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The 3 Best Champions for Every Role

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Hello guys. It’s Librarian Husky here. Everyone’s worst nightmare is when they enter each champion select autofill. Oftentimes using your dodge is the best solution, but what if you get auto-filled again before your dodge timer resets? In today’s guide, we’ll be breaking down the three best autofill champions for each roll you’ll play. Notice a common theme: many of the champions are easy to execute with great utility, allowing you to be effective regardless of your skill.


Starting in the top lane. The god of autofill is Malphite. You can pick Malphite up and have a great impact on the game, even if it’s your first time playing. He, the point-and-click poke from “q,” allows you to chunk out the enemy in the lane effortlessly. Don’t be spamming it too hard, though, during the first few levels, as it does cost a lot of mana. So the general rule of thumb is to use “q” whenever mana flow is off cooldown. Winning lane when auto-filled is not something that happens too often. It’s a consistent reality when playing Malphite.

  • Mana flow transcendence.
  • Scorch grab conditioning.
  • Overgrowth for secondaries.

Even if you don’t win, lane Malphite is amazing from behind, as he is one of the best team fights engaged tools with his alt. You can be 014 feeding like there’s no tomorrow. Then hit that one good multi-man r to win the game for your team. The build you’ll run as a Frostfire rush into winter’s approach second and thorn mouth third. In games where the enemy comp is super heavy a.d skipping Winter’s approach and building frozen hearts instead is a great strategy.

Tank top

Another tank top that can get the job done no matter your experience on the pick is Cho’gath. as a scaling tank with great damage, strong objective control, and a two-second aoe point-and-click silence. It’s so easy to be useful on show. Simply providing that thick front line for your team to allow your enemies to rain down will be enough to win games on show. Full tank Cho’gath is the way to go, as you’ll be looking to run a frost fire into winter’s approach second and thorn mail third. Roll with grasp is the Keystone, followed by:

  • Demolishing conditioning.
  • Overgrowth triumph.

The true point-and-click damage from ultimate means the enemy has to play very respectfully. If there’s a fed assassin on the enemy team, then looking to silence them and users, when they dive in will completely nullify their threat.


Tenacity is the best secondary. Our first two recommendations for the top lane were very strong team fight picks. If you’d prefer an afk split champ to play, then consider Yorick as your auto-fill top. Your goal when filled on Yorick should be to exert relentless pressure in the side lane on hull breaker completion. With ultimate available, the enemy jungle better thinks twice about trying to gank. When you’re looking to split, pay close attention to the map. Ideally, you want your team to be in a position to capitalize if the entire enemy team comes for you. So don’t just push up when your team is in base.

Wait for your team to be on the map, then start pressuring. This way, you’re either mowing down the enemy’s base or. You get collapsed on, and your team is knocking down towers to cross the map. Ahull breaker rushes into Trinity for a second, and Surrilda’s Grudge third is the ultimate Split build. Pickup grasp is the Keystone in demolishing conditioning and overgrowth. Freeboots and approach velocity are optimal secondaries.


The perfect auto-fill pickup is Rammus. Rammus has some of the strongest yet easy-to-gank power for any jungle. “Q” active with flash or ghost available allows you to roll right up to the enemy and guarantee a point-and-click taunt. Even if you’re first timing Rammus the impact you can have through early ganks. It is massive. As the game progresses, Rammus becomes extremely tanky with great engaged threats.

  • The early gank power is lacking compared to volley and Rammus. Hard farming to level 6 and heavy emphasis on objective control can be just as impactful with a Shyvana.
  • Shyvana at two items with ultimate available is going to be of great value regardless of the player’s skill.
  • Frost fire into the demonic build is extremely broken as it allows you to provide a nice front line for your team while still being able to dish out consistent AOE nukes from “e.”

