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FFXIV Criterion Dungeons Boosting Service

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Greetings, dear Customer. My name is Librarian Husky. Get help with Criterion Dungeons in the FFXIV and finish a variety of tough challenges in these dungeons. These dungeons in the game are hard and need teamwork and skill. HuskyBoost helps players who find these dungeons tough or want to move forward faster.

In this game the recent update brought two new dungeon types: Variant and Criterion. These dungeons differ in their level of difficulty and can be played either solo or with a group. Variant dungeons are designed for up to four players, offer a moderate challenge, and are meant for level 90 characters (leveling services are available through HuskyBoost). You can access these dungeons using the V&C Dungeon Finder found in the game’s main menu.

Criterion Dungeons represent the game’s initial set of tougher dungeons intended for a maximum of four players. They were developed in response to players’ requests for more demanding content suitable for small groups. They’re tougher and good for players who like a challenge, similar to the harder Trials of the Extreme version. You need a team of four (one Tank class, one class called Healer, two DPS) to play. The path in these dungeons is always the same.

Quick Dungeon Completion for Criterion FFXIV Boosting

You can use the second Variant Raise once per run in the dungeon. The bosses in these dungeons (Criterion) are tougher, with new attacks and time limits. To play them, you must finish certain quests. After that, you can use the V&C Dungeon Finder to join these runs with your team of pro players (order HuskyBoost team; it’s a great choice for successful completion). Both dungeon types have special rewards for those who complete them.

Obtain Top Rewards from Criterion Dungeon in FFXIV Boost

When you finish the runs called Criterion (dungeon) in this top game, you get different prizes like a special Manuscripts called Sil’dihn. These manuscripts can be traded for a special earring and a banner for your house. If you beat the Savage version of the dungeon, you also get achievements.

Each dungeon gives you unique rewards, such as the Sil’dih Survey Frame Kit, Throne, Desert Sun Orchestrion Roll, and various Savage Materia. The new Aloalo Island of these dungeons, which came out in the recent game update, also has its own rewards like a fairy mount, Free Spirit’s clothing, Wings called Statice, and other items.