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How to Easily 1v9 on Any Champion

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Hey everyone, Librarian Husky here, and welcome to another guide today. Well, as a short-range melee champion. Zed will never be able to hit level 2 first against a champion with a higher range. So we are trying to do two major things during the first wave.

LoL perfect Q

We want to be number one perfect with “q,” and number two, we want to last hit as much as possible. Sometimes it will be risky to poke the victor with “q,” and it will be too risky to run up and last hit. So we have to be able to envision the damage we might take from the victor. If we make a decision, this is crucial to understand because your hp is by far the most important detail in any lane.

Preserving it

So preserving it, especially when you are weaker than your opponent, is a must if he misses a queue. Hey, it happens. We’re not going to land every skill shot. I want to highlight a couple of more details here. Does miss anything for going for. This queue is because the blue minions are still really healthy, so.

  • Victor is not in range to retaliate because Zed instantly turns away, so Zed might have missed his. Shuriken, but it’s not the cost of anything else. This is what determines whether a play is good or raised here.
  • Until Zed’s q is back off the cooldown, he stays out of range of the posturing Victor. Then his q comes back up.
  • So how many of us would use our “q” here? I think a lot of us would don’t kid ourselves about what would be the cost of trying to cue the victor.
  • For sure, you might hit the “q,” but we miss out on a more important 21 gold from this blue melee minion because our q would be off cooldown and running up to auto-attack the cs.

HP cost

You need to get a check-up because that would cost you a bunch of hp. So Korean Zed holds on to his “q.” because Victor then moves to the bottom side of this mid-lane, and z moves to the top. This is what I like to call the axis of the lane. So it’s almost as if you and your opponent are operating around a circle. If they move down, you move up, and vice versa. This positioning creates the biggest amount of space between z and the vector. This means that Zed can cue this minion without any cost.

  • Now, after cueing, Zed positions well away from Victor’s cooldown and range advantage, and when his “q” comes back up, it seems just natural to run up and last hit this minion. One thing has changed.
  • The first wave has been thinned out by time, and the last hit from the victor. So if Victor was to trade with Zed, the red minions wouldn’t do enough damage to help Zed in that trade which is.

Why does Victor correctly play beyond the wave and tell Zed, if you queue that minion, I’m going to take 200 of your hp? And Zed replies, what, though?

Not worth it

Alright, that’s not worth it, but I won’t let you run at me for free. So here’s a q, Victor does the same thing, and that trade was definitely worth it for Zed until he randomly walks back into the range of Victor’s auto-attack. This movement would only make sense if he feared missing minion experience. No blue minion is close to dying now because Zed’s q is shorter. Then, Victor Zed knows that he has a small window for a free shuriken in the sense that Victor cannot retaliate because he would get heavily damaged. Zed probably won’t miss any minions for it.

Standing out

So he goes for it a whisker away. Now the momentum is back with Victor. He has the cooldown advantage and is about to hit level 2. so Zed respects it once again by standing out of range, but now he has a choice do I move up into a range of Victor to the last hit? This minion, well, seeing Zed still has three health potions left, and 21 gold is a solid amount of gold greeting for.

  • This is a hundred percent worth the hp that loses. We will see this back and forth continuously. one awesome tip for all of you when you are reviewing your own games or someone else’s. Try to analyze the play of your opponent as well.
  • So something Victor does really well here throughout the early lane that lots of others wouldn’t do. He is pressuring Zed for every cs because he knows that he is really not a threat until level three. So when this blue melee minion moves towards Zed, Victor knows that Zed wants that 21 gold.

Zed 21 gold

Now Zed might get that 21 gold, but if you are the Victor, you have to try to create a cost of being the stronger champion. So Victor’s death race towards Zed as. He is about to go for that last hit now, even though it just misses the intention. Here is the main idea. That’s the sole reason Zed only has two cs. If this was a gold game, heck, even a diamond master game,

I’ve seen some whack things. Zed probably has the same as Victor. His full hp now the lane continues said respecting Victor, and when this wave crashes, we are still keeping in mind to preserve hp do not feel pressured. If you only have five cs after two waves, that is how these early lanes should go. So after queueing to the last hit, two minions zed plays behind his tower and doesn’t even move up to the last hit.


It’s the same theme we looked at earlier. There is too high a cost. If Zed goes up to auto-attack, Victor has both his “q” and “e,” and Zed would get railed in terms of his hp.

  • This is why Victor preemptively death rays, but we also have to count the cooldowns of our opponent. Doing this will enable us to time our own abilities optimally.
  • So Victor keeps pressuring Zed for all the cs, and then he queues. So hang on that Victor’s e and q are down well unless he’s a master of the dark arts. He is now just relying on auto attacks to damage Zed, and Zed, on the other hand, has both his cooldowns.
  • So Koreans add engages and combos, and Victor can only auto-attack back.

LoL taking risks

Can you imagine how much riskier this would have been? If Victor has both abilities ready to use now, Zed, because he just used both his cooldowns, has to understand the vector. He’s really the one with the momentum again.

So this cooldown momentum, let’s call it. It’s very important to understand. When you don’t have it, just like Zed, you are relaxing, preserving the hp, but when a minion approaches, that is the last hittable. You then ask yourself, can I last hit? This is without copying it well. It’s really up to Victor. He knows Ed will want. This canon minion, in particular, and also this melee minion. So the death phrase that’s.

Safer for Zed

One cooldown, so now it’s safer for Zed to move up. Unfortunately, though he mistimes his “q” Victor can only cue him at this point. If we go back just a bit, Victor should save his cooldowns until his blue canon minion is super low. Zed is still a little too far back.

When his death rates are so, there’s a bigger chance of him missing it. So if he saved it just a little bit longer, there is more pressure on Zed for that cannon. Now we reach the point in the lane where Zed is going to kill Victor. So keep in mind that victor eid earlier, and that is around a 10-second cooldown.

  • When Zed pushes for the cannon, Victor uses his “q.”
  • So that’s his other ability used and lots of Victor players will put two points into e., so he has now at this point.
  • This means that when “z” “w” “s” and “e” are both the canon Invicta.
  • It is very nice he knows he has all the cooldown momentum to then land his cues. Victor, as a result, gets chunked. For whatever reason, it stands on top of z Shadow Despite having no “e” and OQ, and keep in mind. This is a challenger mid-laner.

Victor’s mistake

Suppose victor makes a mistake. This, I know. It happens in a bunch of other games. So Zed w’s to his shadow to gap close to Victor. Just one tip here when you are looking to kill your opponent, use your ignite as part of your combo because, in this situation, Zed ignites victor before he really does anything.

Thank you for reading this guide. My name is Librarian Husky – your information provider. Please check our League Of Legends Guides main mage for more useful articles. Good Luck!

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