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WoW Classic: WOTLK Guides

What’s going on, dear reader? My name is Librarian Husky. I’d like to tell you about Guides on a new World of Warcraft expansion called Wrath of the Lich King (WOTLK). It finally comes back from the Classic World of Warcraft. It is faced right in the Scourge plague right down upon the entire lands of Azeroth.

The WotLK expansion brings an insane amount of new content to the World of Warcraft. So you definitely would like to read a quick tour & guide on it.

Release date of the upcoming WOTLK expansion

Did you get bored of exploring the lands of Scourge & Northrend? Well, I understand. Thankful to the WoW developers they announced an official release date for the upcoming expansion. So it will release on the 26th of September, 2022. To be exact, check out the PDT timezone – 3 PM.

New content from the WotLK expansion

There is a lot of new content in the new upcoming WotLK expansion. Here you have a quick guide on it; take a look, please.

Death Knight WotLK

If you are an old World of Warcraft player, you probably know that the first hero class added to the game is Death Knight. It is accessible for both factions right when you reach the level of 55. From now on, in the upcoming expansion, developers decided to remove all of the level restrictions to achieve this class – so no need to farm the required rank anymore. Hop in and be ready to discover this insane expansion.

For the following class creation – Death Knight, players must join a different realm. Not only that, but require about a character level of not less than 55 should be achieved.

With this particular class, you will unlock three Presences, so you have these options:

  • Presence named Blood – Your damage will be increased by fifteen percent, and your healing will be increased up to four percent in the period when you not taking damage.
  • Presence named Frost – Your stamina will be increased by eight percent, and your contribution, from armor to items, will be increased by sixty percent. Not only that, but the percentage of damage you take will be reduced by eight percent. And threat generation will also be increased.
  • Presence named Unholy – Your attack speed will be faster by fifteen percent, and your movement speed will also increase up to fifteen percent. The time for the general cooldown of your abilities will be reduced by half a second.
  • With that being said, it is also possible to utilize the entire Runes in order to empower attacks from them. It will recharge over time, and everything will be faster. There is Frost, Blood, Death & Unholy Runes. Each of them will imbue you with impressive powers.

New Inscription profession in the WotLK

These brand-new professions will be added in the upcoming WotLK expansion. Sounds like great content, huh? But for those of us who are well familiar with the old World of Warcraft, this profession is not really new. But anyway, it will allow us to draft all of the mystical glyphs which help us to customize the props of all of the abilities & spells. It contains such properties as damage, cooldown, etc. You are also free to craft any of the strong off-hand trinkets & items.

You will find trainers in any capital city in World of Warcraft. So use your Miling ability to craft some of the pigments by using such resources as herbs & plants. They can also be used as a resource for strong glyphs, abilities, etc.

Discover new dungeons & raids in WotLK

Be sure that all of the dungeons and raids you played in the old World of Warcraft will eventually comeback to the WotLK expansion.

Dungeons when you play as a team of five players such as Azjol-Nerub or Culling of Starthhole up to the huge raids of a ten or twenty-five players like Naxxramas. There are a lot of interesting raids & dungeons to complete, and a lot of rewards are waiting for you there.

Northrend continent in WotLK

This cold iced place is the source of the Scourge and is a great solution for you to discover. You will find a lot of interesting stuff there.

If you are on the side of Alliance, go to the dock of Northrend, to be exact to the Stormwind Harbor. You need to find the Borean Tundra. Then you might as well swim on a boat from the Menethli Harbot to the Wetlands in order to finally land in the lands of Howling Fjord.

If you are on the side of the Horde, in the lands of Ogrimmar you can land on the Borean Tundra. Then land to the Undercity which will eventually drop you to the Howling Fjord.

Zombies in the WotLK

From the date of September fifth, there will be general shipments from the Conspicuous Crates to Booty Bay. Legendary and beautiful places. Be careful with contacting the zombies. They will eventually infect you with the deadly plague called Scourge. So you will become a plague zombie. It will happen in case you’d miss the Argent Healer near to you.

If zombies infect you, you will lose all of your default abilities. But there are some advantages, such as you will be able to spread the scourge for the deadly Lich King.

  • Melee creature – This zombie will infect the player with a scourge plague and, right after, will eventually get healed.
  • Mangle creature – It will immediately attack you fast to make the player zombie as soon as possible.
  • Retch creature – It creates a deadly gas cloud that will heal all zombies near it. Indeed, it will slow other creatures in a short period, causing them to die.
  • Beckoning Groan creature – It will call for an additional four zombies to attack you.
  • Lurch creature – It will increase the speed of it and all of the zombies near it.
  • The explosion of zombies – It will explode into pieces to infect anybody near it.

Scourge Invasion in WotLK

It will start in the date of September twelfth, 2022. That’s the date for the beginning of the Scourge Invasion. So well-known Kel Thuzad will strike some of the locations near Azeroth. So you must resolve this puzzle on a lot of Scourge acts. The same resolve must be applied to the Zombie infestation.

By dealing with the undead for some of the items that can be useful during every invasion point, you must deliver all of the loot to the Argent Quartermaster. He is located outside of the Chapel called Light’s Hope. Located in the lands of Eastern Plaguelands. So you can be rewarded with a vast amount of resources, items, etc.

In case you are looking for additional foes, this is perfectly fine. There you go with all of the locations you can search for it:

  • NPC named Revanchion – in the zone Dire Maul.
  • NPC named Lady Falther’ess – in the zone Razorfen Downs.
  • NPC named Scorn – in the zone Scarlet Monastery.
  • NPC named Lord Blackwood – in the zone Scholomance.
  • NPC named Sever – in the zone Shadowfang Keep.
  • NPC named Balzaphon – in the zone Stratholme.

Those of us who have a character level not less than 70 or above, can get the special quests from a raid in any of the capital cities. Basically, it will get you an option to find the Price Tenris Murkblood in the lands of Karazhan. Right after you find him, you can achieve the Vampiric Batling adorable pet as well as a two-handed axe called Arcanite Reaper. These are insane rewards for such an easy quest.