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01. Leveling Services
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Hey, what’s up, guys? My name is Librarian Husky, and today I’m introducing SWTOR Power Leveling Boost Service Guide. I know, Dear Customer, you have a lot of questions, and please allow me to answer for frequently asked ones.

⸻ Can I go selfplay? ⸻

  • No, sorry, this service is only account sharing.

⸻ What is the Service Start time? ⸻

  • Usually, we start all orders in 1-5 hours. The guaranteed start time will be up to 24 hours.
  • Customers can speed up this process by using the Plus or VIP boosting type.
  • This Boosting type will allow entering the first queue. Such orders start as soon as possible.
  • Please notice – Nighttime CET order can be slower to start.

⸻ What is the Delivery time for SWTOR level boost after the start? ⸻

  • 1-70 leveling will be about 2-5 hours.
  • If the Desired level range is lower than 70, it will take about 2 hours for every ten levels.
  • 70-75 level boost with using story quests will take ~ 2 hours
  • 70-75 leveling service without using story quests will take ~ 4 hours
  • 75-80 level boost with using story quests will take ~ 3 hours
  • 75-80 leveling service without using story quests will take ~ 5 hours

Is it safe?

  • Huskyboost uses Huskycarry 2.0 – the famous program to log in from the Customer’s Country and city with
    – IP Proofs
    – Mac address proofs
  • Customers would not need to install it on their PC, and only Booster will have to do it.
  • We had not received even a single ban for many years of boosting practice. (Except high-risk services, SWTOR 1-80 Level Boost service is not on the high-risk list)
  • If there is any risk – Husky’s Support agents will tell about it before payment, then before the order starts, and ask the Customer to approve it 2 times.

How does SWTOR Power Leveling Service work?

  1. The Customer makes the payment.
  2. After payment, we will ask the Customer to add our support (No weird account creation, just Discord, Skype, Whatsapp, Telegram, or Viber. 1 minute, and we are in contact)
  3. After the Customer contacts us – we’ll do a special order conference with his manager.
    In the conference, the Customer will share all information and have 24/7/365 support, check order progress and status, and ask any questions he wants).
    We will also perform account sharing in an order conference.

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Star Wars movie series managed to gain extreme popularity as a pioneer of some sort. It is one of the most recognizable stories in such a setting. What is impressive about the series is that it was pretty successful even when the fourth episode was released in 1977. It would be an understatement to say that its sudden popularity gave birth to a significant number of other universes. Undoubtedly, many people who watched the movie in their childhood got inspired and started thinking in the same direction. Thanks to that, they managed to create their own stories later. As for today, we can’t imagine our life without space-related fantasy in movies or MMOs.

Yep, online games are not an exception to that rule. One of them is related to the original Star Wars, so why not dive into it with our SWTOR power leveling service today? It’s a pretty excellent opportunity to explore the universe. The game contains many various side-quests and locations, and each of them will help you solve the puzzle and solidify the overall understanding of everything. The primary sequence of events is quite simple. However, it’s the details that make the story so great. It feels so different when you can move around while exploring the legendary world. While the movies and cartoons would take about several hundred hours to watch everything, the games have much more to offer.

Moreover, each of them contains many unique lines of script and fantastic details of locations. SWTOR is the best example because you can be leveling and learn about the events simultaneously. What a convenient service! Don’t worry if you do not have much experience with video toys. It can be played in different ways and has at least something for everyone. If you consider yourself a fan of the series, make sure to look at that masterpiece. Trust me. You won’t be disappointed. Even the tutorial at the beginning of your journey contains a lot of intriguing lore. That means the story is going to keep you entertained from your first minutes in! However, after the tutorial ends, you will begin your real adventure. Your journey will take you into the furthest parts of the galaxy. And the deeper, the harder it’s going to get. In case you came to SWTOR to learn the story, consider contacting our service to get your character lvl increased so you can travel anywhere!

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Everybody in the world wanted to hold a lightsaber at least once in their life. As the gaming industry was developing, an opportunity was raised. For many people, the first experience as a warrior with special powers was when they launched the game known as Star Wars Jedi Knight Academy. Ah, the memories are so vivid. Even though it was published over 15 years ago, I still remember playing it. It was so impressive that it got me excited about the universe even more! It was not the characters who followed the plot but myself for the first time. I could make my own decisions, fight for my ideas and experience the force by myself. But now it’s a bit different because Jedi Knight Academy has a descendant. SWTOR has boosted the feedback from your in-game actions and even contains a lvl system. It has everything its ancestors didn’t have. The most crucial point is that you can fight and explore with your friends! But believe me, there is more to an online multiplayer experience than a cooperative playthrough. Many people met their best friends there! The reason is quite simple. Everyone shares the same interests. The topics for conversations arise quickly. What could be better than diving into a world full of people with the same interests and mindsets? It wouldn’t take long to become friends with someone who possesses such qualities. It just takes to start chatting with them. However, you need to reach the high-tier locations first to find the true fans. Don’t complicate things. Order a SWTOR boost from Husky and start creating connections.

If you are just a pioneer in the realm of games, don’t be afraid. There is so much interesting here! Feel free to explore the universe you adore first. But never forget about all the other masterpieces out there. A great variety of worlds has been made by the people who put their heart and soul into it. It would be a waste to let all the effort pass you by. So why don’t you begin the exploration today! Focus on the things you like the most first. You have my guarantee that whatever your point of interest is, you’ll find something. However, it is sometimes difficult to achieve something great in certain games. But worry not! Even if it seems unachievable to you first, keep following the path, and you’ll reach it someday. If you find yourself in the Warcraft MMO, feel free to contact WoW Huskyboost and get some advice on how to proceed in a difficult situation.

Thank you for reading this short guide. Please feel free to check our SWTOR Boosting on the main page. There are a lot of fantastic products for your review.

It was Librarian Husky. Farewell!