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01. Leveling 1-60
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Hello there, dear customer! On this page, you can order gold in WoW Classic. Please read more information about our fantastic offers below. Gold is an ever-important resource required for purchasing gear, leveling skills and professions, buying mounts and training riding, and much more. You can pay a mage for a portal to any city or even use the exclusive service of warlock taxi, which is available on some realms.

Classic WoW has many ways to farm gold, but why bother if you can order it from Huskyboost? Our pro players know the best ways to make gold and do it 24/7. You can imagine that our supply is near limitless. So why not use it for your good?

No need to farm elemental earth in Badlands for hours to make 100 gold for your first mount at level 40. No point in farming Felcloth from satyrs for days to be able to afford your raid consumables.

Make your gold farming routine as easy as two clicks – opening Huskyboost EU and buying gold for your WoW character online for cheap!

Vanilla was quite limited in the content you could do – you either PvP or raid. However, these activities require significant gold investments, especially at the highest levels. If you want to try hard and get that honor level 14 or be in the top 100 guilds to beat raid bosses, you will need a ton of safe preparation.

By preparation, we mean either farming all the consumables on your own or getting them off the auction house. This means grinding for days of played time to burn it all in one night. So why not spare your time and sanity by buying WoW Classic gold from Husky?

Some of the pre-raid BiS items can also be crafted by different professions. The problem is that their reagents are usually rather costly and require you to have a capped prof, a particular quest chain, or a rare recipe with a drop chance of 1% from some obscure mob in Silithus or, even worse, an actual raid boss.

You can guess that pre-raid BiS items are worth hundreds or even thousands of gold on the auction house of both Arugal and Yojamba. So why not get your hundreds and thousands of safe gold at Huskyboost and make your Classic WoW experience much smoother?

Want to get an epic mount but can’t be bothered to farm? Lacking shiny coins for the necessary raid and PvP consumables? Need some of the precious currency for a pre-raid BiS item? Call on Husky to remedy these issues! Purchase WoW Classic gold with real money via PayPal or other payment services.

Buy WoW Classic gold comfortably with Huskyboost.

We are an experienced seller with an extensive network of gold farmers. We have thousands of completed orders under our belt. We are proud to be the best website to buy WoW Classic gold from.

Being the best takes a lot of effort, and we go to great lengths to provide the highest comfort for our customers. Here are some things that we do to make YOU happy.

We sell currency on all servers. Want to order Classic WoW gold on Yojamba or Arugal? We are there! Need some extra WoW Classic gold on Arugal or Yojamba to obtain that sick Arcanite Reaper? Hit us up, and we will help you! On Huskyboost, you can buy gold on all EU, US, and Oceanic servers of WoW Classic safe. Horde and Alliance are available, so there is no need to feel bad if your faction is only 10% of the server base.

Husky’s customer support is online 24/7/365. Need currency in the middle of the night on Christmas Eve? Be sure that Huskyboost is there! We are ready to help at any moment. Our customer support agents respond in under a minute, so you can quickly gain any necessary information about our services.
Our delivery times are usually under 1 hour. In case of disruptions, we guarantee you a 24-hour delivery, or we will refund the order! So, order from Husky and be sure that your WoW Classic gold will arrive fast.
We affiliate ourselves with trusty gold farmers. You can be sure their gold will become yours as soon as you complete the payment.
If you are looking for the cheapest EU deals on gold in WoW Classic, buy via safe PayPal from Huskyboost now! We constantly research the market to maintain the lowest gold prices available, and Husky’s policy is honesty with its clients. Therefore, we will only give you the most honest prices for our services.

Please, note that gold prices may vary depending on your region, server, and faction (im)balance.

Buy your Classic WoW gold safely.

Gaming services can be somewhat dangerous for customers. However, Huskyboost is an experienced gold store, so you can be sure that your Classic WoW account is secure with us. If you want to order gold for WoW Classic but still be safe – look no further than Huskyboost.

Our boosters are not botting, so dealing with them will not get you into trouble. We do not condone bots as they remove an actual player from the game, which is against our philosophy.

The customer chooses the delivery method. We offer four options at the moment:
1. Personal delivery. This is the least complex method by far. We find your WoW character and trade you the amount of gold you have bought.
2. Mail. We will send gold to your character via the mailing system. Please, note that in-game mail takes 1 hour to arrive between characters from different accounts. You will receive your WoW gold approximately 2 hours after buying the service.
3. Auction house. You will post any item on the auction house. After confirming that you posted the item, our booster will dry it out. Note that the auction house takes a cut of 10%. If you order 1000 gold and choose the AH method, you will only receive 900 gold.
4. Guild bank. Our booster will invite you to a guild and put the necessary amount into the guild bank. You will then withdraw that amount and leave the guild.

We will never ask for your login or password for this service, and we only use the methods that ensure the highest safety of your account.

Huskyboost is a cash shop trusted by many for providing excellent cheap EU gaming services in WoW Classic.

Over our ten years of service, we have accumulated more than 34000 positive reviews. We are dedicated to making our clients happy.

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If you have any questions, feel free to contact our customer support. We are online 24/7/365. Check out related products below or visit the home page for more WoW boosts.

Thank you for choosing Huskyboost! We are looking forward to your order!