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Patch 13.19: LoL Meta, Updates, and Strategies

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Game Update and Meta

In the latest game update of patch 13.19, Riot has made the decision to once again nerf static shiv. This begs the question, is it still worth considering in your build? Additionally, there’s a new Briar build gaining momentum in the High ELO scene, which despite her recent nerfs, has proven to still be incredibly powerful. We’ll delve into all of this and more as we provide you with a comprehensive update on the current solo Q meta, taking into account input from our Challenger players and analyzing the most recent data available.

Renekton’s Build

In recent patches, the combination of Gore Drinker and Spear of Shojin has been the go-to build for Renekton. However, professional players have been favoring an alternative setup: replacing Gore Drinker with Stride Breaker. This alternative build has been gaining popularity in High ELO matches and boasts a significantly higher win rate than the traditional Gore Drinker build. Notably, Renekton players who rush Stride Breaker are winning about three percent more of their matches compared to those who opt for Gore Drinker.

Tailoring Build Strategy

Choosing Stride Breaker as your core item grants you a more consistent source of damage. When combined with Spear of Shojin, it provides Renekton with a formidable power spike upon acquiring these two items. It’s important to consider your team’s composition and objectives when deciding which build to prioritize. If your team lacks a tank for frontline purposes and you anticipate engaging in team fights, going for Gore Drinker would be logical. Conversely, if you find yourself ahead in the early game and aim to dominate 1v1 situations while drawing attention to the side lanes, Stride Breaker would be the superior choice.

Impact on Top Lane Champions

The recent nerf to static shiv in this patch has affected one top lane champion in particular – Quinn. However, this nerf has not significantly diminished Quinn’s power level; rather, it has made alternative build paths more enticing.

Quinn’s New Build

One notable build gaining traction is the “outplay setup,” wherein the player rushes prowler’s claw, subsequently follows up with ghostblade, and ultimately completes the build with Lord Dom’s third. This particular build has shown promising results from an analytical standpoint and boasts impressive one-shot potential. If you decide to give it a try, be sure to take electrocute as your keystone rune to maximize your burst damage.

Other Viable Options

Stormraiser is a viable alternative to shiv. In patch 13.18, static outperformed Stormraiser slightly according to analysis, but with the recent nerf to shiv, Stormraiser has taken over. A recommended core build would be Stormraiser into ghost blade as the second item and the collector as the third. Despite this change, Quinn’s position on the tier list remains unchanged in the mid-patch update.

Top Lane Tier List and Adjustments

Looking at the Top Lane tier list, we can see that Malphite, Illawi, and Quinn still dominate the OP tier. Gangplank and Renekton were the only champions adjusted for Top Lane this patch, and the changes have been as expected. Despite the buffs, Gangplank’s overall power level did not increase significantly, placing him in the Top Lane A tier.

Renekton’s Position

Renekton has become more vulnerable against AP top laners, but he remains a fantastic pick against most AD fighters. Although he may not be as OP as in patch 13.18, he still belongs to the S-tier. Notable bans for Top Lane in this patch include Allowie, Aatrox, and Malphite. Malphite, Mundo, and Garen are excellent options for climbing low ELO due to their simplicity.

Jungle Tier List Adjustments

We will be further downgrading Rek’Sai in the Jungle tier list for the mid-patch update. In the previous tier list, Rek’Sai dropped from OP to S, but the nerfs have had a much more significant impact. Rek’Sai’s win rate has plummeted by around four percent, which is a considerable blow.

Rek’Sai’s New Position

Now, due to the fact Rek’Sai was just so broken in 13.18, the four percent drop doesn’t actually kill the champion, but she is no longer an elite option for solo queue. You can definitely still make the champion work, but with a strong ganker like Jarvan still in a great spot, there’s really no reason to prioritize Rek’Sai over J4. S tier is where Rek’Sai will be placed for the mid-patch update.

Lethality Build Details

Very important to note as well is that you should be taking Hail of Blades in runes instead of Conqueror. This setup is all about getting as much burst damage off in as short a time as possible, so it makes way more sense to run Hail Blades. The lethality setup will suit you best into comps who are squishy with less lockdown crowd control. For example, you’re up against a Nidalee jungle and a Gangplank top, both are quite squishy champions, and neither have any hard CC, so it’s going to give.

Lethality and Bruiser Builds

The lethality setup has significantly increased in power. However, when facing a jungle Zack and a top lane Malphite, building lethality would not be a wise choice. Attempting to one-shot these champions would be futile, as they possess strong crowd control abilities and burst damage. In such cases, opting for a Bruiser build would be more effective. Breyer, being a unique Champion, offers a multitude of viable playstyles. Despite the recent nerfs, her overall power level remains remarkably high, placing her in the OP tier of jungle champions.

