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New Patch 13.23 Tier List – Best Champions, New Meta

Hello, this is Librarian Husky, and in today’s guide, we’re going to be going over the patch 13.23 notes. There are some significant changes here and some that are not so significant, so make sure that you stay tuned to get the full rundown on all of the changes this patch. In addition to the patch notes, we will also be updating our tier list in order to give you a head start on the meta on this patch.

Overview of Patch 13.23 in League of Legends

Let’s go ahead and get right into this one, starting with the system changes for patch 13.23.

Communication and Ping System Changes

Next up is another amazing change by Riot, based on communication. Unfortunately, Riot doesn’t want to actually roll back the Ping changes, so instead, they’re making it incredibly convoluted and confusing. Now, ally scoreboard items, ultimates, and Summoner spell cooldowns are able to be shown to the team if that item or ability is in the last 50% of its cooldown.

This is really dumb because if the Karthus ult is currently up, you cannot ping the Karthus to use his ultimate. Instead, you still have to type out the dearest Karthus copypasta and hope that they understand. I really don’t understand why Riot is not only doubling but tripling down on these changes. The community has taken them extremely negatively, and it is a huge pain to try and navigate the new pings in higher ELO games where people ping a little bit more often. The communication is really important, and now that communication has been removed from the community as a whole.

I don’t think that they can make this any worse. If a player in the game wants to make fun of you or troll you, they’ll do it in other ways aside from pinging you. This doesn’t really solve anything and it’s unfortunately placing another barrier between us as players.

Turret Gold Adjustments and Impact on Game Meta

Moving on, we have the turret gold adjustment. Riot isn’t happy with the death ball meta and the current strength of Elemental DRS. Right now, if your composition is superior in 5v5, it’s harder to play against because of the reduced snowball effects in the game. To combat this strength in 5v5, the inner turrets have had their local gold buffed up significantly.

Now, the midlane local gold has gone from 300 to 425, and the Sid Lane local gold has gone from 550 to 675. The global gold on these turrets has been reduced from 250 to 125, and the total gold value is unchanged. What this does is reward the person that has taken the turret more than your team as a whole.

This is further reinforced by the inhibitor turret changes. The local gold has been increased from 50 to 375, and the global gold has been reduced from 250 to 125. The total gold value has gone from 300 to 500, making them more attractive to take.

Impact of Patch Changes on Solo Queue and Champion Strategies

This is straight up a buff to every split pushing champion in the game. All the hole breaker Champions that are taking over solo Q are going to be even stronger next patch, so make sure that you ban that Yoni because Riot sure hasn’t nerfed him yet.

Overall, I don’t think that these are great changes for the current iteration of pole breaker, but the new PBE iteration of H breaker is significantly less toxic to play against, and I do believe that these turret changes have been primarily balanced around the new items in the new season that’s incoming.

For a patch, we might be in a little bit of a precarious situation, but that’s okay. Fiora and Yon are going to be very valuable bans here. If you ever want to learn any of the Champions presented to you in this tier list, head on over to gam, where there is a course for them. These courses will get you on the rift and earning You LP like no other. I’ll see you on the website.

Top Lane Tier List and Champion Adjustments

Now that we’ve covered all these system changes to League of Legends, let’s go ahead and get right into our Top Lane tier list. The first champion on our list is going to be Cante. Man, is this champion really taking the Nerf bat to the knees. Cassant’s Q and Tofu Strikes are first and foremost eating a Mana cost Nerf from 15 Mana all the way to 28 Mana at rank one, scaling down to 20 at Max rank. This is a sizable Nerf for a few reasons. In bad matchups where Kante has to rely on the Q to farm, he’s going to have a much harder time managing his mana. In the easy matchups where Kanteti wants to trade frequently, he’s not going to be able to trade as often.

Champion Selection for LP Gain

But if you just want LP, I would recommend playing something like Or or maybe even Nasis on this patch.Next up on our list is Nefi. Nefi is a strong top lane in the right hands because she simply forgoes the lane phase. We can play her as a pseudo-range champion like a TRS and not actually commit to bad fights. What makes this play style so strong is the fact that most top lane bruisers can’t actually touch Nefi, and she has an insane item scaling.

Nefi’s Nerfs and Gameplay Impact

The only other champion that is this untouchable with this hard of scaling would be something like Zed. Zed top, however, cannot be played in a realistic manner where Nefi can be, which is why she’s being nerfed. Our Pac mate damage is going down by one at level one, and then at max level, it’s going down by a massive 4.8. This might not seem like much at a glance, but remember how many dogs Nefi can have at a time.

