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Most Broken Heroes for Patch 12.8

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Hey everyone, Librarian Husky here, and welcome to another guide today. We’re gonna be talking about the best champions for patch 12.8, which will be hitting the rift in about a week’s time. So if you want to know the champions, you should master them before the patch hits.

Make sure you stick around for the whole guide. We will also be giving you the items, the runes, and the summoner spells. Everything you need to know about the champion before you hit the riff with them.


Starting off the top 10, we have a champion who is getting changed in 12.8. I’m talking about Poppy generally here, so if you play her in the top lane in the jungle. Or maybe even as support because of the buff that I’m really looking at. Is the w buff?

  • The cooldown is going down by four seconds. So even if you don’t max this second after your q, it’s a lot lower.
  • When the mid to late game comes around, depending on when you max your steadfast presence.

It’s going to be on a 12-second cooldown, and obviously less because of the ability haste, you will have from your items. Remember this ability why Poppy gets picked in a pro plate. So against heavy dive compositions, they might have a Camille on the other team. They might have a j4. They might have a Zino or Nautilus. It’s incredible at stopping these heavy divers from actually getting on your backline.

Poppy buffs

Also, Poppy’s Ultimate is getting buffed as well. The cooldown on it is getting refunded. So instead of being 30 seconds, it’s now 15 seconds. So unreal changes are going to hit Poppy in 12.8. I’m kind of scared for poppy mains, if there are any because I think she’s going to be Giga broken. So make sure you watch out for that.


Now coming in at number nine. We’re talking about Fiora, and just like Jax. this bruiser loves the meta at the moment because, in the top lane, we see a few more tanks being played. Fiora because she’s so good against them because of her vitals.

She will just completely wreck them. Just like I mentioned for Kane, ever since those items got changed in 12.3. so gore drinks more attack damage Ravenous. Hydra, more attack damage death, stands blocking magic damage. Healing off your bonus ad more of Mount Morty is doing pretty much the same thing. It is too good for the ground jewelers. So if you thought Jax was pretty good in the top lane in the 1v1. Fiora, honestly, is even better.


Now ahead of Fiora, we’re heading back to the mid-lane. We’ve got to talk about Ahri well. We don’t really have to because hopefully by. Now all of you know how good this champion is. Just look at this with flash flashing. You can counter-pick. Works with pretty much any jungle and in any team composition. Incredible champion, and if you are a mid laner. You’re not playing her. You are kidding yourself.

  • Ignite for me over 126 000 matches. She has a 52-win rate, so congratulations, Ryan, for not doing anything to this champion in 12.8. so for the majority of players, she’s broken.
  • This isn’t just in higher elo, which goes to show how consistent she is.
  • So if we look here at your room page, this is very standard stuff. Your skill path is very standard. Just remember to start w much better than starting q if you look at your items going ever for Salkshu Shadow Flame.

Yes, this might be the standard, but the point is the build is too good ever frost. Being 2800 gold ever since right lowered it in the preseason salt shoes for the magic penetration because you do lack a little bit of damage when you go ever frost instead of something like Luden’s tempest. Shadow Flame for a nice chunk of ap and a bit more magic penetration. So Ahri is one of the most consistent mid-laners. You can blindly pick.


One champion who might be able to carry a game even harder than Arhi. Well, this is the cockroach Kha’zix. I don’t know how he does it. He just evades the grass of the balance team from a nurse or maybe adjustments because I can’t remember the last time this champion. It was not straight-up broken. You can see that with the first strike and the.

  • New treasure hunter rune, these two are going to accelerate your scaling because you’re getting more gold in the early game when you gank when you Skirmish.

This is really useful in platinum and above and over and in platinum and above in almost 8 000 matches. This setup has over a 53-win rate. To be honest, there isn’t really much else to be said. Just try to hit level 3 on him as safely as possible. That’s pretty much all you have to do, guys.


What about if you don’t want to play one of these jungle or mid-laners or top laners well? What about Vayner and Eddie Carrick? Maybe not even as an ad carry. I’m also talking about Wayne potentially in the top lane. because this is where she can also shine. Now it might be a little riskier because you will be on your own. The rewards can be even bigger because you don’t have the support to run it down. Regardless Vayne with lethal tempo once.

  • You get this to max stacks. You will have zero weaknesses. The extra range it gives you is what you’re lacking as a champion.
  • So lethal tempo covering this up makes you very powerful, what’s fascinating as well.
  • This rune page is a treasure hunter because Vayne is a scaling champion.

