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Patch 12.10b Buffs and Nerfs Heroes

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Hello guys. It’s Librarian Husky here. What’s going on, game weepers? This is Co Cheeks, and in today’s upload, we will discuss the mid-patch update. So 12.10b and the patch notes have been released, and 11 champions are changing. Six of them are getting buffed, and five are getting nerfed. So we’re to get into all the details in this guide.


So we will start by talking about champion nerfs; there are five. So first of all, we have Anivia and Anivia’s pairing with Lee Andrew’s anguish is proving to be very strong indeed. So what is Ryder doing nerfing the champions?

  • So your q’s cooldown is going up by one second at each rank. This is the ability you’ll be maxing out second. So this will undoubtedly impact the mid-game. The other nerf for Anivia is to ease magic damage.
  • So from rank two onwards, this is going down by five, by ten by 15, and then by 20 at rank five. Because you are maxing your frost by first, this might be more impactful than the “q” nerf because it is your primary source of damage.
  • So these Anivia nerfs seem warranted because she is killing it now, but will they be too much? You guys will have to let me know in the comments.


Next up, we have another mid-laner who’s getting talked about. This is Kale. This is significant for the mid-lane because you’ll be playing against mages and magic damage most of the time. There’s one more Nerf here, so you’ll ease active bonus magic damage on a hit. This is one of the big reasons Kale is destroying the meta because of the on-hit damage and because it scales off the target’s missing health.

  • So Ryder doing health per level is going down from 99 to 92.
  • You’ll base magic resistance and go down from 26 to 22.

Kale’s early game

So Kale’s early game has been hit. Also, her scaling could be significant now following Kale. We have a center. So pretty simple nerfs here.

  • This is going down by one percent, and the scaling per 100 ap comes into effect once you get Nash’s and rift maker and then the dev cap.
  • This is down from two percent to one and a half percent.
  • Your base hp is going down from 590 to 560, so you’re losing 30 hp at level one, which will mean something, and then we also have the passive bonus physical damage that you get.
  • This is scaling from one to sixteen percent to one to ten percent of the target’s current hp.

So just like, Kelly Cena’s early game and scaling have both been hit.


Now the following center, we have Taliyah, and there are lots of changes here, so the passive bonus movement speed you get is getting nerfed at level 9, level 12, and level 15. So at level 9, you’re losing five percent. At level 12, you’re losing 10. At level 15, you are losing 15 percent. So your roaming potential is going to be a lot worse. Your passives also fall off time, up half a second to three seconds. As for your “q” on the worked ground, they slow down by ten percent at each rank. It will also last for one and a half seconds, no longer than two seconds.

200% damage fix

Also, the damage against the first enemy hit goes down from 200 percent to 190 percent. Like your “q,” your e is also copying it, so they’re slow 20 at all ranks.
This is not scaling up to 28 like before, just a flat 20, and the stun duration when a champion dashes over your “e.” This will be 0.75 seconds at all ranks. So this is actually like a buff for your e in the early game, but a nerf in the late game. These significant sounds changed me to learn once again. Let me know in the comments any thoughts you might have


Now the last champion is getting nerfed. This is a Vayne. She is a bit like Kale with her ease on hit. Wayne’s absolute power comes from the actual damage in this tankier meta. So what’s going to be happening? The extra damage you deal is based on the target’s maximum hp, which goes down from rank onwards.

  • Like Cena, your base hp is getting nerfed down by 35 to 550 in the early game, and your w’s bonus valid damage “a.”

So if you’re maxing your w first on Wayne, which is what you should be doing, this will be worse, and she will also be more vulnerable in the early game, which perhaps she should be. So those were the five champions getting nerfed, but what about the six champions who are getting buffed well?


Why don’t we start in the jungle with Diana? So your w’s base shield is increasing by quite a lot, so at each rank, it’s going up by 15. This sounds very nice. Now your e’s magic damage is also going up by 1080 tranq, and it’s also scaling off an extra five percent of your app. So these sound very nice to Diana.


Next up, we have Draven, who has been hit hard because of the Vam scepter’s lifestyle nerves to shield the bow. The meta is just being tankier. Then an extra two and a half per adoration stack. So if you can catch in on a kill, this could be huge. Hopefully, we will get the snowball rolling sooner than it is now.

  • Because you’re probably just going to get outscored by other ad carriers like Vayne like Kog’maw.
  • So Rider gives you more bonus gold on kills from your passive from 25 to 40.

They’re also throwing in another buff. So your q’s bonus damage is going up by five, and it’s also going to scale more off your bonus ad by five percent here. So this adds a lot to Draven scaling. So it will be interesting to see how Draven players will react to these buffs.


Next up, we’ll head to the top lane for the next three champions and talk about cladding. First of all, your w’s cooldown is going down by two seconds at each rack. So, just like the Draven and Diana bus, these sound like lovely cladding buffs.

Also, your ultimate cooldown is going down by 20 seconds, then 15 seconds, and then 10 seconds at levels 6-11 and 16.


Now moving on, we have Renekton, your “q” cooldown, and this is going down by a flat one second to seven seconds overall. Also, the base is healing against champions, increasing by two, four, six, and eight-ten. So from rank one to rank five with your “q,” you will be healing more even if you clip the enemy champion.

So I think this will be great for your laning phase, and what’s also happening is that the empowered version of your q base healing against champions well. This is going up as well, so by 6, 12, 18, 24, and then 30. So hopefully, your crocodile mains will be happier in the top lane because of these changes.


Finally, for the top laners, we have Vladimir. So your q’s heal, which will scale off your ap by five percent, giving you more scaling into the game, which is nice. Now also your empowered q the heel ap ratio will be four percent per 100 ap no longer three and a half percent. So just more scaling here too. Staying with the same empowered cube at this time against minions, the additional heal you get goes up five percent to 35.


Finally, we have Yummy, so your ease healed the base seal is going up by five-ten fifteen twenty-five. Also, it’s scaling off an extra ten percent of ap. This is quite nice, especially if you want to go like Lewden’s ten persons. So watch out for that. Also, your ease mana cost.

This stays the same at each rank but will cost less to use in terms of mana based on your maximum mana. So you won’t be using as much blue stuff when you use your “e,” which is always nice. Thank you for reading this guide. My name is Librarian Husky – I am your faithful companion in League Of Legends. Please check our League Of Legends Guides main mage for more valuable articles.

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