The Significant Reduction in Nefi’s Damage

At max level, we can have three dogs from our passive as well as four summon dogs, for a total of seven. We have seven dogs, each one of them attacks once a second; all those attacks have 4.8 damage removed from them. This is a huge nerf to Nefi, especially in the later stages of the game. This, however, is not all. Our Eviscerate is also being nerfed.

Adjustments to Nefi’s Eviscerate Ability

The flurry portion of EV is having the damage nerfed; it’s five at rank one and 25 at max rank, which is definitely going to hurt a massive amount. Our maximum damage is going from 300 at rank 5 to only 275. Now, why exactly is this so important? Post level 13, this ability is usually on about a 4 to a 4.8-second cooldown.

Nefi’s Downshift in the Tier List

There is a huge amount of uptime on this skill, so having a lower damage threshold will make it not such a one-shot heavy skill while being so spammable. Instead, it’ll still be spammable, but the damage will be significantly less. Last patch, we had an Aery rated pretty high in the Top Lane tier list; she’s on the upper end of A tier. I think that these changes will push her down to B tier purely because the meta has been adjusted in a way that Nefi can’t actually play into some of these champions as effectively as before.

Nefi as a Counterpick and Her Future in the Meta

But that doesn’t mean that she isn’t a great counterpick. If we’re playing against the full melee, we could easily go Eclipse on this champion followed by a Black Cleaver and Seralia Grudge and become an uncatchable AD caster. She’s also pretty decent into some of the range champions, Kenon and Vain, to name a few. Unfortunately, the dog is going to be sitting in B tier for a while. I don’t think that even the item update will save her next patch. Now that we’ve covered both of the nerfed champions, let’s go ahead and talk about the buffed champions.

Riven’s Buffs and Impact on Her Gameplay

Riven is going to be our first buffed champion here. The buffs are relatively minor but they’re going to have a great impact. Broken Wings is receiving 5% extra total AD scaling on it, with Blade of the Exile also receiving a 5% buff.

I’m going to be real with you guys, I don’t think that these changes will push Riven into the OP tier. I think that she’s still going to be about the same. These are Band-Aid fixes that Riot has put out for Riven until the end of the season. As I’m sure you know, the PBE has been updated. There is a lot of new itemization options for Riven that will kind of solve her issues and make her not so demanding.

If you want to invest the time into this champion, it is a great champion to learn, especially for solo queue, but her overall difficulty and her high skill floor leave much to be desired. If you want to play a, I would recommend playing Fiora. Riven is great if you think that she’s cool. I don’t discourage you from playing this champion, but there are significantly easier things to play, much like the Sante. We’ll leave her at the top of A tier for now, and then update her position with the first Top Lane tier list of the patch.

Trundle’s Buffs and His Place in the Meta

Now we have our final champion for the Top Lane tier list, which is going to be Trundle. The buffs to this champion are primarily focused around his base stats and his synergy with Sheen items. His attack damage growth is being increased from 3 to 4, and his Q, Chomp, is receiving a mana cost reduction by 10 mana.

Personally, I’ve been playing a lot of Trundlein solo queue recently. These mana buffs are really important for this champion, as it is his most used spell, and the attack damage growth is also going to be nice. I have this champion in B tier currently, but with the changes to the inner turrets and the strength of Hole Breaker in the current meta, I’m going to go ahead and move Trundleinto A tier.

If you want to demolish games under diamond and you want a champion that isn’t mechanically demanding while also being pretty forgiving in what he does, Trundleis a fantastic entry-level split pusher that has a great skill ceiling. If you master the pillar and you master his ultimate, this champion is a 1v1 monster. Just make sure that you’re placing your W in a position that you’re going to be fighting in, instead of walking out of it. Great champion, highly recommend him, even if he’s on the weaker side of the Top Lane spectrum at the moment. Make sure to ban Jax. Now that we’ve talked about.

Overview of Top Lane and Transition to Jungle

Top Lane: let’s go ahead and move on to Jungle. I suspect that there won’t be much movement in the jungle tier list. The first champion that’s mentioned in the patch notes is going to be Brier.

Analysis of Brier’s Changes in the Jungle

Brier’s base health is being reduced from 610 to 590, and her W, Snack Attack, is receiving a nerf to the ratio. On live, it’s 10% plus 3 and 2% on snack attack’s damage ratio, and on 13.23, it’s going down to 9% plus 2 1/2%.

I have a strong suspicion that this is not the last that we’re going to see of Brier in the patch notes; however, I could be wrong. Currently, this champion is the best AD jungler in the game, sitting at the very top of OP tier. I do believe that these nerfs might knock her down to S, but we also said the same about the last nerfs, so I guess we’ll have to see.

