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Welcome, dear Customer. Librarian Husky here. The upcoming International | Battle Pass is close to getting released. Here, on this page, you can order services for it and read a lot of helpful information to be in the field of the latest news about it. We have plenty of excellent services you can order; please look at them.

Below, you will find services and articles about the upcoming battle pass.
Cavern Crawl Boost Service in Dota 2
Cavern Crawl
⏳ Start: 30 min.

Get your Cavern Crawl done in a few hours. Incredible bonus rewards

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Faceless Void Arcana Style 2 Unlock
Faceless Void Arcana Style 2 Unlock
⏳ Start: 30 min.

Quickly order this service in order to obtain a nice arcana.

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Rank Double Down Service
Rank Double Down
⏳ Start: 30 min.

Double down your Dota 2 rank fast.

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🕑 15 Minutes: Start time
⏳ ETA: Flexible

Why should you buy The International | Battle Pass?

This insane battle pass will be separated into two parts. The first one will go from the first of September to the second of November. Right after it ends, the next day will be the release of the second part of the battle pass. Yes! The battle pass will go for an entire year; isn’t that insane? I know. So speaking about these two parts of the battle pass. The first is more about the eleventh international, and the second is to keep players active in Dota 2.

The main point of developers adding the battle pass for a straight year is to focus players on the game. Not let them get bored and stay hyped. Right after, the international players can enjoy progressing in the battle pass to get a lot of unique rewards. Somehow each Dota 2 battle pass makes the game alive repeatedly; that’s for that player who abandoned the game because they lost interest in playing. Believe me; you definitely would like to come back as soon as it is released. It brings a lot of game content to the game, so why don’t you just have fun? Not only that, but developers also predicted the comeback of players who have kept in touch with dota for a long time, so the entire timeline aims system will be re-developed.

New Arcanas & Personas

So the length of the battle pass is straight seventeen weeks of fun. And what I personally consider fun is that a lot of players will come back to Dota 2; not only that but speaking about content developers bring to us two brand new cool-looking Arcanas and to unique heroes – Personas. But to keep the hype for this battle pass players are restricted to getting only one arcane per battle pass part. As I said previously, there are two parts to it. So in case you missed it, please re-read it. So about personas and the second arcane – they’re all will be available at the second part of battle pass. This is fun because right after the international we are ready to explore new items and heroes. Nothing to distract us from the international, huh?

Okay, so I’d like to bring you the list of all of the new Personas & Arcanas that will be eventually added to the game with the new battle pass.


  • Excellent Faceless Void & Claszian Apostasy that will be accessible at the level of 495.
  • Excellent Razor & Oldstorm Asylum that will be accessible at the level of 383.


  • Powerful Phantom Assasin & Exile Unveiled that will be accessible at the level of 296.
  • Powerful Crystal Maiden & Conduit of the Blue Heart that will be accessible at the level of 223.
  • A special bundle called Primal Best that will be accessible at the level of 148.

Not only that but there are four brand new treasures you can get as many times as you want at particular levels. There you go with the list of them.

  • Insane Immortal Treasure first.
  • Insane Immortal Treasure second that will be released right after the first part of battle pass.
  • Excellent brand new Ageless Heirlooms.
  • Fresh battle pass collection.

There is also plenty of plethora of items besides Arcanas, Personas, and treasures.

  • New chat wheels for the audio.
  • New sprays with the seasonal theme as well as emotions & ping sing.
  • Fresh taunts of heroes.
  • Fresh wards & couriers.
  • Fresh customizable towers will be accessible right after you reach a battle pass level of 176.
  • Good looking HUD of the eleventh international.

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How does Dota 2 boost work?

Mini-game of the new battle pass.

Unfortunately, developers decided not to add a new special mini-game for the upcoming battle pass for the first part of it. But that’s okay, you still have plenty of quests to complete from the Cavern Crawl that will give you a lot of unique bundles of the cosmetics for the new personas such as Stargar, Crystal Maiden & Juggernaut.

Thankfully, the second part of the upcoming battle pass will bring a cool-looking styled winter theme as well as a fun mini-game called Diretide. It will be available for everyone, even for players who don’t have the battle pass. As long as i remember the entire history of all battle passes, Diretide was always the biggest event for those who didn’t purchase it.

There are also brand new bonuses for completing some of the weekly tasks. They will gain your progress for the battle pass, so it’s much easier to level up fast. Get as many rewards as possible by completing them and gaining high levels.

So to make sure that the event will be huge for the entire Dota 2 community, developers collapsed two events into one.

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