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The Best Builds to Use On Zed

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Hello guys. It’s Librarian Husky here today, going to League Of Legends here. I’m going to go over each build right now for season 12. Then we can do runes after. I guess maybe not. Talk about the build and why I go the build, and then I’ll talk about damage differences, pros, and cons of when to build it. Because I wouldn’t say, the crit build is always better, because in those comps. Well, I’ll get to that, but. All right, so we’ll just talk about the the two builds.


So my build currently in season 12. is I’m actually doing a crit build where I go claw into essence reaver, and then I transition to full crit. So like, LDR wants to eat one of these two. Usually, I go collector then death stance, and then you can sell boots for ghost blade.

  • Yeah, about 60 grit build with the full pen. It’s really good, and the reason it’s even possible again is because of Essence Reaver. They didn’t really change it. It’s just that claw and essence reaver is like an insane amount of damage, just as good as claw Ghost Blade, which I’ll show you in a second right now. So it’s pretty much the same, but you’re getting the crit chance out of this and Spell Blade. So you’re getting two benefits you’re losing. Obviously, you’re losing mobility, and you’re losing raw spell damage.

The all-ins are actually going to be better with essence reaver at two items because you can if you’re packing Spell Blade twice. It’s a lot of stacked alt damage, as well as it being consistent one of Zed’s biggest issues is lack of consistency. Putting like they’ve balanced the champion with “q.” like you have to hit “q,” and you or you don’t kill. That’s kind of to keep him hard to play and keep in balance. The issue comes when your opponents know how to counterplay the “q,” and there’s a lot of counterplay that good players abuse. You’re really just a bad champion.

Auto-attack pressure

So like having auto-attack pressure in your all-in, you still. have to hit cues with this build like any build you saw to hit cues. At least with the crit and essence reverse setup. You have some kill pressure without hitting triple “q.” It is a big deal for a champ like Zed. I always go claw when I go crit because if I can’t go claw, then I can’t go crit anyway, right. I always go claw with crit. Because in the comps that don’t let you claw, it’s because you’re against like Agus or Con Ahri. So against those comps, you’re just better off going caster anyway. I feel like caster is much stronger with Dust Blade as Dust Blade is a stronger level one item. or stronger power spike than a claw. The reason I say that is because it’s the the timing of the damage because it’s happening as you we “q” auto. You’re getting your fat amount of burst from that instantly, right.

Versus the claw, It’s so much slower to combo them than you have to alt them, then you have to claw them and then comb them again, whereas with dust blade. In the early game, the extra 75 base damage upfront feels much stronger, plus it’s really good at Skirmishes two and 2v2s and stuff. So the build path is after these items, you go LPR. I pretty much always do this. I don’t think I’ve ever changed this build path. It just feels very strong. It’s very fluid. Then at this point, you can decide like okay do. I need to survive or do I need damage. Usually, I just go damage and just kite them. So, collector, you can go infinity-edge. It was slightly more expensive. It’s worth it, so if you’re Snowballing, go for the infinity-edge you’re gonna get more damage out of.

This, let’s just say you’re doing the normal build. Like the standard one that I have, and then you get your Death Stance, and then your cap item is Sold Boots for Ghost Blade. A lot of people don’t like this. I know most players actually hate selling boots on Zed. this is just the play style;

  • I always sell boots. I always go six items because my logic is like 40 move speed out of combat.
  • This is 45 move speed. So you’re pretty much the same speed. In combat, you just activate the Ghostblade. So use your movement speed in combat 70 move speed in combat. So that’s good enough, like that’s a lot of moves. You’ll if you manage the active well and the passive, you won’t even notice that you don’t have boots, and you’ll be so much stronger.


Well, actually, let’s go over the other build first, and then we’ll show then I’ll show you the comparison. So you saw the comparison of the two items. Here in the late game comparison, so with caster, I typically go, I still do caster. I typically go ghost by Dust Blade grudge edge of knight if you need it Hydra, and then obviously, you go cdr boots at some point and then SL boots for a cleaver.

So this is the the caster setup. Caster is very flexible, though, like you don’t have to do these two items. I’d say this is pretty much standard, and then after these items, you got your choice.

  • So you can go like you can go GA’s death stance is decent even on caster, heck, even Sterox.
  • If you’re going black, Cleaver Sterox is an 800-strength shield on a 60-second cooldown. It’s pretty good.

Then you have 3000 hp, but I tend to lean towards this, especially when I have displayed for the aoe yeah. Caster’s pretty standard. It hasn’t changed. This is the the combo I’m going to do triple “q” auto “e” passive. To compare them both and. This isn’t necessarily to say which build is better;

  • I mean, both builds have their own unique strengths.
  • As I said, crit build is going to be consistent. It’s going to have high 1v9 potential.
  • It’s going to have higher overall burst potential if you’re hitting everything and writing.
  • It’s going to have weaknesses like it’s harder to dive, no edge of a knight, no dust blade, no invest right.
  • Longer “w” cooldown, so it’s more punishing. If you make mistakes and because your only defensive end is a Death Stance.

As I said, no edge of the night you’re it’s very hard to play this build. Against some team comps, I don’t go this build like against a Gragas, for example. Gragas kind of shuts down this build because his e just completely counters you. You can go in, and you all

  • Then he stuns you.
  • This hitbox is so big.
  • The duration of his e is so long that you can’t avoid it.

So that’s just an example, though. There are lots of champs that do what Gragas does when Zed alts like “r” is another champ that in mid lane specifically, that does mess you up. I don’t go to this building to Ari because you’re just not allowed to alt in. So I wouldn’t do this build if you’re not allowed to alt in, and here’s the damage comparison. So as you can see 800 damage difference. That’s really like the Bare minimum on both of these. I mean, I would say it’s a Bare minimum with this because most of the time, you’re getting more than one auto-attack, and the crits stack better.

So what I mean by that is that with the caster build, you’re never really getting full raw triple cues. It’s very rare those situations come up infrequently at best. So it’s kind of unfit doesn’t really make sense to compare this combo. I still wanted to show you that even if you do compare like the optimal combo, this build is stronger. What I like comparing the most is just a standard we “q” auto, which I did show you. Because as like Zed as a champion can’t alt in unless your we “q” auto kills most like. If you’re going in and relying on triple “q” for the kill and they dodge it like you usually kill yourself, the risk is usually too high versus the reward. So you wouldn’t go, you wouldn’t do it. That’s my logic, at least.

Bruiser build

I guess we’ll cover the bruiser build. I don’t even do it. Like as you can see, this is my build path builds right now. I don’t even build bruiser. Haven’t built Eclipse in weeks against tanks. I’d much rather have this build because I’d rather have the 15 damage amp from this with the 15 damage from this along with the increased crit damage from this. So you get up. I’ll just show you what I like why.

With this build, you can actually kill like a six the target really easily. with just auto attacks like you all claw auto. I mean, I canceled my own that’s this is Bare minimum damage, and I did 7 000. it has 100 armor, but if it’s tank-like, if you full combo a tank with this build, you’re going to one shot. It’s like I’ve done it consistently. So I’d rather if they have a lot of tanks. I’d rather just do this kill the tank on the sideline. And on top of that, your squishy damage is like crazy 3000 WQ damage is amazing because of the caster build.

Thank you for reading this guide. My name is Librarian Husky – I am your faithful companion in the world of League Of Legends. Please check our League Of Legends Guides main mage for more useful articles.