divide Boost
Mutated Savage Divide
⏳ Start: 30 min.

You will get a completion for the entire run in the expedition called Savage Divide (Mutated).

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New World Mutated Starstone Barrows
Mutated Starstone Barrows
⏳ Start: 30 min.

Make sure you have 600 GS and level 60 to order this service.

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New World Mutated Tempest's Heart
Mutated Tempest's Heart
⏳ Start: 30 min.

Perfect completion of an expedition for at least a bronze result.

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New World Mutated The Depths Boost
Mutated The Depths
⏳ Start: 30 min.

For the completion of the expedition, achieve at least a bronze of higher result.

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New World Savage Divide Expedition Boost
Savage Divide Expedition
⏳ Start: 30 min.

The required number of the Savage Divide Expedition completions you want.

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New World Starstone Barrows Boost
Starstone Barrows
⏳ Start: 30 min.

420 Gear Score points, two abilities, and tons of pinnacle rewards!

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New World Tempest's Heart Boost
Tempest's Heart
⏳ Start: 30 min.

The last mission from the main storyline will get you tons of unique and high-level, and top-tier rewards.

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New World The Depths Service Boost
The Depths
⏳ Start: 30 min.

Weapon mastery points up to 990 as well as strong gear.

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New World Trial of the Devourer Raid Boost
Trial of the Devourer Raid
Save up to 20%
First ever 20 man raid
Chance to obtain 700 Gear Score item
1000+ Dark Matter every week
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All six expeditions are available. Take your chance to obtain valuable rewards.
🕑 15 Minutes: Start time
⏳ ETA: Flexible

Why should you buy New World Expeditions Boost?

With this service, you can quickly gain mastery of the weapons, collect tons of valuable loot, and unlock any expeditions in the New World. Our professionals will take care of you, and you will be treated only in a professional way. I promise you the perfect and fast completion of your order.

Speaking about expeditions, one of them, the mutated, to be exact, brings a fresh challenge to us with high-level rewards. There is an opportunity to obtain the Umbral Shards without any effort quickly! Since you ordered HuskyBoost services. Quickly upgrade your gear to the level of 625, and become as strong as possible.

Expeditions and their difficulty

What is this expeditions term means? You can imagine expeditions as dungeon runs for five players in the team. Tons of strong enemies versus y’all as well as deadly bosses at the end of the expedition. Each expedition represents its own unique activity, questline, story, and tasks. Not going to lie; depending on the activities you can join during the exploration of the overworld, the expeditions might seem a little bit challenging to you. And this is perfectly fine since they require you to gain the game skill and know tons of game mechanics, details, strategies, and tactics. And what’s most important is communication between you and team.

In general, in MMO-RPG games, expeditions are kinda the same. What’s the difference, you ask? Well, the areas where expeditions are located, enemies you will find during the exploration of the expedition, for example, how strong they are. When it comes to the New World, to complete the expedition successfully, you are required to solve the unique puzzle as well as its mechanism. That’s what makes it more interesting and better than the other similar activities in games of this genre.

Number of all expeditions in the New World

Since each expedition in this lovely game is unique, there can’t be many of them yet. The game just got released, like a year ago or two, so we must give it some time to develop even more interesting stories and activities. But even nowadays, there are six expeditions waiting for you to explore and complete them. Each includes unique high-level valuable rewards.

  • An expedition called Lazarus Instrumentality.
  • An expedition called Shattered Obelisk.
  • An expedition called Garden Of Genesis.
  • An expedition called The Depths.
  • An expedition called Amrine Excavation.
  • An expedition called Dynasty Shipyard.

For many new players, they might appear somewhat challenging. And believe me, I can agree with that; since you just joined the game, you don’t know much about it. But the rewards you will get after the successful completion of the expedition are worth it. Why? Why don’t you get the best rewards from the beginning of your journey in the New World? Our professionals will help you with it. Just order the service, and we will get it completed ASAP.

Fast completion time for New World Expeditions Boost

We have an insanely fast completion time for the customer’s orders. How so? We have a special. We have a sophisticated order fulfillment technique. As soon as we receive your order, it will be completed in no time, guaranteed. Anyway, there is a support chat on our website. Feel free to ask any additional questions about our services. If you are looking for a good and fast service – you are at the right place.

Low prices for our New World Expeditions Boost

The price for our services is extremely low. Well, this is a free game, so we want to make everything fair. HuskyBoost has the lowest price for all of the boosting services. However, if you find somewhere even lower price – let us know, and we will get you a discount. That’s a fantastic offer that you can’t refuse. Not only will you have it even cheaper, but the service delivery is extremely fast with perfect completion quality.

Entering the expedition

To enter the expedition, you must relate to some of the requirements and conditions. There are few of them, so it won’t be much of a problem. Here you can find the four main keys to enter the expeditions; take a look at them, please.

Main story

Right after you start playing the New World, take care of the main storyline. Proceed through it until you will finally reach the quest called Destiny Unearthed. Why? It will give you the option to unlock the first dungeon called the Amrine Excavation.

Tuning Orbs

There is also a way to get into the dungeon by joining a party with the player who can possess the required Tuning Orb. The item itself can be obtained simply by crafting it on the stonecutting or by completing quests.

Level requirements

If you are going on the expedition, make sure you and your team are almost on the same level. The level of mobs in the expedition will be calculated by all of the team levels. So be prepared for the worst, and make sure your level is high enough to fight them.

Join party

To be real, this is super challenging to successfully complete the expedition with random people since there will be zero proper communication between players. Better to look for friends or ask HuskyBoost professionals, for example. Remember, if you have no coordination skills – the completion process of the expedition will be much harder.

Excellent 24/7 Support

During the order completion, you will have 24/7 chat support from one of our managers. So whenever you’d like to ask any question about the order – the answer will be given in a matter of minutes. So you will be aware of all actions booster is doing on your account.

Rewards from the expeditions

As soon as you reach a somewhat called high level, the process of finding high-level and valuable items will be more challenging. But still, I’d like to tell you about the rewards you can collect during the successful completion of the expeditions.

  • Unique materials for crafting items, gear, weapons, etc.
  • Experience points as well as game currency – gold.
  • A chance to level up your score of gear.
  • A valuable points for the mastery of weapons.
  • Tons of achievements for killing final bosses.

A lot of positive reviews about HuskyBoost

We have a vast amount of reviews on Trustpilot and other reviews websites. When creating the order, feel free to accord to all of them. Be sure that we are professionals providing game-boosting services for a long time. We have kept gaining our reputation for years. Each review is open to public view so you can check them all. We are safe, honest, and fast, and quality service for many other games.