So you’re always going to be useful. With the chem tank completed, it’s absolutely disgusting how fast you can zoom in for pick plays. Thorn mail is your second item, and Deadman’s plate is a great third pickup. The rune page is aftershock with a font of life conditioning and unflinching triumph, and alacrity works best for secondaries. A jungle similar to Rammus’s style takes home our second slot volley bear. Both champs have very easy-to-engage patterns.


However, volley does offer a little more in the damage department early on. Siding with volley is great if you want a jungle that can go toe-to-toe in Skirmishes. Rammus definitely wins out when it comes down to early gank power, though, so each has its pros. Volley has the ability to build a full tank yet still be a consistent damage threat due to his raw base damage and the PTA proc. You can, however, opt for a more aggressive hybrid setup of the chem tank into Zhonya’s, which does leave you with a greater margin for error.

  • When filled with jungle, especially in the lower ranks putting your focus on securing dragons is great as you can work towards a soul win condition.
  • Shyvana deals 20 bonus damage to the dragon and gains bonus resists for each dragon she takes. It makes her one of the best champs to apply this game plan.
  • The best rune page for Shiv is to press the attack with.

Diving in with Kem tank using all your spells and then using the Zhonya’s stasis to stall out cooldowns and wait for your team is super lethal. The best primary runes are PTA with triumph, tenacity, and last stand. Grab a Nimbus cloak and water walking for secondaries. Our final autofill jungle recommendation has a very simple yet effective playstyle, and that pick is Shyvana.


If you’re auto-filled mid-lane, there’s really no one better than Malzahar. The game plan with Malzahar is very straightforward as you want to play safe until you lose the chapter purchase, and then you have two options. Either Perma shove waves and look for Rome plays with your jungle, or have your jungle gank when alt is available. Playing off the ultimate cooldown is the most important, as it’s practically a free-kill tool whenever it’s up.

Team fights power on Rylai’s purchase is extremely strong as the damage over time effect from e provides a constant slow. Leaders and Demonic embrace are the other two core items. Run areas the Keystone with mana flow transcendence, scorch magical footwear, and cosmic insight work great for secondaries.


Our next mid-lane pick is extremely Niche. But it is the most optimal auto-fill pickup if you’re in need of an ad mid. Garen is way more commonly played in the top lane but actually wins more like a mid-laner. Garen does offer much more early lane presence than someone like Mal’s and can easily pick up solo kills in many meta matchups. Melee fighters or assassins are who Garen performs best into, and the top five most played mid-laners are exactly that.

Also, even if you’re first time in Garen, playing into someone like Yasuo or Katarina is a free win as long as you have fingers. Since Garen doesn’t have a single skill shot in his kit, those flashy melee mids have no way to outplay you with their mobility. At level 6, you can just run at the opponent “q” into “e” followed by ultimate and ignite for good measure to grab an easy solo kill.

Stride Breaker build

Build for Garen is a Stride Breaker rush into mortal reminder second and dead man’s Plate third. Run conqueror with triumph, tenacity, and last stand for Primary runes. Pick up Conditioning and Overgrowth for secondaries. You can’t go wrong with locking in any when filled mid.

  • Playing around the fog of war and catching the enemy team with your point-and-click one-shot combo as they walk in will allow you to outperform everyone on your team.
  • Luton’s into Shadow Flame second, and Zanya’s third is the standard core build grab electrocute as the Keystone with cheap shot eyeball collector and relentless hunter.
  • Mana flow and absolute focus are great for secondaries.

The champion has a very linear yet effective playstyle, which allows you to be impactful no matter how bad you are. Charge up stun, look for the enemy team to be grouped up, and throw down tippers for an aoe melting.


The best auto-filled ADC is a misfortune, and it’s not even close. Especially with the lethality build being meta right now. All you gotta do is press r to be productive. Spamming e for a poke with a comet is also super brain-dead and provides free damage and utility for your team. Using e in the lane to chunk the enemy out to where your support can look for an all-in is extremely easy to execute. Core build for me is an eclipse rush followed by:

  • Masamune second and Cyrildo’s Grudge third.
  • Be sure to run boots of Swiftness Instead of greaves, as the extra movement speed is more valuable than attack speed when playing lethality.
  • Rune Beige’s Comet with mana flow, absolute focus, scorch freeboots, and biscuits are optimal secondaries.
  • Lethality Sivir is a very close second when it comes down to auto-filled bot lane picks.

