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The Best Junglers for Season 14 on Patch 14.13!

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The Best Junglers for Season 14 on Patch 14.13!

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This guide explores top Junglers for Patch 14.13, including strategies for champions like Lilia, Viego, and Kha'Zix, highlighting optimal builds and gameplay techniques.
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Howdy! It’s Librarian Husky and this one is for Patch 14.13 as the season stabilizes and we gain a clearer understanding of the meta. Yes, Z Junglers are strong, but don’t be misled. Their strength lies in their efficient farming and solid damage itemization.

Diverse Jungler Viability

We have a wide array of viable Junglers: assassins, fighters, marksmen, and more. Each brings something unique to the table, making them dominant in their own right. Whether you’re aiming for low or high MMR, there’s a champion that fits your playstyle and can help you achieve your solo queue dreams.

Lilia Dominance and Impact in Patch

Now, we have to address Lilia’s dominance in the current meta. She exerts significant influence due to her ability to farm rapidly, outpacing most other champions once she hits her stride. While her initial clear may be slow, Lilia compensates with high damage, healing, crowd control, and disruptive spells. Facing her feels like dealing with a persistent irritation or rash, given her omnipresent threat across the map.

Riot’s Response and Future Adjustments

Acknowledging her overwhelming presence, Riot plans heavy nerfs for Lilia in the upcoming patch. This adjustment reflects the community’s and Riot’s recognition of her current overpowered state.

Strategies Against Lilia

For the next few weeks, countering Lilia requires strategic play. Control objectives, anticipate her movements, and consider banning her if your team cannot handle her pressure. Even when behind, Lilia remains a threat due to her scaling utility, percentage HP damage, and healing capabilities.

Mastering Viego: Balancing Early Game and Macro Play

Mastering Viego involves understanding his versatility. While not the fastest farmer, Viego excels in all aspects of the game. Many players coached in our private Discord and through one-on-one sessions learn that Viego‘s strength lies in adapting to the game’s flow. Instead of overly forcing early engagements, focus on strategic macro decisions. Capitalize on Viego’s mobility with his E ability to counter gank and invade efficiently.

Strategic Approach and Itemization

To maximize Viego’s potential, prioritize strategic decisions over forced engagements. Utilize his exceptional mobility to outmaneuver opponents, control objectives, and capitalize on enemy mistakes. Opt for simple and effective item builds like Kraken Slayer or Trinity Force to streamline your gameplay and avoid unnecessary complications.

Nidalee: The Precision Jungle

In contrast, Nidalee thrives on precision and aggressive play. She excels when enemy Junglers are predictable and farms heavily. Utilize her animation cancelling and range advantage to dominate early skirmishes and secure objectives. Nidalee rewards players with strong mechanics and jungle pathing knowledge, making her a formidable pick in capable hands.

Strategic Jungling Against Invading Opponents

Facing aggressive jungle invaders requires strategic finesse. Whether they outfarm you, steal your camps, or exploit your ganks, their goal is to gain a significant advantage. To counter this, meticulous tracking and control of your camps are essential. Avoid playing into their strategies to prevent them from becoming oppressive forces in the game.

Mastery of Kha’Zix: Flexible Builds and Strategies

Kha’Zix offers versatility with various rune and build options. From Ghostblade into Serrated Dirk for mid-game farming dominance to Profane first for early spikes, each choice impacts your playstyle. Avoid Conqueror runes unless specifically tailored to your preferences. Focus on dealing consistent damage to high-priority targets and securing objectives to assert dominance over rival Junglers.

Mastery and Strategy with Kha’Zix and Viego

Understanding champions like Kha’Zix and Viego involves mastering their strategic nuances. Kha’Zix players often face the temptation to aggressively invade early, risking falling behind if unsuccessful. However, adept players know when to strike and how to climb ranks effectively. Similarly, Viego shines in strategic versatility, whether dominating early with invasions, farming for late-game spikes, or split-pushing to secure victory. His adaptability makes him a formidable pick for those who can execute his kit effectively.

Rediscovering Nocturne’s Strengths

Despite adjustments to his gameplay mechanics, Nocturne remains potent in the right hands. Utilize Ultimate Hunter and a Conqueror or Stridebreaker build to maximize his assassination potential. Don’t be deterred by Meta shifts; Nocturne still excels at disrupting opponents and securing kills.

Strategic Insights on Junglers in the Current Meta

In a meta focused on fast farming to level six, adaptability is key. Champions like Nocturne remain potent despite changes to their early game capabilities. While early aggressive plays with Lethal Tempo are less forgiving, Nocturne’s build flexibility and spike moments against squishy, immobile targets ensure his effectiveness. Proper itemization and skill usage amplify his DPS, making him a reliable choice for climbing ranks.

Diana: The Power of Late-Game Scaling

Diana exemplifies a farm-centric approach, prioritizing level six and item spikes. Although her early game may lack excitement, her ability to dominate teamfights against immobile mages like Ziggs and Brand is undeniable. Whether engaging in teamfights or split-pushing, Diana’s burst combo and versatility shine in the mid to late game, allowing for strategic control and impactful plays.

