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What’s good, dear Customer? My name is Librarian Husky, and we’re going to dive into our brand-new FFXIV guides section. Here, you will learn a lot about builds, game techniques, strategies, and many more.

It is necessary to learn it if you’re a new player (especially) – and the same applies to OG players, too.

Why should you need FFXIV Guides?

FFXIv is an MMORPG that originally launched in the year of 2010 to a rather rocky start. As a result, the game was shut down, and a brand-new development team was brought on board before the game was relaunched in the year of 2013.

Ever since its rebirth, FF14 has gone from strength to strength and has won numerous awards. There is so much to learn about FFXIV – and don’t worry, we will cover this all here in our HuskyBoost FFXIV Guides section.

Extra packs for FFXIV

The game has gotten four extra packs and frequent updates filled with new stuff. It’s also gathered a bunch of enthusiastic fans and players. The Eorzea world and more are packed with exciting things for you to explore, so we’ve put together some guides to assist you on your quest as the Warrior of Light.

Unique FFXIV gameplay mechanics

In FFXIV, you have more freedom compared to many other MMO RPGs. You’re not tied to just one job or class; you can change your role whenever you want. In this game, you’ll discover both basic job guides and detailed guides on how to play each job effectively.

Gathering & crafting guides

It’s not just about wielding a sword or casting spells all the time. Sometimes, you can step back and engage in crafting or gathering activities as well. On this platform, you’ll discover basic instructions for the Hand and Land Disciplines and detailed guides for each class. So we’ve prepared guides for this as well. It is awesome!