Movement speed

The constant wave clear movement speed boost from ultimate and long-range poke damage gives you many different ways to make an impact. Even if you fall behind in lane, stalling the game with Perma shove from Q and w will give your team a great chance to scale up. Like MF, you don’t need to know how to kite or use any flashing mechanics to succeed with Sivir. Even if you don’t want auto at all and throw out cues whenever it’s off cooldown, you’ll be more productive than most of the enemy ADC. Core build for Sivir is a man-immune rush followed by:

  • Dust Blade second, and Cyrill Disgrudged third.
  • Lucidity boots are key as you want maximum ability haste to spam “q.”
  • Run Dark Harvest with Taste of Blood eyeball collector and treasure hunter for primary runes.

Mana flow

Mana flow and transcendence are the prime secondaries. We covered the two best-auto-filled marksmen, but. The best-auto-filled bot lane pick, in general, is an ap carry. Veigar is an extremely potent champ to play when you’re filled with bot lane. As he scales tremendously well as point-and-click bursts, along with some of the best zone control for any. Champ farm up with “q” in the lane to get your ap stacking to follow up on supports and gauge plays with your “e,” and you’re going to have a great time on the vague make sure to max “e” out second instead of “w” as you want the added utility over extra damage when filled.

Suppose you can survive lane without printing and make it to the mid-game. Even if the enemy ADC is on a roll, you’re going to provide more than them. Ever Frost is the rush item, followed by Abandon second and anathemas chains third. Pick up electrocute with a Taste of Blood eyeball collector and Ingenious Hunter for Primary runes most efficient secondaries are mana flow and transcendence.


When auto-filled support. We have a few different recommendations. If your ADC has already locked in a strong early-game pick like Lucian or Samira. Then roll with Nautilus for a nice synergy. Not being a cc bot is going to bring something to the table each and every game. We value not a little higher than other engaged supports like Leona or Blitz.

  • The build for Nautilus is an even shroud into Zeke’s second and Ward Stone’s Third.
  • The rune page is Glacial Augment with Hex Flash biscuits, Cosmic Insight Grab Shield bash, and Bone plating for secondaries. Playing champions with press r to win spells will give you a great chance to come out on top every game, and Soroka is one of them.

The fact that Nautilus has an easier-to-execute chain CC combo. “R” into “q” and then passive is a simple yet broken combo. That even the worst mechanical players can pull off.

Mid to late game

Once you reach mid to late game, there is just one spell you need to worry about pressing consistently, and that’s a point-and-click heel if you can position in the backline and be a reliable heel bot throughout team fights. You’re going to win games when filled on Soraka. The AOE heals from redemption, and ultimate in mid-game fights, can single-handedly win games as they take no skill to use. Moonstone rushes into redemption second, and Warmog’s third is a god-like core build. Run guardian as the Keystone, so you have a greater margin for error. Being filled means it’s more likely you may misposition from time to time. So having the extra durability is nice.

From engaged support to an enchanter and now the best ap carry you can play when filled being. Zyra, no matter how hard you feed the early game or how bad your ad carry is playing. Zyra is always going to be impactful come team fights. The AOE zone control from ultimate consistent DPS from plants and long-range pick from “e” will have you topping the damage charts.

Complete laundry

Once you complete laundry, you can do 100 to zero squishes by yourself. So there’s no need to rely on your ADC. If you can play around chokepoints, force the enemy team to walk in and blast them with an “e” into the alt combo. You’re grabbing easy wins even when filled. Comet is Zyra’s best Keystone with mana flow transcendence, scorch roll, and a Taste of Blood and Relentless Hunter for secondaries.

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