This champion is really strong and good in just about every scenario, so I would highly recommend that you pick her up or at least ban her. We’ll bounce her between OP and S tier.

Impact of Nerfs on Jarvan IV

J4 is going to be the next mention of the patch. Dragon Strike is receiving a 2-sec nerf at max rank, going from 6 seconds to 8 seconds after patch 13.23 goes live.

Personally, I don’t think that these nerfs will do much to Jarvan. His ganks are still going to be really strong, he’s a great accessible jungler to learn, and he’s good into just about every single team composition. J4 excels at punishing immobile mages that are present in solo queue and he’s also really good at shutting down immobile carries, which seem to be all the rage right now.

Currently on our tier list, J4 is at the very end of OP tier. He is dead last in terms of strength compared to the other junglers. I do think that he’ll drop down to S with these, but he’s still going to be a solid champion. Do not drop J4; continue playing him until the new season starts.

Mid Lane Updates and Azir’s Accessibility

Now that we’ve covered jungle, let’s go ahead and talk about mid lane. Azir is receiving a set of changes that are going to make him more accessible for the average player. People really like building Nasher’s Tooth on Azir , so Riot is balancing him around it.

Arise is being nerfed overall: the scaling is being reduced by 5%, and the base damage at max rank is being reduced from 92 to 77. However, to make up for these damage nerfs, W attacks on the primary target now trigger on-hit effects at 50% damage value. So, if our Nasher’s Tooth is dealing 100 damage, the Arise soldiers will attack for 50 bonus damage.

Azir’s Place in the Current Meta and Changes

So, I’m not quite sure that these changes will have a substantial effect on him. We’ll leave him in A tier for now and see where he ends up in a couple of days after the patch. As you know, Nefy has been nerfed, and Nefy was in our OP tier. We’re going to drop her down to S tier for now because these are some pretty hefty nerfs, but this champion is still really strong.

Impact of Nerfs on Ziggs’ Gameplay

Ziggs is the next champion that is receiving nerfs here, and yikes, they’re actually kind of big. The base AD for Ziggs is being brought up by one, making it easier to last-hit with just basic attacks, but to compensate, Bouncing Bomb is being nerfed by 10 damage at all ranks. Bouncing Bomb is a low cooldown, spammable spell, so that 10 damage is going to add up quite quickly.

Our W, Satchel Charge, is also receiving a huge nerf. At rank one, Satchel Charge has four additional seconds tacked onto it, and at rank five, this nerf is basically undone. This will make Ziggs less safe in the early game. On top of that, our mana cost is going from 65 to 80, making Ziggs a little bit more mana-hungry.

If you play Comet or Sorcerer primary Ziggs , you throw your W very often to proc Manaflow Band. This is a hit to that play style. I think that we’re going to keep Ziggs mid in S tier, but probably at the bottom of S tier after these changes. He’s still easy to pilot, has a great time wave clearing against a lot of the meta mages, and does well into Oriana and Cnra, which are dominating solo queue.

Vel’Koz Buffs and His Status in Mid Lane

And last but not least, for our mid lane tier list, there is a buff to Vel’Koz. I’m going to be honest with you, Vel’Kozis not in a good state. This champion really sucks in the mid lane; he gets outcompeted, out wave-cleared, and out-assassinated. This is just a very terrible champion in the current state of the game, and the minor buff that he’s receiving to his passive, Organic Deconstruction, will not make him any better. The third stack base damage is going up per level from 33/169 to 35/180, and the AP scaling is going up by 10%. Vel’Kozgets to sit in the same tier as AP Kai’Sa and AP Varus. This champion is just really worthless in the mid lane, and these minor.

Bottom Lane Tier List Update

There are no changes here that are very significant. Draven’s Whirling Death now returns back to him whenever he dies. He’s still A tier, unless you’re a high ELO one-trick, in which case he’s S tier. The nerfs to Ziggswill not impact this champion at all on the bot lane; he is too hard to punish, still sitting in broken tier for the average player.

Support Champion Update: Janna

And finally, let’s go ahead and move on to the singular support champion that is receiving changes this patch, which is going to be Janna. The reverted version of Jannalanded a little bit too weak for Riot. In order to fix this, she’s receiving some buffs.

The bonus movement speed scaling on Tailwind is going from 20/25/30/35 to a flat 30, which means that she’s going to be dealing increased damage for most of the game. Once again, we don’t really hit level 16, especially on support champions, so we’re not really too concerned about the 5% of the ratio that we lose here.

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