Jungle Tier List Updates

The OP tier of jungle champions for this patch includes Nocturne, Breyer, and Evelyn. We have previously discussed the nerfs to Rek’Sai and Briar. However, let us now focus on the two buffed junglers: Lee Sin and Nunu. Lee Sin has experienced a considerable increase in strength after benefiting from targeted buffs that enhance his early game performance – a crucial aspect for Lee Sin players.

Lee Sin and Nunu Adjustments

Lee Sin players in higher ranks are increasingly favoring the Goredrinker into Shojin combo, which has become more popular than the traditional Black Cleaver build, outperforming it significantly. It is worth considering trying out this combo on Lee Sin if you have not already done so. Taking all these factors into account, we are revising Lee Sin’s tier from A to S for this mid-patch update. Conversely, Nunu’s AP ratio buff on E has not resulted in a significant improvement in his performance.

Banworthy Junglers and Last-Minute Changes

The banworthy junglers for patch 13.19 include Breyer, Evelyn, and Nocturne. If your goal is to climb quickly in low ELO, consider spamming Rammus, Shyvana, or Nocturne. Unexpectedly, Riot introduced last-minute nerfs to LeBlanc for this patch, which were not initially accounted for in the pre-patched tier list. These changes primarily affect LeBlanc’s base stats, including attack speed ratio, attack speed growth, attack damage growth, mana growth, and mana regen growth. These nerfs were implemented to counter the rising popularity of AD LeBlanc builds in high ELO. To balance these adjustments, the W AP ratio was increased by 5, and the E AP ratio also saw some changes.

ADC Itemization Changes

Vayne, with her W and Q abilities, remains an optimal choice for the third ADC who should continue building Shiv. The wave clear provided by Shiv is essential for Vayne, despite the multiple nerfs it has undergone. However, for other champions, alternative options are more suitable now. Kai’Sa, for instance, is better off going for a lethality build with Umbral Glaive as the core item, replacing Static Shiv. Currently, the combination of Umbral, Duskblade, and Nashor’s Tooth is an OP build. Similarly, Caitlyn should prioritize Stormrazor instead of Shiv, as Stormrazor received buffs while Shiv was nerfed multiple times.

ADCs Adjustments and Recommendations

In recent patches, most Tristana players have opted for Kraken Slayer as their rush item, and it remains the only viable option to consider. Some Tristana players still rush Shiv, but it is no longer worth it after the nerfs. Varus, who was once popular with Shiv, Nashor’s, and Riftmaker hybrid build, is now too weak due to multiple nerfs. Kraken Rush is a much better alternative for Varus instead of Shiv.

ADC Tier List Discussion

Ashe retains her position in the OP tier for ADCs, but she is no longer alone, as Kai’Sa is moved up to join her. The lethality build on Kai’Sa is currently extremely powerful, offering a more straightforward execution compared to the on-hit build, and providing more consistent carry potential for the average Kai’Sa player. Even mechanically weaker players can excel with this build due to its high damage output on Q.

Potential Upcoming Shifts in the ADC Meta

Jhin and Twitch, due to their buffs, are slightly trailing Ashe and Kai’Sa and might be on the verge of reaching the OP tier in the upcoming patches. As previously mentioned in the pre-patch tier list, Twitch’s buff had uncertain implications due to its unique nature. However, it has resulted in a considerable increase in power, with an overall one percent increase in win rate, which is notable.

Priority and Ban Worthy ADCs in Patch 13.19

This places Twitch as a strong S-tier option. The most ban-worthy ADCs for patch 13.19 include Kai’Sa, Ashe, and Ezreal. Sivir, Miss Fortune, and Ashe are the top-tier ADCs for climbing quickly in low ELO.

Support Role Insights

In the realm of the support role, there seems to be no groundbreaking developments in the latest patch. So let’s delve straight into the tier list. As for the mid-patch, the OP tier remains unchanged, showcasing Zyra, Blitzcrank, and Rakan as the pinnacle of effectiveness. In patch 13.19, the only alteration in the support category was Pyke, but as we mentioned in the pre-patch tier list, the changes were more of a placebo effect than anything substantial. As expected, Pyke’s win rate has only marginally increased by approximately 0.2 percent, which is hardly noteworthy.

Support-ADC Synergies and Strategies

Currently, adding champions like Zyra or Xerath to your roster brings tremendous value. Jhin and Ashe are becoming increasingly popular among ADCs, and combining them with Xerath or Zyra guarantees free kills once they reach level 6. Even with the presence of lethality Kai’Sa, if Xerath can poke the enemy down a bit, Kai’Sa can swiftly dive in with her ultimate ability to secure kills effortlessly due to the immense damage from her Q.

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