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Meta Breakdown Patch 1320b Champions & Strategies

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Meta Tier List for Patch 1320b

Welcome guys, this will be the meta tier list for patch 1320b. Let’s go! Okay, so this is a list of units you need to focus on. Azir has been a consistent backline source of damage for many compositions. He’s also very flexible to work with as well too.

Unit Focus and Strategies

Vel’Koz is a wonderful method of win-streaking with a void starter or maybe a multicast starter. You can go for rerolls or you can transition into value like the Azir above. Noxus has been consistent in getting first place, of course, Noxus and nine Shas alongside with Azir and Jarvan.

Specific Unit Recommendations

If you just use Darius and Jarvan in any composition and give Jarvan a Warmog’s and a Gargoyle’s, he will be an S-tier tank that will perform very well. I currently do not recommend going for one-cost rolls because all the one-cost has been nerfed, whereas most of the two, three, four-cost carries have been buffed.

Composition Strategy

It’s not going to be a good fight. The only composition that maybe could get you a four is to build into a Katarina three-star for damage, plus a Cho’Gath three-star composition into maybe six bruisers and hope that you can out-snowball your opponents.

Reroll Recommendations

But besides that, it isn’t really recommended. You only go for one-cost rerolls if they’re offered to you naturally with a full win streak by stage 3-1, but otherwise, you do want to transition into better options such as multicast or four-cost carries.

Two-Cost Carry Options

Now, there are two main two-cost carries you can take. Number one, you can take the multicast caster Twisted Fate route to build into Twisted Fate three-star and Galio three-star for frontline value, or you can go for the four-cost overcharge route and use the overbuffed Zac to make an unkillable Warwick while using Jinx as a backline damage carry.

Final Tips and Cautions

When building into Twisted Fate, you have to be careful because if you have a Vel’Koz 2 and a Twisted Fate 2, Vel’Koz 2 is usually stronger, and that is because Vel’Koz 2 has better backline access; his ultimate hits the backline way more consistently. But Twisted Fate only hits the frontline, so if the enemy has a good frontline, you’re going to take a lot of damage. So be careful when going for Twisted Fate. And when you’re going for the four-cost overcharge, you do need Hextech Exoskeleton, the item mod that makes Warwick nearly unkillable. The other ones are fine, but they are not as overpowering. So never forget that you do need Hextech Exoskeleton.

Shimmer Injector for Jinx and Other Two-Cost Carries

Shimmer injector for Jinx which would be very decent. There are other two-cost carries that you can consider going for, but they are very conditional, so only go for them when you have the right angle to go for like Ionia, Ashe Double Trouble, Taliyah, or maybe Soraka demon flare, Twain, and even Ravenous Hunter Warwick. They’re all fine, but you do need to win streak and find the upgrades very fast.

Three-Cost Carries: Main Performers

Now, for the three-cost carries, the main performers are Quinn and Vel’Koz. You can go for six void with Vel’Koz, but the multicast variation is far stronger. When building into Demacian Quinn, the focus is to make sure that Quinn can one-shot the enemy backline, so you need as much burst damage as possible.

Itemization and Strategy

That’s why we have Infinity Edge and Giant Slayer, and all you need is Warmog’s Armor and Gargoyle Stoneplate for Jarvan, for Jarvan to be nearly unkillable. And these are your two main radiant itemization targets amongst the other options.

Conditional Decks and Strategies

Other decks are also very conditional, like for example, Miss Fortune requires the Bilgewater synergies. You got to be able to build into Bilgewater, at least having seven synergies for the optimal setup and performance in the game.

Strategy Overview for Patch 1320b

It’s crucial to perform Rex Sivir 3-star requires six bruisers, and when you go for a Karma carry, never forget that you need an Exilir to be fired, so that you can have the extra damage; otherwise, you will lack the DPS to take down your opponents. Of course, other three-cost units like Nautilus works with Miss Fortune, Neeko, and Taric also works with Karma as well too, so they are a part of the group, but you do need to high roll; the comps on the left side are way more consistent.

Four-Cost Carry Routes

Now, there are three main routes you can take when going for a four-cost carry: it can be Shuriman, Noxian, or Vanquishers. You can go for an Azir carry with attack speed scaling, or a Noxian carry with the double Rapid Firecannon for the range, or you can go for the Vanquisher carry.

Building and Utilizing the Vanquishers

When building the Vanquishers, both backlines are fine. If you have Nyla, you can use Nyla; if you have Ziya, you can use Ziya. You only use Nyla if you have the Rapid Firecannons, but in other case scenarios, you do want to rely on Ziya because her damage output is also very powerful.

Five-Cost Units and Their Role

Five-cost units aren’t that crucial in this meta. They are more of a happy accident, nothing too special to go for, but if you want to use five-cost units, you want to use them as synergy spat fillers, giving them specific itemizations to make them perform reasonably well.

Best Itemizations and Additional Tips

Itemizations that work best with Aatrox and Ahri should be considered first. For Aatrox, items like Infinity Edge and Quicksilver are essential, and for Ahri, having a blue buff and as much damage as possible is crucial to take down the enemy team effectively.

Conclusion and Future Updates

This concludes the full meta tier list for patch 1320b. A continual tier list series for every subsequent patch is planned for the future. For any questions or clarifications, feel free to ask in the comments below.

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