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WotLK Classic Best PvP Tier List

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Hello guys. It’s Librarian Husky here today, going to World of Warcraft here. I will share my Lich King spec and class tier list for 3.3.5, as that is what wrath classic will be played on. I don’t know everything, but that’s my tier list. You can’t argue between what’s at the top and what’s at the bottom.

You can move things around within the same tier, which is set in stone more than what’s at the top. We all have different experiences and played different specs, classes, and compositions over the years. So this is just my tier list, and you are free to disagree.

Blood DK

They’re pretty gimmicky and can get kited very hard outside of their dancing in weapons. They’re intense healing, don’t have anything, and can die quickly through the modal strike.

  • They can just get kited all day by hunters and casters.
  • Even Emily can be like a rogue and just reset over and over with them and burst them down. So not very good.

Frost DK

Near frosty case. Who can be very strong with their hungering cold ability that the other DK specs don’t have? They can be on somebody. Maybe they’re next to two people. And then they can use death grip in the healer or whatever else and suddenly freeze everybody, and the freeze counts as a shatter effect for a frost, so if you happen to be playing with a frost mage.

  • They can get a big burst out of the cc, and you guys can ko somebody.
  • So you can see they’re a little gimmicky. But frost has much higher DPS output and is viable for sure. So one of the better viable specs.

Unholy DK

And then this is the DK spec you want to play if you want to take PvP seriously. Unholy has excellent damage output and is one of the game’s highest. They have colossal uptime death grip chains of ice Amz Ams mind freeze pets pet stun death grip.

  • So much stuff, and then iceman fortitude immune to stuns for 12 seconds. They’re very annoying and really.
  • The only thing they’re lacking is a mortal strike.
  • Suppose they had that. They would be the best melee in the game. But not having a mess is enormous. So trying to be strong and very good.

Boomkin Druid

And we’re moving to druids. So boomkins are good. Don’t make fun of the chicken. They have massive damage with Starfall up, which is only a one-minute cooldown, and it kind of cleaves down the whole team if they stay lost. So that’s very powerful, then they have tons of healing cyclones and roots perfect. They can burst quite hard. they don’t have a mess, though, and they are lacking some. just some of the other features.

They don’t have, like, you can’t just deep freeze poly or range silence instantly, or you don’t have any powerful instant CCs as shadow fairy death coral interfere.

  • So that’s the main thing they’re lacking. I would put boomkin at the top of viable or at the bottom of strong. I’m not too sure. I suggest revisiting that. Boomkin is good. I want to put it at the top of viable, but they’re probably better. But we’ll just put them here, for now, see we come back to that then.

Feral Druid

We have feral druids, which can heal significantly and do colossal damage.

  • Seven to like 11 000 if they have the armor pin, I mean. So they’re a bit gear dependent in that they need to raid for the armor pin and Jim it. Very good, and their mobility and healing can make up for the lack of brazil gems.

So Pharrell’s very strong, up here, definitely ahead of boomkin, and then what this is a fourth spec which doesn’t exist for druids and wrath.

Resto Druid

We’ll come back to this. They have residues lacking a defensive dispel, which is the most significant weakness. They’re not as op as they are in bc, and I’d probably put them as a tied third-best healer. They’re good, though, if you play them with a mage, a shadow priest, or both, and you want to play both in threes.

  • That god comp is very powerful because they shore up the druid’s weaknesses and let it go around cc all they want.
  • Make the rest of the druid feel like sort of the rest of the druid and be seen away.

So I will probably put them at the bottom of strong but very good. So all three jude specks are good, as you can see here.

BM Hunter

Moving on to hunter, you have bm hunter, which is a little gimmicky. However, it is much more potent than what I would consider poor for the poor specs I’ll put there later. So bm, you have to play with an enhanced showperson. You could play with something else, but beast cleave is the infamous comp that. You will want to be playing if you are playing this spec. Your pet will benefit from bloodlust. Their spirituals will benefit from bloodlust.

  • Your mortal strike shores up the enhanced shaman’s significant weakness, and then he cannot heal you, which is also.
  • Hunter’s most significant weakness has no healing, so it’s still good.

It’s viable, but you must play with an enhanced shaman.

Marksman Hunter

And then moving on to marksman, the best hunter spec no questions.

  • Asked also asked for the most challenging 100 specs. Probably the most complex spec in the entire game.
  • The number of things you can do because of the lack of global cooldowns that hunters have. So sounding shot, and then let’s say you’re playing night elf which is the best alliance hunter.
  • You can shadow-milled a lot of cc or burst or whatever, and then you can fake death, and you get something shot.

You can prep do something shut again. You can double scattershot. You can shoot your trap. You can disengage away, tear off the global cancel or off the global re-deter again, or instead of re-deterring, you can prep the silence into the scatter-like.

