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New Tier List for Patch 14.6

For Patch 14.6, the spotlight is on the buffs to critical hit-centric items. The critical damage amplification on Infinity Edge is set to increase from 40% to 50%, which will significantly benefit ADCs such as Samira, Jinx, Aphelios, and Caitlyn, while champions like Yone and Yasuo will also see indirect enhancements.

Item Changes in Patch 14.6

Quick Blades will receive a boost, with its AD increasing from 60 to 65, and a shift in its build path from a Pickaxe to a BF Sword. Though not widely utilized at present, champions that will most benefit from Quick Blades include Xayah, Gangplank, Nilah, Sivir, Tristana, Lucian, Zeri, Ezreal, Smolder, and Tryndamere.

Additionally, armor penetration critical items like Lord Dominik’s Regards and Mortal Reminder will have their armor penetration increased from 30% to 35%. These adjustments are expected to slightly elevate the overall strength of the ADC role without drastically changing the dynamics for any specific ADC.

Adjustments to Gold Efficiency

In recent patches, strategies involving the early purchase of epic items and then merely holding onto them have been observed, likely prompting an adjustment to their gold efficiency to range between 100 and 110%. Items like Fiendish Codex were frequently bought and not upgraded into a legendary item until much later, a tactic this nerf aims to address.

As melee supports continue to dominate the solo queue meta, Riot will be toning down Solstice’s effectiveness for the third consecutive patch. The support item’s upgrade will see its buff duration decreased from 3 to 2.5 seconds, and the movement speed bonus reduced from 25% to 20%. Supports such as Braum, Maokai, Thresh, Rakan, Alistar, and Zilean, who have been utilizing Solstice most prevalently in recent patches, will be most impacted by these changes.

Support Item Changes

This patch will adjust support items by reducing the Active gold income by 25%, although quest targets will be lowered to compensate, allowing players to achieve their upgrades at roughly the same time. Despite this adjustment, all supports will face a net nerf due to the overall decrease in gold income. Additionally, a significant change to Void Grubs will be implemented: upon death, they will now gain a decaying health bonus instead of a decaying shield.

Jungle and Support Strategy Update

A notable change affecting both jungle and support roles in Patch 14.6 is that World Atlas, a support item, and any jungle starting items can no longer be paired with a Doran’s item. This decision is aimed at addressing a strategy prevalent among high ELO support players, who would start with a Doran’s item for enhanced early game presence and delay purchasing World Atlas until their first recall. This tactic, particularly common with Ashe, will be eliminated, as starting with a Doran’s item will prevent the acquisition of World Atlas on the first base unless the Doran’s item is sold.

Top Lane Meta Shifts

The top lane meta will undergo shifts due to buffs to champions like Cho’Gath, who will see improvements in two areas: a reduction in the cooldown of his W by two seconds at rank one and an increase in E damage from 70 to 82 at max rank. These adjustments, along with recent buffs to items like Heartsteel and Sunfire Aegis, are expected to position tank Cho’Gath favorably in the 14.6 meta. Cho’Gath will be classified in the top lane A-tier, reflecting these positive changes.

Ornn’s Minor Adjustment

As a solid choice for solo queue, Ornn receives a somewhat unexpected buff with his E cooldown being reduced from 16 to 14 seconds at rank one. This adjustment seems random because at max rank, Ornn’s E—typically the second ability maxed by high ELO Ornn players—is not getting buffed. This change might be more beneficial for lower ELO players who tend to max Q second, but for those playing Ornn optimally and maxing E second, the impact seems minimal. We do not anticipate this change significantly altering Ornn’s position, so he will remain in the top lane B tier.

Shen Receives a Buff

A significant buff is coming for Shen in Patch 14.6, with his passive cooldown refund now scaling with each level, as opposed to at random intervals. Riot has indicated that this adjustment will be more substantial from level 8 to 16. In practical terms, at level 8, the cooldown reduction is increasing from 4.5 seconds in patch 14.5 to 5.4 seconds in 14.6. Given Shen’s proximity to an A-tier ranking in recent patches, this buff will elevate him from B to A tier.

Sion’s Struggle Continues

Sion, who has been languishing with one of the lowest win rates across all champions, is set for some much-needed buffs. His Q minimum damage is being reduced early but increased at max rank, with a similar adjustment to Q max damage. Additionally, his W shield’s max health scaling is improving from 8% scaling to 12-16%. Despite these changes, given Sion’s poor performance in recent patches and an actual weakening of his early game for 14.6, we do not foresee him making a significant comeback into the meta, thus he will remain in the C tier.

Tryndamere and Gragas Adjustments

Tryndamere will receive a buff this patch, with an increase in his attack speed scaling from 2.9% to 3.4%. This buff, alongside the indirect benefit from the Quick Blades adjustments, could potentially boost Tryndamere back into an A-tier position. However, given his recent underperformance, these changes might not suffice to elevate him out of B tier, where he will stay for now.

