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Troll/losers queue, ELO hell, stucked account

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Troll/losers queue, ELO hell, stucked account

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Learn how to handle troll queues in League of Legends.
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Hello, my name is Librarian Husky, and today, let’s explore how to deal with trolls in League of Legends. Our discussion will cover the definition of a troll, their motivations, and ultimately, strategies to better manage these situations.

It’s important to use the term “troll” cautiously and give others the benefit (bonuses, emotions) of the doubt when possible. Remember, these are real people you’re playing with, not just characters in a game. With this caution in mind, let’s move forward.

Check out the true meaning of ELO Hell for LoL account.

What is a troll in League of Legends?

A troll (in our case, in the LoL game) is a gamer (probably the experienced one since he has been playing normally) who intentionally spoils the game for others. The emphasis here is on intention. Often, players are quick to judge without considering the true intentions of others. Surprisingly, most players in the solo queue have good intentions.

Let me demonstrate you something real quick. Sure, this Lee did a not-so-smart face check, but his intention was to protect Amumu’s blue. That is not trolling.

Consider the scenario where a Jungler tries to assist your lane but fails, allowing the enemy to escape. This isn’t trolling; if it were, he wouldn’t have tried to gank in the first place. His intentions were good, but he simply made a mistake. It happens to everyone. The term “trolling” often comes up with a bad reputation. What drives trolls to act this way, and how does it affect the gaming world, especially in terms of the “troll/loser’s queue“?

What is the loser’s queue in LoL?

Trolls/losers (literally the same) queue in League of Legends usually means a hard account with an inappropriate MMR, such as a low MMR. In the losers queue, you get low winrate players and your team. And they play worse than the enemy, so people call them “trollers.”

More details of Losers queue

The loser’s queue is a real thing, and it usually starts after 2/3 losing games in a row. It means that in most games, you will get very low-rate players in your team, and I’m pretty sure you get more Smurfs against you. It has happened to me a lot, and I can prove it by showing a picture on my main account.

Almost every time I lost 2/3 of games at the start of the session in a row, I had a big losing streak right after that, and for the other side, the same- If you win 2/3 of games, you sometimes get winners queue as well, and you can easier win like eight games in a row.

We have noticed that when you are in the loser’s queue, you get more auto-fills in your team too. There’s a proof:

This is the winner’s queue \ of the last winning streak. I had better teams in 60% of the matches.

And three games before that, we had a losers queue.

Trolls are equal to loser’s

Trolls and losers queue are actually the same. I call it the loser’s queue, too. Some people call it the trolls queue. It’s the same. So don’t try to spot a difference. Unfortunately, we have to deal with these games from time to time.

What accounts are usually in the loser’s queue in LoL?

Troll’s queue is when someone bans a champion someone plays, and he starts to pick Nunu and ruin the game because they ruined the game for him for banning his champion.

The losers’ queue is like you get in a game where no matter what you try hard to win, you still lose because every player in your team is losing hard to the opposite player from the enemy team.

Detecting loser’s queue

You can detect the losers queue by searching for the players with you in the team in champ select before the game starts. If the majority of your team is on a losing streak, that means you are in the losing queue, and you better dodge it. There is a program now called Baseult Rev that helps you search for the stats of the players with you in the lobby since it’s hidden from the game.

But what are the factors of the loser’s queue account in League of Legends? Well, let’s see:

  • The account has been inactive for a long time (or was).
  • The account got recent chat restrictions, bans, or low honor.
  • Lose after a big win streak.

How do normal LoL accounts become loser’s queue/ELO hell?

Normal accounts became in a losers queue when the win rate of this account was way too much. For example, 30 wins and 60 lose something like this.

ELO Hell account is a kinda account that is stuck in a specific rank, and the majority of the accounts are stuck in emerald rank because all the Diamond 4 accounts are now in emerald, which makes it hard, and it is called ELO hell.

Spotting a loser’s queue for a normal LoL account

Losers Queue starts at some point after a big winning streak. MMR system wants to put you down, and the more you win, the harder the game becomes. First, in a fresh account, since the system doesn’t know where you belong, it starts placing you in games with random MMR’s, with two or one division above yours.

To see if you can win those games at some point of that streak. You start getting people that are on losing streaks, and you have to carry them. Sometimes, it is possible, but games become way harder than usual.

What is the ELO Hell account in League of Legends?

It’s the account that loses more LP than the gain, like -30LP at the loss and 20+ at the win. You cannot detect any more in the champ select since RIOT has removed the names from the champions select, but you can tell if the account is a loser Q or not from the match history. If he loses more than four games in a row, it is a loser Q.

So, an account like that (with Losers queue –ELO Hell) is super hard to work on (level up). You must spend x4 or even x5 power on it than on a regular (normal account). Accounts like that are extremely challenging to improve (boost).

A real example of an ELO Hell account

We now have a road from Diamond 4 to Master. Two challengers played this ELO Hell account from Diamond 4 to Diamond 3 with ten wins in a row; however, after the troll queue came, they said. And they lose all progress that was made.

