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Crucible of Storms Raid Boost

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This update has been promised to be a small one. That’s what the developers said. However, even if it shouldn’t have been quite large, it has undoubtedly become full of content. The main novelty of the expansion was the new allied races. Humans of Kul-Tiras were going to join The Alliance’s formations while Zandalari trolls became part of The Horde.

The New Moon event has got something new too. We’re talking about the Roller-coaster! Naturally, other events received at least some updates just as well. Don’t worry. We’ll get to the topic of Crucible of Storms carry down the road.
Crucible of Storms Normal
⏳ Start: 30 min.

Crucible of Storms is challenging, and we are here to help.

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Crucible of Storms Mythic
⏳ Start: 30 min.

Its difficulty alone replaced the hero modes for ten and twenty-five people.

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Crucible of Storms Heroic
⏳ Start: 30 min.

A lot of brand-new content, and a whole raid, have been introduced. By the time the patch was released, the hype had already grown quite a lot.

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Uu'nat Normal Kill
⏳ Start: 30 min.

It is only natural for heroes with epic-looking transmogs would take your attention.

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Uu'nat Mythic Kill
⏳ Start: 30 min.

The instance has been unlocked only recently, which means that not everyone has explored it.

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Uu'nat Heroic Kill
⏳ Start: 30 min.

Various titles, accomplishments, and other bonuses will not be obtainable after a certain period.

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Why should you buy Crucible of Storms Raid Boost?

Dungeons of WOD became available in time travel mode. Unique rooms with portals were added to the capitals of both factions. Using those, anyone can easily reach any corner of Azeroth. Individual unique questlines for every profession were added as well. Also, the Fighters Guild made its triumphal return in that patch. Although, it got changed a bit and had its progression system reworked.

The cost of getting us to carry a run in Crucible of Storms is quite fair. Unexpected bosses also emerged there. Grand novelties will be added to the battlefields as well. Warsong Gulch and Arati Basin – these two reforged versions of fields of carnage were going to have something previously unseen too. We’re getting closer to the Crucible of Storms. We’ll get to the runs with just a bit of WoW trivia. Implementing the latest island expedition technologies has introduced a new brawl versus AI opponents. Cataclysm races finally received worthy appearance updates.

Get access to new instances

Finally, players gained access to an entirely new instance with two bosses. These enemies are servants of the ancient god N’Zoth, The Corruptor. They got outraged, and it was for heroes to turn their anger down again. Even though it’s only two bosses, the lore meaning they bring is enormous. The first enemy didn’t have anything specifically new in terms of mechanics.

A typical long battle with several stages. Don’t worry about the boost. The length of the first Crucible of Storms foe will not affect the price. After a battle without anything new in particular, heroes were to embrace the fantastic experience of the second battle! The second encounter includes a great variety of interesting mechanics. It requires the perfect cooperation of a cohesive group of raiders.

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