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WoW Shadowlands Covenants Boost

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Good day, dear Customer. My name is Librarian Husky. The new expansion in the excellent game called WoW has added a cool feature where players can join one of four big teams called SL factions. If you’re looking to get boosted in this top expansion, please, order our excellent HuskyBoost boosting service.

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Covenant Assaults Farm Boost
Covenant Assaults Farm
Stygia and Soul Cinders
Korthite Crystal
Complete Safety
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Shadowlands Flying Unlock Boost
Shadowlands Flying Unlock
Memories of Sunless Skies
Covenant-themed Flying Mounts
00 Soul Cinders currency
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WoW Covenant Renown Level Boost
Covenant Renown Level
1-80 Renown levels
Deepening Bond
Best Price
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Secret of the First Ones Campaign Boost
Secret of the First Ones Campaign
8/8 chapters
Achievement Unlocked
Double Legendary obtained
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Shadowlands COD Campaign Boost
Shadowlands COD Campaign
Unlock all class-related
Shadowlands Flying
Unique Covenant Transmogrification set
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Shadowlands Covenant Campaign Boost
Shadowlands Covenant Campaign
Covenant Campaign
Mounts Unlocked
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Zereth Mortis Flying Unlock Boost
Zereth Mortis Flying Unlock
Flying Unlocked
Unlocking Achievement
Best Price
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Zereth Mortis Unlock Boost
Zereth Mortis Unlock
All Zereth Mortis
Access to new zone
SOTFO 3/7 chapters completed
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These teams are named Kyrian, Venthyr, Necrolord, and Night Fae Covenants. Joining one of these teams is a big deal for making your character stronger in the game because they give you special powers.

HuskyBoost has put together a complete list of services related to these teams. These services range from finishing team quests to collecting Soulbinds and making your team fame grow. If you choose to get one of these boosts, you’ll have more free time to do fun stuff instead of just doing dull tasks in the game. Order HuskyBoost boost to get the cheapest services for this expansion.

WoW Cheap and Fast SL Boost For Any Classes

What team you pick should match your playing style and what part of the game you like the most. Each team gives you two extra skills that could change how you play the game.

For example, the Necrolord team has a shield called Fleshcraft, which is really handy for characters that take a lot of damage. Other teams might give you skills that help your teammates more.

Here’s the complete list of special powers each of the 12 WoW classes gets:

  • The Kyrian Covenant gives a power called Summon Steward. This helpful skill can heal you and take away curses, diseases, poison, and bleeding. It also lets you use some neat features, like getting to travel systems or talking to vendors.
  • The Venthyr Covenant has a power called Door of Shadows. This lets you teleport a short distance, about 35 yards. It’s really useful for slower classes and specializations, like a blood Death Knight.
  • The Night Fae Covenant gives you a power called Soulshape. This increases your movement speed and lets you teleport. It also changes your appearance to a ghostly fox. It’s awesome for moving quickly.
  • The Necrolord Covenant has a power called Fleshcraft. It gives you a shield that protects you from taking damage. It’s a fantastic skill for a tank character but might be a bit tricky to use while fighting.

Best And Quick Covenant Boost For WoW Shadowlands

HuskyBoost can handle any Covenant quick service completion you’re looking for. If you have a special request for a custom SL covenant boosting service, just talk to one of our managers via web chat. We are available 24/7! They’re really helpful and can set up a custom order for you. But mainly, we focus on helping out in three big areas:

  • Finishing Covenant Assaults;
  • Unlocking Covenant Soulbinds and grinding for Stygia;
  • Helping with the main campaign of Covenant and quests;
  • Unlocking new areas with HuskyBoost professional gamers;
  • Getting through the CoD campaign;
  • Helping you earn more Renown reputation quick boost.