Gragas, one of the dominant top laners in solo queue recently, will see a couple of nerfs aimed at reducing his early game power. His health will decrease from 670 to 640, and the mana cost of his Q will change from 80 scaling to 60 to a flat 80 at all ranks. With these nerfs, Gragas will move down from S to A tier in the top lane tier list, indicating a slight reshuffle in the meta without altering the top-tier standings for Patch 14.6, as Urgot remains unchallenged.

Top Lane Tier List Adjustments

Volibear and Karma, primarily known for their roles outside of the top lane, will be moved down the top lane tier list due to nerfs aimed at reducing their effectiveness in other positions. Smolder, another champion not predominantly played in the top lane, will also see a decline in priority as a top lane pick following the nerfs targeting his AD dominance. After the adjustments in patch 14.5 and the hotfix nerfs, combined with the changes in 14.6, Smolder will be reclassified into the B tier.

Diana’s Buffs

Diana will receive significant buffs in this patch, with a focus on enhancing her attack speed. The attack speed ratio is being increased, and although the attack speed growth is being reduced, this change constitutes a net buff. The passive attack speed will now scale linearly rather than at specific levels, and the duration of the active attack speed boost from her passive is extending from three to five seconds. These buffs are anticipated to greatly improve Diana’s clearing speed and skirmish capabilities, prompting her promotion to the jungle A tier.

Rek’Sai and Viego Adjustments

Rek’Sai will benefit from bug fixes targeting her W and R abilities, continuing her strong presence as a viable jungle option. With these fixes, she is expected to remain a robust S tier pick. Viego, having been a dominant force in the jungle, will see nerfs to his W heal and attack speed. However, a new buff allows him to use his Q to leap towards wards, significantly enhancing his mobility and potentially offsetting the intended nerfs. The impact of this ward hop ability on Viego’s solo queue performance is uncertain, but it could maintain his status as an overpowered pick. For now, Viego will be adjusted from the OP tier to the S tier, with a more detailed analysis to come in the mid-patch tier list.

Jungle Tier Updates

Volibear, having surged to the forefront as the most overpowering jungler in patch 14.5, will see a rollback on some of his recent buffs. His movement speed at max rank and the cooldown of his R ability are being reduced. Despite these nerfs, Volibear will remain considerably more potent than he was in previous patches, far from falling into the lower tiers. Expected to continue dominating in either the OP or S tier, Volibear will stay in the jungle OP tier for the time being, with the possibility of a reevaluation for the mid-patch tier list.

Kayn’s Adjustments in Patch 14.6

For patch 14.6, Riot aims to balance the disparity between Kayn’s two forms by shifting power from Blue Kayn to Red Kayn. This is achieved by altering how actives interact with Kayn’s Q ability; actives can no longer be used during the Q animation, which diminishes the instant burst capability of Blue Kayn, especially when items like Prowler’s Claw are utilized. Furthermore, the bonus AD ratio is being reduced from 175% to 150%, affecting lethality Kayn significantly.

On the other hand, Red Kayn is receiving a buff with an increase in the base percent health damage of his Q from 5% to 6%. Despite these changes, it’s anticipated that Kayn may become weaker overall in 14.6, as Red Kayn currently does not match the impact of Blue Kayn, and the adjustments to Kayn’s Q might not be sufficient to alter his standing significantly.

Overview of Jungle Tier List for 14.6

With the changes to the jungle landscape in 14.6, Volibear now occupies the sole position in the OP tier, reflecting the adjustments that have been made to both him and other previously dominant champions like Viego. Without any significant outliers, the S tier boasts a wide selection of strong picks.

For tank enthusiasts, Zac and Rammus present excellent options. Kha’Zix stands out as a top choice for those preferring the assassin route. Additionally, the fighter jungle category has seen Warwick gaining prominence, and Rek’Sai is expected to perform better with the latest patch. This diverse tier list indicates a balanced jungle meta with multiple viable strategies and champions.

Mid Lane Changes and Karma’s Nerf

Although there are not many adjustments to the mid lane in patch 14.6, the changes that are being implemented carry substantial weight. Karma, who has dominated the mid lane meta in recent patches, is receiving targeted nerfs. Her mana growth is being decreased, while mana regen growth is increased. The mana cost for her Q is undergoing significant revision, escalating from a flat 45 to a range of 40 to 80, and the passive cooldown refund is being reduced from 5 to 4 seconds. Additionally, the cooldown of her R is being extended.

To maintain the viability of support Karma, Riot is increasing the early game bonus shield from Mantra E. These adjustments are expected to considerably impact Karma’s presence in the mid lane, likely resulting in her descent down the tier list. The increase in Q mana cost alone will severely limit her ability to continuously cast Q in prolonged engagements, directly addressing her strength in extended skirmishes.

