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10 Most Broken Heroes of Every Role

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Hello guys. It’s Librarian Husky here today, going League Of Legends. Here going to be talking about the three best champions for each roll with patch 12.8, which will be hitting the rift in the next week.

So to know who the best champers are going to be would be a great idea to stick around for the whole guide.


Now we’re going to start off this guide in the bot lane. Move up from support to ad carry. So for support, the third-best support you guys can pick is 12.8. It’s center, and ever since Riot chucked a 20 slow on Senna Q, she has been amazing performing support. Support has really become Senna’s primary role ever since the riot changed the spawning of your miss race. So if you kill a minion, you’ve got a much worse chance of getting a passive stack from it. Rather than if you let your lady carry, kill the minions.

So the 20 q slow and just the fact that she’s one of the best scalers in a game and most Elo’s, you’re going to get to the late game, which is when you’ll have incredible range and also really good damage with your items. So Senna is the third-best support for 12.8.


Maybe one support he would like to play against Cena is Blitzcrank. For Blitzcrank, the whole season has been really good really because of the meta. In the bot lane, take glacial augment as your keystone. You have. So much pressure on the enemy bot lane because if you land, your rocker grabs onto one of them. Then the other one is going to be slowed, and it’s going to be pretty much impossible for that champion to peel whoever gets hooked.

Suppose we think about recent changes in the bot lane as well. The Gael Four has changed, so the action is now 110 seconds. It gives Blitzcrank a bigger window to land his cube because the enemy champion won’t have the dash as much. So this is another reason why Blitzcrank has to be on this list.


But he’s beaten to the number-one support position by Pyke. Ever since riot buff Pyke’s “q,” it deals even a hundred damage of rank one, and ever since the last patch with a buffed umbral glave. So it’s 2300 gold, and the passive cooldown is also reduced. So when you’re roaming around the map, you can kill more wards. This is really beneficial for a champion who’s not just strong in lane but also a champion who’s amazing at roaming.

For support, you won’t get the most gold in the game. So the fact that humble glaive is cheaper. It makes it more affordable, and therefore pike reaches his first item spike quicker than any other support because the other Mythic support items are more expensive. This gives him a massive advantage. This is why he’s number one.


Now moving on to the three best ad carriers for 12.8 and for number three, it’s pretty exciting because for Ezreal, in 12.8. your ultimate cooldown is getting reduced at later ranks. This is going to be huge because, remember, your mystic shot reduces your ultimate cooldown anyway.

So this means in the late game when you have lots of ability haste. You can probably have your true shot barrage up. In close to 20 to 30 seconds, maybe even quicker, depending on how much ability haste you actually have. So this is going to put Ezreal in a much stronger position and a bit like Cena. Ezreal is mid to late-game champion. Most of Elo’s games are going to last long enough for you to hit your power spikes. So this is why Ezreal has to be in consideration.


But he’s beaten to number two by Lucian. Volusion is the first time in ages that his win rate has been above 50 percent, and not only that. It’s like 51-52, which goes to show how good this is. Champion is ever since riot increased Lucian’s attack damage per level and the 80 ratios in his vigilance passive. It’s seen him take off. This gives him the late-game scaling that he needed because your early game is loose. Well, it’s strong enough.

This gives you the compensation in the mid to late game, so even if you are behind, you still have a chance to come back and win because beforehand, it’s either you win early or you lose. So Lucian is number two.


He’s beaten to the number one position by the lethal tempo Vayne combination. To be honest, this will probably be the case for however long until Riot decides to nerf.

Vayne or maybe even lethal tempo because the interaction is still there, giving you the range of max stacks and the attack speed. So Vayne, once you get to max stacks and actually get the range, you’re pretty much the perfect ad carry. So Vayne is number one for 12.8 now. Let’s move to the mid-lane and talk about the three bets for 12.8.


At number three, we have Yasuo, who got buffed in the last patch, and the base hp is going up to 520. his ultimate cooldown going down in the early game obviously give him a stronger laning phase and early game. This means you’re going to die less, and you’re going to get more kills because of Yasuo’s mid to late game. This is going to allow you to hit the mid to late game more often. In Lower Elo’s, I sound like a broken record at this point, but games are going to last longer. This is why Yasuo’s win rate in lower Elos is currently super high.

This champion is meant to have a high skill ceiling which he still kind of does. It’s just too easy to do work. So if you’re not abusing him, you have got to start doing it in 12.8. now number two, in the mid-lane, not much is really changing for number two and number one.


So I’ll tell you guys these picks right off the bat. Number two, this is Ahri. Is anyone going to really contest this? Hopefully, not because of Ahri. You guys should know by now it’s just a super consistent blind pickable counter pickable zero weakness mid-laner. You can build full damage with Luden’s tempest and sorcerer’s shoes. You can go more utility-based if your team is doing really well. You have lots of damage anyway with lucidity boots and even frost.

You have a very good laning phase. You have a charm. You have wave clear. You have mobility with your ultimate. It’s recharging now, so if you get a takedown, you get another stack of your spirit rush. She’s just an amazing all-around champion and has to be a number two, but number one is a champion who brings more consistent utility than Ahri.


Honestly, it’s just scarier. This is Veigar. Now in the early lane, Veigar is not really scary because you want to stack your “q” and eventually get to the point where you can take over, especially with a predator. You’ll never frost.

So it does require you to navigate your way out of the laning phase, but once you do, you are hands down the best champion in the game. Because you have so much pressure and agency, the power of your event horizon, especially when you get to level 13, and the cooldown is down to 12 seconds. Or less because of the ability ace, the enemy team has to play around with just that one cooldown. If they don’t keep track of it, you will win every single team fight. Because you’re stacking your “q” quicker because of the buffs earlier in the season, Vega is the hash one.


Now speaking of op champions, what do you guys think about Poppy in 12.8? because the changes if they do go through. I think they might even make Poppy the best jungle and maybe even champ on the Rift. The big change I’m talking about is the four-second decrease in your w’s cooldown. So this might even encourage poppy players to max their w after their “q.”

I guess it might depend on the enemy team composition, so if they do have a lot of dive and dash champions, that would definitely be viable. But what’s also happening is your ultimate is getting a bunch of buffs, and one buff that looks really nice is the cooldown refund. So it’s going from 30 seconds to 15 seconds.

Team fight

So hopefully, if it gets interrupted during a team fight, you don’t have to ping your teammates off. You can buy a bit of time for yourself and use it once it comes back off cooldown. This is going to be very important because this bus, I mean Poppy, is still in a decent position even in this current 12.7 patch. It’s going to push her into the ops.

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