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Good day, dear Customer. My name is Librarian Husky. I’d like to tell you about our insane Path of Exile Items Services. You can get a nice amulet such as a gold rim, headhunter, and tabula as well as many others that can give you an excellent advantage in PoE.

Take a look at the variety of items we’ve prepared for you here.
Kitava's Hunger
⏳ Start: 30 min.
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Kalandra's Touch
⏳ Start: 30 min.
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⏳ Start: 30 min.
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The Squire
⏳ Start: 30 min.

Obtain a nice shileld to make your character as strong as possible.

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Crystallised Omniscience
⏳ Start: 30 min.

Get a nice item to gain a damage factor.

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Unnatural Instinct
⏳ Start: 30 min.

Get a nice item and receive dozens of bonuses.

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⏳ Start: 30 min.

Insane mageblood will be delivered to you in no time.

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⏳ Start: 30 min.

Get the nice belt called Headhunter quickly.

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Ashes Of The Stars
⏳ Start: 30 min.

Get an excellent buffs as well as rare amulet called Ashes of The Stars.

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Leveling Gear in PoE
⏳ Start: 30 min.

Get a nice starting packages for your character in the new League.

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Why should you buy Path of Exile Items Service?

The lovely ARPG Path of Exile prepared an excellent system of items and gear. Matter of fact, this is the most interesting system among other MMO-RPG games. You are free to wear gear as well as get some charms, consumables, and many other items that are related to gear.

Some of the valuable items can take a vast amount of the free space in your inventory, either backpack which makes sense. Speaking about the items, we can group and list them here by such factors as the quality of an item, its affixes of it, level, and rarity.

Equipment of a character

This means that we can include weapons, jewels, rings, bows, accessories, armor, quivers, boots, gloves, and belts for the character. It doesn’t mean that it will take a place in each slot of your character’s inventory, instead a nice difference of items by the name of their color. What kind of colors?

  • A white color.
  • A brown color.
  • A blue color.
  • A yellow color.


By the currency, in PoE, you can trade with real players or with NPCs such as vendors. Get your items charm with it too. If you’re looking to use a currency in order to level up your current gear, they’ll become consumed.

Items for quests

These types of items can be used for quests. Unfortunately, the player is not able to either move, drop, trade, remove, or stash them. The only way you can get rid of items is by entirely completing the quest. If you’re looking to obtain some quest item, go talk to any NPC which can give you the quest. Then, you can loot an item from either mob or in the dungeons.

Prophecies items

Right after the appearance of the prophecies, it will change some of the areas in order to generate non-similar encounters, either a variety of the occur outcomes due to force. To obtain an item, you have to purchase it from the well-known Navali, which will take a silver coin from you for trade. The item is not tradable; keep that in mind. But if you want to trade an item badly, go ahead and spend one additional silver coin. The cap limit of the prophecies is two hundred and thirty.

Gems items

In order to obtain additional and non-similar skills, you need to collect gems and put them right into the socket of the gear. The items can be traded easily as well as appeared as regular PoE items. You are free to distinguish these items from other items in your inventory, collection, backpack, etc, just by the way it looks – pays attention to the color of the item. Gems have a color of a blue-green.

Flasks items

These items are consumable ones in PoE. They are usually in usage of an entire or half recovery of both health and mana. They also can get you a nice buffs that will be going for a limited time, not permanently.

Cards items such as Divination

These types of items are usually getting exchanged in order to collect valuable rewards. There are a variety of different cards of divination that you can exchange for nice rewards. You can loot them from both mobs and containers. This is much better to exchange the cards with tasuni & navali in order to get a referenced type of card.

Fragments items such as maps

These types of items are created to unlock some of the portals on the map as well as top-level areas in PoE. You can also level up the level of the dungeon by using special fragments of maps. The fragments can be obtained in random places and get you random effects.


The most important collectible is a map. You are required to unlock the entire endgame PoE content as soon as possible. It is easy to do it, just go ahead and put your map into the device that is created particularly for maps – and the portals will be unlocked to go to dungeons. You can also level up your maps by dealing three of them to the desired vendor, and instead obtain an entire one map with the better tier level. In PoE, you can discover at least sixteen map tiers.

Items rarity & divination

In our lovely PoE, you can divide items simply by the level of rarity. If they are rare enough – the items are legendary. There are a variety of PoE item types, and I’m going to tell you about all of them here.

Regular items

These types of items are coming without any additional modifiers that can be added by the well-known affixes. There is an option to level up the regular item you have to the magic type simply by applying a special transmutation orb. Either way, you can create a rare item by using an alchemy orb. There is also a wy to level up the regular item by applying a chance orb in order to get the item a random type of rarity. The color for these types of items is white.

Magic items

To be honest, these types of items are just the same as regular items if we are looking for the stats. The only difference is that you can apply special modifiers to them that can be applied by affixes, suffix, and finally prefix. The modifiers you’ll apply might be on the level of the item as well as the type of the base item. The well-known affixes will get your magical item nice rerolled stats by applying a special alteration orb. If we will face both regular and magic items, the second ones can be leveled by a unique orb of regal. The color for these types of items is blue.

Rare items

These types of items are just like both magic and regular ones. They can get you up to six affixes as well as three prefixes & suffixes. If you’re looking to upgrade these types of items, or you’ve just created them by using both alchemy and chance orbs, the affix number for them will be at least four. You can still level up the items to the desired six affixes by applying a special orb called Exalted. The names of these types of items can be extremely random.

Unique items

Now we’re talking about the most valuable items in PoE since they are the highest-tier gear items. They are as expensive as possible, and in order to acquire them, you have to be really rich. Both specifics & abilities might be the real magic for you in order to obtain a lot of strength for your character. If you’re looking for the most expensive ones, there you go with the list of them:

  • A valuable item called Legacy.
  • A valuable item called League-Restricted.
  • A valuable item called Corrupted.
You are required to make your own non-common character build in order to make these types of items. Some of them might be much better to wear.

Items modifiers

Now we diving deep into the leveling of an item and making it better. That’s when modifiers come to the scene. They will change a lot of things for your items. Regularly, the modifiers can be applied to increase the stats of the items. Although you are free to apply the modifiers on both skills of grand and buffs. The items can be found on mobs, in areas, and in other items. Speaking about the type of modifiers, there are three general ones.

Implicit modifiers

These type of modifiers can be permanently granted to the special item when its drop. If you’re looking for the modifier, you can find it on items such as belts, weapons, particular armor bodies, amulets, and rings.

Explicit modifiers

These types of modifiers are usually generated dynamically by changing both entity uniqueness and different mods. If you’d like to calculate the number of affixes for an item & modifier, look at its class of rarity. You should look from magic types of items right up to the six rare items.


They are similar to the modifiers called Implicit since they can relate to your desire. You are free to level up any desired item in PoE and forget about the rarity level of them item. In order to enchant an item that has been enchanted back in the day, it will change the modifier on the item.

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How do Path of Exile Items Service works?

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