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New World Booster Job Application


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Hiring boosters all games

Оплата за заказы.

Пожалуйста внимательно изучите способы выплаты для вашей страны и комиссии

⚠️ Мы не производим выплаты на Paypal
⚠️ Обычно оплата бустеру составляет 40-50% от цены сайта. Тем не менее менеджер по заказам в телеграмме может менять цену. Мы обсудим с вами цену, перед тем, как отдать вам заказ.
⚠️ Выплаты производятся каждые 7-14 дней. Этош означает, что вы получите оплату через 7-14 дней после окончания заказа, или раньше

Payout ways & Payout amount for orders.

Please check Payout ways

⚠️ We are not supporting Paypal for payouts
⚠️ Booster's Cut is 40-50% from the website prices. Manager can change this cut.
⚠️ Payroll is every 7-14 days. That means you will receive your funds in 7-14 days after the order's completion, or faster.

Test Boosts

We don't allow to start boosting clients' accounts without test boost verification.

⚠️ After telegram authorization, we will ask you to do a Test boost (Simple order, similar to the real orders we have every day).
⚠️ We don't pay for test boosts - you show us that you can respect booster's Rules, respect order's Estimated time and do proper reports.
⚠️ Also, you will check by yourself if our system is ok for you.

Тест Бусты

Мы не допускаем до бустинга без верификации (тест буста).

⚠️ После того, как вас авторизуют в телеграмме, вам будет предложено сделать тест буст (Обычный заказ, похожий на те, которые доступны для выполнения каждый день)
⚠️ Тест бусты не оплачиваются - в них вы показываете нам, что можете работать согласно правилам для бустеров, выполнять заказы в срок, сдавать по ним отчетность.
⚠️ Так же сами пробуете, подходит ли для вас эта система.

Boosting Rules

Dear Booster, please check the Huskyboost booster's rules.

Правила работы бустера

Дорогой исполнитель, пожалуйста внимательно изучите Правила работы бустера.

You need to choose something to proceed
Работа Менеджером

Полная занятость

Работа не предполагает, что вы занимаетесь чем то другим на смене. То есть вы не сможете играть, делать бусты и так далее - просто не будет на это времени. Поставить согласие

Подушка безопасности

При каждой вашей зарплате мы вычитаем 10% в подушку безопасности, пока не накопится сумма равная вашей заработной плате. Эта сумма является гарантом вашей стабильной работы, выплачивается при увольнении сразу либо в течении 3х месяцев - зависит от обстоятельств.

You need to choose something to proceed

The final estimated price is :

In 1-7 Business days, you will receive a message from email: [email protected] Please check spam/promo folders to do not miss the message


Description Information Quantity Price
Discount :
Total :

Hello there! Welcome to Huskyboost. We are here to present a New World boosting job application page. We’ll help you earn money by playing your favorite games! Wherever you live, we will welcome you with open arms!

Husky offers you an opportunity to gain money while playing your favorite game. And in case you are planning to work diligently, your paycheck will overshadow an engineer’s. Just a little something to motivate you a bit!

There is no need to worry if you are just a PvE player who doesn’t particularly love participating in PvP stuff. There is always something you can do in-game. Honestly, you will be surprised by the number of various orders we’ll offer. A customer might be in need of, let’s say, linen, and so it happens that you are specialized in gathering fiber and maxed out the intelligence attribute. Thus, getting 1000 linen would be a piece of cake for you! Becoming a booster in NW is really easy, profitable, and enjoyable. Just contact us. We’ll check your skills and hire you in no time.

We have finally a game that allows a fantastic variety of activities to provide to customers, such as:

  • Leveling professions;
  • Questing;
  • Farming up the weapon ranks;
  • Increasing territories’ standing;
  • Attending grand PVP events;
  • Gaining character experience;
  • Clearing out dungeons;
  • Providing custom personal driver services.

Do you consider yourself knowledgeable about the game, and your social skills are upstanding? Well, that’s awesome because we have just the job for you! A massive amount of people from all over the world require coaching services! All you’ll need to do in such orders is explain the mechanics of a dungeon, elaborate on resource exploits or simply provide your opinion on how things work in general. It all depends on the specific boosting task you’ll be given in NW.

Becoming a New World booster is easy after getting hired for a job by Husky.

▶️ Here are some facts about Huskyboost:

▶️ Our service is open for all people from all Regions! It doesn’t matter what language you speak or where you are from. The important things are your skill, honesty, decency, and diligence.
▶️ We are a big international company. We pay taxes and also help homeless dogs, cats, and other animals all over the world! If you are working with us, you are taking part in this too!
▶️ Payouts are scheduled to every 24 / 48 hour in a workday. If you’ve fully completed an order, that is. We do not send money on the weekends.
▶️ Lots of Positive reviews from our customers. You can check Ownedcore, EpicNpc, Elitepvp, Facebook, Instagram, Trustpilot, and website reviews. You can easily find and read them to understand that we are a legit and honest provider.
▶️ Years of Great Service! We have been working on the market since 2010. Of course, we weren’t so prominent in the old times. Some of our boosters, however, have worked with us for over nine years!
▶️ Friendly 24\7 Support. If you have any questions, we are always online to answer you.
▶️ Number of Orders: We have about 50 orders per day in WoW.

Does it sound great? Are you interested in applying for a job and becoming a New World booster? If so, contact us at [email protected] After talking with our HR manager via email and approving our rules, we will add you to an order conference. Please be ready to prove your skill, and reviews will help a lot! In case you want to get acquainted with our website, visit the main WoW boosting service page. Or just contact a manager. We’ll answer the remaining questions you might have. See you!