Survival Hunter

And then you have survival hunter. It’s the biggest weakness that it has is that. It can get the black arrow dispelled quickly. It doesn’t have the burst that marksman has, and it doesn’t have the burst that bm has. So it’s, in a way, like a worse marksman. And then it just can’t burst anywhere near what bm can do.

This is the odd spec out. Even if you’re doing a big hero spec, you still want to be a marksman with a slightly different build. So this doesn’t have a place you can still do good damage, and I suggest putting it at the bottom of viable. Because you could still do okay with it, it might deserve to be at the top of por.

Arcane Mage

We’re going to mages now. We have an arcane mage who. is quite gimmicky. If they’re able to cast, they could do insane damage, but most of the time, they’re not going to be able to. So therein lies the problem arcane mages have to do arcane power and then icy veins.

Then they can pump arcane blasts, arcane barrage, and chunk somebody. But both arcane power and icy veins are spells stealable and dispellable very quickly.

Fire Mage

Fire mage. It has good damage and a lot of mobility because you can move quickly and disarm people when you get attacked. So, if a rogue’s on you, they’ll get disarmed constantly, and they’re good.

  • They’re better than arcane in the arena and maybe even in bags because you can do a lot of damage.
  • They lack the burst that frost has, and then they don’t necessarily have. their survival is higher with the mobility they disarm.

But they lack everything else and do not have deep freezes, and it’s just so big. They’re viable. So I would probably end up putting fire somewhere in viable I’m not sure I’d put that.

Frost Mage

You can’t have fun with it is decent and then. We go to the infamous frost mage, the bane of all warriors NBC and classic. Although it’s not bad, there is much more play to a warrior versus mage and wrath because of blade storm.

It’s about reflecting on where he has a lot more healing, being a lot. Sort of tankier because they have shield walls and defensives. But mages are excellent, typically played with a shadow priest or even like a Destro lock or something like that. I play a lot of mages myself. The only weakness frost mages have is that they can die very quickly.

Holy Paladin

Now moving on to paladins. Starting with holy, which I will tell you right away, is the best healer in the game. Holy is insane for a few reasons and has a very high throughput.

  • It can heal without even casting, which might surprise you as they always had to cast in classic and mainly bc.
  • But in wrath, you can do a six-second holy shark which will get reduced to five seconds with four set PvP.

So you can do a five-second holy shock if it crits or uses divine favor to guarantee the crit. You will then get an instant cast flash of light. So you can do an instant cast holy shock into an instant cast flashlight, and let’s say they both crit without mortal strike because you were cleansing or cleansing off when poison or whatever you don’t have that mess up. You can almost heal someone to complete with two instant globals. It’s mighty, and that’s not even a cooldown.

Prot Paladin

Just insane, and then we’re going to prop paladins. We don’t get this confused with Prague. This is just prot, deep prot where you get the silence. Their biggest weakness is they have almost no healing as Rhett and Prague are the ones that have the art of war proc, which is the instant cast flashlight.

  • When you crit which is the best thing about them in terms of their utility, this spec will be at the bottom of viable.
  • It’s just by far and away biggest weakness is that it doesn’t heal.
  • Then it has fewer bursts than Rhett and preg. About the same or less damage than both so.

You might think they’re prot and probably live much longer, and well, they don’t because they heal so much less. So it’s still fun, though, and it works. I mean, something you can mess with, and in duels, it’s still going to be okay, but you’re not going to get that high rating.

Ret Paladin

So they’re moving on to rent, not preg but just Rhett. Rat’s biggest weakness doesn’t have ms and typically plays with people who have ms. You can die very quickly if, let’s say, you get CC’d with or your teammates get CC’d, and you’re unable to spell them because you’re silenced, or sacrifices were down, or whatever reason.

You can die very quickly just out of a polymorph, for instance. they can get a bit CC a polymorph and then take off your sacred shield and pump you down. Almost any combination can kill you quickly, so. as a rat, you can’t just face roll. You have to have the awareness to know when to shield, throw on your healer weapon, and go full defensive and heal. So they can mainly die with CC.

They have excellent throughput damage and healing. Perfect spec in some of the best comps. I suggest putting Rhett near the middle or top of strong on their own. But synergizing with some other specs, it’ll be better.

Preg Paladin

Now we will be moving into the fourth paladin spec, and yes. It is not droids that have four specs, but it is paladins. A player whose name started with Preg found this spec on private servers. We’ll use the guardian icon for this as this doesn’t exist for druids and wrath. Paladins have a spec called Preg, basically like a red paladin.

  • Except for more damage and way more healing with more survival. The only thing they’re behind with reading is controlled burst.
  • This spec with enough crit chance can get swift attacks using a one-hander with the ten damage talent plus the 3 out of 5 points in the reckoning, giving you a six percent chance to do double damage for your next four swings whenever you get hit by anything.

Thank you for reading this guide. My name is Librarian Husky – I am your faithful companion in the World of Warcraft.

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