So treasure hunter by getting those takedowns in the early and mid-game. It’s going to get you to your late-game spikes a lot quicker, which is when you can take over games. just make sure as far as your skill order goes, you are maxing your w first, followed by your “q.” So this is important to remember. Apart from that, looking in vain, you’ve got a great chance of winning.


Now another lethal tempo shield bow abuser is coming in at number five. Unlike Vayne, this is a champion who last patched and got buffed. This is Yasuo, and yes, his base hp is going up, and his ultimate cooldown in the early game is going down. You’ve got to be joking with me. Like surely not. Is that really what this game needs, apparently? So and you can see that Yasuo’s win rate is almost 53 in platinum and above.

  • This room page surely that’s too high. Like, I thought this champion was meant to have a high-skill ceiling.
  • I mean, I guess he does.
  • This tells us he’s way too easy to do work. You can probably see the first time he has no idea about Walter Max.
  • I have no idea about how your cooldowns work or any combos, and you still have a great chance of carrying them. Let’s say you want to play a champion who is a little more methodical than Yasuo.


How about Vega in the mid-lane ever since Ryan popped his “q.” So you’re getting more stacks. Vega has been in an insane position. The champion has had such a high win rate for the entirety of season 12. that’s going to continue next patch.

  • No bustle, no nerves to his items to his runes. So this is super nice.
  • Just make sure if you are playing Vega to take Predator with ingenious hunter, which reduces the cooldown. This is really important to get in range.
  • So you can land your event horizon onto the enemy champions. Trap them in the circle. It’s also important here to max your ease second. We want the cooldown to be as low as possible. So we can get multiple event horizons off during those mid to late-game team fights. Just be aware that as far as your build goes, you can either go lucidity boots or work shoes, depending on how much magic damage your team already has.

Ever frost is an essential mythic, though, because the active allows you to trap those enemy champions in your event horizon and land your “w.” Of course, your “q” and you’re ultimate, and then we want def cap for the pure ap.


There is one champion, a bit like Vega, who has been changed this season. This is Rengar holding the number three position. Ever since a couple of patches go, the changes that came into range, he’s been dominating. Whether it’s in the jungle or in the top lane, he is just killing it across the board.

  • So with the first strike, maximize the damage when you come out of your ultimate. or if you jump at someone from a brush.
  • You’ll get a lot of gold from that damage because you want it to level 6 as soon as possible.
  • This is going to allow you to hit level 6 with items.
  • The goals you get are super valuable.

Do make sure guys run relentless hunters in your runes because the movement speed is. So valuable, this will allow you to get into a position to ambush enemy champions and brushes, use your ultimate, and get around the map.


Beating him to number two, this is everyone’s favorite top laner. I’m not really going to go into much detail here because why on earth do I have to look at your screens? This is Riven. Just look at these stats. Are you kidding? Why is this champion still being allowed to go from patch to patch without copping a few jabs? It’s unreal to me.

  • She’s meant to be one of the most difficult champions to play. In fact, she is.
  • She’s very hard. The animation cancels the combos. So can someone tell me why even in lower Elos, this champ has a super good win rate? You can pick her first-timer and probably win.
  • Just like I mentioned for Fiora and Kane, the 12.3 changes to the bruiser items gore drinker, black leaver, more memories, death stands, there is more attack damage, there is more ability haze, and guess what these two stats are?

These stats are the champion in a nutshell. So when they get buffed, riven indirectly gets buffed. This is why she is the number two strongest champion for 12.8.


She is beaten into the number one position by the champion well. He might be picked by one trick a bit. He’s actually being picked a lot of the moment by newer players. This is Pike. Now you might be like, why not would you recommend Pike?

Well, if you play Pike in the mid lane or in the bowling lane, he is the best carry champion on the rift at the moment of the umbral glaive buff from the last patch. So it’s cheaper, and the passive is really useful because you’re clearing vision more often. You are such a good roamer, especially with your ghost water dive going. The great thing about pike is that it works in any Elo. The play style as well. So good for solo queue because really you’re sacrificing farms to make plays around the map, and the solo queue is.

  • So chaotic pike is the ultimate capitalizer of these types of games. Just remember that a few patches ago, Ryan buffed your q’s damage. So even his base damage at rank one is a hundred.
  • So you’re no slouch in the early laning phase where you think you might be, especially against rage champions who might bully. If they overstep the mark, you can easily kill them. So Pyke is the number one champ for 12.8.

Thank you for reading this guide. My name is Librarian Husky – your information provider. Please check our League Of Legends Guides main mage for more useful articles. Good Luck!

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