Karma’s New Position

The adjustments to Karma in patch 14.6 have necessitated a shift in her tier placement. Previously regarded as an overpowered (OP) pick in the mid lane, these changes will see her moving down to the A tier. The increase in her Q mana cost and the reduction in her passive’s effectiveness are substantial enough to significantly diminish her dominance in prolonged engagements, impacting her ability to maintain her previously uncontested position.

Gallo’s Comprehensive Update

Gallo is set to receive the most extensive set of changes in this patch, affecting several of his abilities. Riot’s intention is to make Gallo more consistently impactful during fights rather than a champion who peaks in power upon using his initial burst of spells. Players will find rewards in skillfully weaving in passive procs between abilities, as hitting a champion or epic monster with any ability now refunds 3 seconds off Gallo’s passive cooldown.

Additionally, the passive will gain a 40% attack speed boost, enhancing its fluidity of use. However, the base damage and AP ratio of the passive, along with the damage reduction from his W and the cooldown and base damage of several abilities, are being reduced. These changes aim to pivot Gallo from a burst-centric mage to a more durable skirmisher, particularly encouraging tankier builds.

Mid Lane Tier List for Patch 14.6

With Karma’s descent and Gallo’s significant overhaul, the mid lane tier list for patch 14.6 sees notable shifts. Although Gallo’s adjustments heavily penalize AP builds while favoring tank-oriented strategies, it’s challenging to precisely predict his new standing within the meta.

Initially, we will maintain Gallo in the mid lane A tier, with the anticipation of providing further insights and updates on his performance and emerging builds in the mid-patch tier list. Given the sparse number of adjustments to the mid lane role in this patch, these changes to key champions like Karma and Gallo could have a profound effect on the landscape of mid lane play.

Ahri Ascends in the Mid Lane

Ahri has become the queen of the mid lane, with her rise to prominence significantly aided by Karma’s previous dominance and subsequent nerf. Ahri’s potent two-item core of Malignance and Lich Bane offers substantial point-and-click damage, simplifying her playstyle. This ease of play allows Ahri to effortlessly eliminate squishy targets without needing to land her charm, showcasing her capability to impact the game with relatively low skill input.

Diana and AD Carry Changes

The changes aimed at Diana, particularly for her jungle role, may also influence her standing in the mid lane. Historically performing better as a mid laner than a jungler in recent patches, Diana’s buffs could make her a formidable mid lane contender in patch 14.6. Additionally, Yone and Yasuo are worth monitoring due to the buffs to Infinity Edge, potentially improving their performance. Meanwhile, in the AD carry role, Senna faces significant nerfs, notably her mist wraith spawn rate on minion kills, which will substantially decrease her viability. Consequently, Senna will be downgraded from the OP tier to A. Smolder, consistently a balancing challenge, undergoes adjustments for the fourth consecutive patch, targeting his execute damage and overall utility, which could impact his tier placement.

Impact of Mid Lane and AD Carry Adjustments

With Ahri’s elevation to the OP tier and Diana’s anticipated rise in the mid lane, the dynamics of this role are set for a notable shift in patch 14.6. These changes, along with the adjustments to AD carries like Senna and Smolder, underscore the evolving landscape of these roles. For AD carries, the nerfs to top-tier champions could redistribute the balance of power, while the mid lane sees potential for new strategies and champion preferences emerging. The effectiveness of these adjustments will likely shape the competitive meta and influence player strategies in the coming weeks.

Adjustments to Solo Queue Viability

The recent changes from the last patch have notably increased Smolder’s solo queue viability. However, it’s undeniable that these adjustments will impact his solo queue strength. While not changes that will completely remove Smolder from relevance, we will be moving him from the OP tier to the S tier. Consequently, with the demotion of both OP tier champions from patch 14.5, the OP tier for patch 14.6 will see a significant transformation.

The Emergence of Kog’Maw as a Top ADC

Surprisingly, Kog’Maw has become the premier solo queue ADC as we transition into patch 14.6. It has been a considerable amount of time since Kog’Maw was a priority pick in solo queue, but the buffs received in patch 14.5 have catapulted him up the tier list. With the nerfs to Senna and Smolder, along with the general buffs to crit ADCs through item adjustments, Kog’Maw is poised to rise in priority this patch. This shift highlights the dynamic nature of champion viability and the influence of meta changes on champion selection.

Support Role Lacks Direct Changes

In Patch 14.6, the support role finds itself somewhat neglected in terms of direct champion adjustments. No support champions are set to receive direct changes, with the exception of Karma, whose nerfs are primarily targeted at reducing her dominance in the mid lane rather than her performance as a support. However, indirect changes, such as the nerf to Solstice’s Sleigh, will affect the role, leading to a reevaluation of the tier list. Champions like Blitzcrank and Maokai, who were prominent in the OP tier due to the strength of Solstice’s Sleigh in patch 14.5, are expected to lose their OP status. With these adjustments, Zyra is anticipated to join Janna in moving up the tier list, having been on the brink of OP status in recent patches.

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