These two guys get lots of wins of masters, and GM accounts for us, so there is no question asked about their skill, and we can’t tell that it is a problem with the professionals themselves.

How to fix the ELO Hell account in LoL?

It gets fixed by winning and playing for a while! And success is required; you can’t just play and lose; you must lose again and again. Only wins & hard work. If you’re a good League of Legends player, you might get a nice win streak of matches. You win, win again, and again!

How do you get out from ELO Hell in LoL?

So not only the recent loss matches matter, but an account history in general. Yep, if your account was in bad situations (lost matches, trolls queues) a long time ago, it will be super challenging to get out of this state. You must win lots of games with troll queues until the game decides to give you the green light for the good games where you must show how great of a player you are, and the game will get you a good teammate, matches, and many more as it supposes to be for the good trust-factor LoL accounts.

Importance of a team in League of Legends

Sometimes, all you need is a team that can hold the game so you can win, but when your team tries its best to lose, even the faker can’t carry them. League of Legends is a team game, not a solo game; you just try to increase the chance of your team winning by not making mistakes and playing around your opponent’s mistakes doesn’t matter how good you are.

Even if you’re pro – team still matters

You are not going to decide the game alone since there are a lot of factors that can affect the game. If you are good, you will rank the account up anyway, but it will be a matter of time before the account gets stuck. You will be forced to play a lot more games to be able to climb since you do your part in the game; just like I mentioned earlier, once you get teams that at least don’t troll the game, you will carry themalso. Mentality matters a lot.

Trolls can ruin your LoL game

Your mind must be so strong to be able to play with a stuck account because of such trollers you play with in Diamond+. It becomes hard to be able to carry alone since your enemies are good enough to avoid making mistakes that make you play around them and because they are good enough to be able to carry if they got fed on someone trolling in our team.

Why do trolls troll?

So, a troll is someone who acts with harmful intent. We’ve all encountered them. But what motivates them to troll? Ultimately, it boils down to seeking attention. Trolls get a thrill from annoying others. Understanding their need for attention can shift your perspective from annoyance to empathy.

Trolls are equal to losers

Let’s speak the truth real quick. Trolls do their activity (trolling) because they are missing out on something in real life, so they come to League of Legends for attention. Trolling basically means looking for attention. When a player responds to a troll, it gives them the attention they crave.

This keeps the troll’s behavior going. Trolls enjoy getting reactions from people. They feel successful when they disrupt normal conversations or gameplay.

How do you detect Trolls & ELO hell in LoL games?

In matches with ranks like Challenger or Diamond, a “troll queue” idea exists. It’s when an account known for bad behavior or unsportsmanlike conduct is often paired with others who behave similarly. This aims to keep such players away from the rest of the gamers to keep the environment positive.

The troll queue is a big hurdle, even for top players. In League of Legends, the game where teamwork is required, one troll can ruin the team’s plan. This is a bigger problem in games where working together is key.

  • Consider this: two top players, like those in Challenger level, play on a lower-level account, like Diamond 4, that’s in the troll queue. They might win at first, but because the account is linked to trolling, they end up with similar players, leading to more losses.

How to handle Trolls in LoL?

We understand that trolls seek attention. Without it, they lack an audience and their source of amusement. So, what’s the best approach to deal with trolls? Ignoring them is key. Don’t let them bother you or respond with anger, threats, or complaints. These reactions only fuel their behavior.

Instead of getting mad, try a different approach. Use a funny and overly sweet tone to lighten the mood. For example, you could say, “If you’re tired, I’ll send roses to your house with a sweet note. Or, if you need cheering up, I’ll get someone dressed as Nidalee to come and see you.”.

Ignoring & reporting trolls

Regrettably, some trolls can’t be helped. The best course of action is to ignore them and do your best to manage them. After the game, report them with specific details for the tribunal to handle. You can’t change the trolls, but you can change how they affect you. Focus on this, and dealing with trolls becomes more manageable.

Number of trolls in League of Legends matches

But, Librarian Husky, I often think I always get trolls on my team, but that’s not entirely accurate. Let’s look at the numbers for clarity. In a typical League of Legends game with ten players, suppose one out of every ten players is a troll. This means there’s usually one troll in each game.

Chances of getting a troll in your game

So, the chance of having the troll in your team is…. yep, I hate to say it, but fifty percent since each player has a ten percent chance of being the troll. But since you’re not the troll (thankfully), the chance for each of your teammates rises to 11.1 percent. Therefore, there’s a 44.4 percent chance that your team will have the troll, while the other team has a 55.6 percent chance.

This might not seem significant, but over a hundred games translates to encountering eleven fewer trolls than usual. The math works in your favor.

Conclusion to trolls in LoL

Finally, consider this: Learn the skills to dominate the game and support less skilled players, feeders, and even trolls in any situation. This involves specific training exercises and acquiring the necessary knowledge to achieve the best rank in League of Legends.

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