Versatility in Itemization for Effective Play

Current gameplay favors champions like Nocturne who excel with versatile item builds. Whether opting for an assassination-focused AD build or a farming-oriented Liandry’s Blackfire Torch build, Nocturne remains formidable. The AD build disrupts enemy experience sequencing, while other builds enhance mid-to-late game farming capabilities. This adaptability ensures Nocturne can catch up when behind and dominate team fights against split-pushing ADCs.

Graves: Adaptation and Itemization Challenges

Graves has reemerged but faces challenges with itemization. While builds like Ghostblade and Collector support his snowball potential, he struggles in a meta that favors counter-jungling and early pressure. Recent armor buffs on his True Grit enhance his durability against champions like Viego and Kha’Zix, improving his survivability and ability to contest objectives.

Evaluation of Graves in the Current Meta

Graves remains a potent force in the jungle meta, leveraging mobility and counter-ganking strategies effectively. While he may not reclaim S-tier status soon, skilled players can capitalize on his strengths. Recent buffs enhancing his Shield and utility without raw stat boosts, alongside modest health growth improvements, contribute to his Viability. High-level analysis suggests he’s strong when executed properly, yet many players underperform. Win rate data highlights optimal itemization paths like Eclipse, Sunfire Aegis, and Sterak’s Gage, showcasing significant success rates.

Shincha: The Ganking Virtuoso

Shincha stands out in the jungle meta due to his reliable ganking potential, ensuring consistent success without the risk of failed engagements. His ability to secure kills translates into map pressure and dominance, making him a formidable presence in both casual play and professional leagues. Even against mobile mages, Shincha’s strategic approach and adaptation to crowd control ensure lethal outcomes. His impact extends beyond individual matchups, influencing team dynamics and game flow significantly.

Zac: The Strategic Tank Jungler

Zac thrives on strategic gameplay, focusing on high economy farming to maximize his impact in the later stages of the game. While lacking early ganking prowess pre-14, Zac compensates with unparalleled scalability through effective itemization. Building items like Liandry’s Torment and transitioning into tank items ensures he becomes an unbreakable force on the battlefield. Despite potential setbacks early on, Zac‘s kit allows him to sustain and disrupt with his healing and utility, making him a valuable asset in team fights and skirmishes alike.

Meta Shifts and Champion Viability

The recent changes in runes like Dark Harvest have significantly impacted jungle champions’ win rates, pushing some to the forefront while others adapt to maintain relevance. Champions like Nunu & Willump, who benefit from early strength and can scale aggressively post-break-even points, showcase a resurgence in their win rates. Conversely, champions reliant on early snowballing, such as Brand, have seen a slight decline due to these adjustments.

Fiddlesticks: Mastering the New Runes

Fiddlesticks has experienced a resurgence with players adapting to the new rune meta. While traditionally not suited for Electrocute, the updated rune allows Fiddlesticks to capitalize on early weaknesses and dominate team fights with enhanced burst potential. First Strike emerges as a solid alternative, empowering strategic plays with tools like Hex Flash, making Fiddlesticks a versatile and formidable choice.

Lower MMR Strategies and Champions

In lower MMR brackets, champions like Amumu, Volibear, Warwick, and Rammus continue to thrive. Their straightforward gameplay and reliable performance make them go-to picks for climbing the ranks. Volibear, for instance, benefits from unconventional item builds like Rod of Ages and Everfrost, reinforcing his sustainability and impact throughout matches. Aspiring players looking to reach Gold find these champions particularly effective for securing victories and improving their win rates consistently.

Low ELO Jungle Dominance

Jungle champions like Warwick, Nocturne, Vi, and Amumu thrive in low ELO environments due to their straightforward mechanics and impactful presence. These champions excel in controlling objectives and team fights, making them ideal choices for players aiming to climb quickly without focusing extensively on complex strategies.

Adapting to High MMR Challenges

Transitioning to high MMR gameplay requires a different approach. Champions such as Taliyah, despite recent nerfs impacting her clear speed, remain viable but demand meticulous play and efficient jungle pathing to maintain effectiveness. Graves, Lillia, Vi, Brand, Kha’Zix, Kindred, and even Hecarim are prevalent choices in this competitive arena, each requiring precise execution and strategic decision-making to succeed.

Strategic Choices for Mastery

Choosing champions like Hecarim or Vi can expedite your climb to Gold, offering reliability and effectiveness in various scenarios. For those willing to invest time in mastering jungle intricacies, these picks provide a solid foundation before transitioning to more specialized champions suited to personal preferences and playstyle nuances.

Optimizing Zyra’s Potential

Zyra remains a strong pick, often underestimated in her impact. Despite being susceptible to counters, her Viability persists, especially in higher ranks where players capitalize on her strengths. However, the key lies in optimizing her itemization for survivability rather than purely lethality. Focusing on early, mid, and late-game spikes while avoiding passive farming ensures sustained relevance against champions like Brand. Mastery of these nuances can elevate your gameplay experience significantly.

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