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New Updated Tier List for Patch 14.2 – League of Legends

Patch 14.2 has been even more hectic than 14.1, as the Rune adjustments have led to a massive shakeup in priority picks for every single role. Riots even had to issue hotfix nerfs already, which we’ll be covering throughout this article. With the help of our Challenger players and by analyzing the most recent data, let’s get you guys set up with all the new meta trends and a look at the solo Q tier list for every single role.

Introduction to Patch 14.2

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Rumble’s Adjustments in 14.2

It turns out Riot overshot with the Rumble nerfs, so they’ve already given him a hotfix buff. Instead of reverting the nerfs, though, they’ve given him completely separate buffs: his base AD is up from 61 to 64, while Rumble’s E damage AP ratio has been increased from 40 to 50%. Pretty negligible buffs, to be honest, and they won’t make up for the original nerfs at all. As a result of his 14.2 nerfs, Rumble is now one of the weaker top laners for solo Q, being placed in the C tier.

Impact of Teemo Nerfs

The Teemo nerfs ended up absolutely hammering him, as his win rate dropped over 4%. This kind of falloff was not what Riot was hoping for, so they have given Teemo a hotfix buff as well. E on-hit base damage has been increased, but only from rank two onwards. By no means will this change make up for the original nerfs, so Teemo will continue to be much weaker for 14.2 and placed in our Top Lane B tier.

Overall Top Lane Tier List Changes

So, if we have a look at the complete Top Lane tier list, there’s a lot of changes to discuss. The OP tier will now consist of just one champion, as Trundle stands on his pedestal. Riot decided to throw in a sneaky buff to Trundle , which has given him even more strength. Instead of listing

Trundle’s Significant Buff

The change in the actual patch notes was hidden down in the quality of life adjustments section. It’s really not a quality of life change, though, as it’s a straight-up buff to the champion. With Trundle’s Q range being increased by 25, as if the champion wasn’t already strong enough, this change just pushed Trundle onto a level above all else, which is why he’s the only OP tier top laner. You’ll notice a big shift to the Top Lane S tier for 14.2, and this is all due in part to the Rune Shard adjustments. With access to more health in runes, it’s made champions that have health scaling in their kits much stronger. Zac, Mundo, and Tom Kench have benefited immensely from the Rune changes, and they’re all in the S tier to reflect that.

Impacts of Rune Shard Adjustments

Buffs to both Illaoi and Gragas have turned out much more impactful than expected, so they’ve been given a further push up the tier list. Buffs to Karmahave reinvigorated her as a solo lane pick, and she’s having a lot more success for 14.2, so she’s being added to the Top Lane tier list and placed in the A tier. Nerfs to Jax this patch have ended up hitting him quite substantially. We originally moved Jax from S into the A tier for the pre-patch tier list, but since the nerfs hit a bit harder than expected, he’s being pushed further down into B tier. Oh yeah, after one patch of being weaker solo Q picks, Darius and Garen are both back to being strong solo Q selections after their direct buffs.

Unexpected Rise of Brand’s Win Rate

So, if you guys were tracking win rates at the start of the patch, you would have noticed that Brand spiked to over 56%. There were no direct buffs listed for Brand in the patch notes, though. So, how did this happen? Well, there’s a few reasons for it.

The Rune Shard adjustments were amazing for Brand because not only does his passive provide him with percent health damage, but so does his rush item, Liandry’s. More health in the game in exchange for less resist is perfect for Brand because of all this percent health damage he has access to.

There was also a quality of life change that Riot snuck into the patch as well, so that Brand’s passive now procs every 0.25 seconds instead of every 1.05 seconds. Although this change doesn’t affect the eventual total damage output of Brand, it does help him get more damage off in a shorter period of time, which can be big if the enemy team has healing champions. So, because of these two changes, Brand’s win rate went absolutely nuclear.

Brand’s Hotfix Nerfs and Jungle Impact

Brand has already received a few hotfix nerfs. His passive damage to monsters has been lowered from 230% to 220%, and his passive max health damage scaling has also dropped from 2.5% to 2% per 100 AP. As a result of these nerfs, Brand’s win rate has come down a little, but nowhere near where it should be if the champion was balanced. Remember, Brand’s win rate was 56% at the start of the patch, and a day after these nerfs, it’s only dropped to 55%. So, we expect the champion to continue dominating in 14.2. Brand will reign supreme as one of the most broken junglers for 14.2, and you’ll find him in the jungle OP tier.

Jungle Tier List Adjustments

So, if we have a look at the jungle tier list, OP tier will consist of two champions who have massively benefited from the Rune adjustments. Lillia and Brand are on a level above all else right now, as they love the fact that more health is now in the game in exchange for less resist. Since they both rush Liandry’s and have access to percent health damage, with Brand and Lillia overperforming super hard right now, it means Rengar and Master Yi are pushed into S tier. Still really strong picks, but just not on the same level as Brandand Lillia.

Twisted Fate’s Buffs and Mid Lane Impact

Riot decided to throw in some pretty huge Twisted Fate buffs that we were not originally aware of when we made the pre-patch tier list. Let’s have a look at what’s transpired. Twisted Fate’s Q, W, and E were changed so that they now scale better if you’re building an AD crit item, which actually gives Rapid Firecannon so much more value on the champion.

TF’s W now affects inhibitors and the Nexus, which makes the split push and backdoor strength of the champion absolutely insane. E, Stack Deck damage, now also works on towers at 50% effectiveness, so the raw tower-taking power of TF has been increased.

All in all, Twisted Fate has become a great solo queue pick in 14.2 with these changes, and he’s being moved up into the midlane OP tier to reflect that. If you guys are looking to pick up Twisted Fate for this patch, the standard build is Rod of Ages with Lich Bane and Rapid Firecannon. Rune pages include First Strike with free boots, Dematerializer, and Cosmic Insight, followed by Absolute Focus and Gathering Storm for secondaries. So, looking at the midlane tier list, with Twisted Fate now moving to OP tier, it’s going to bump Ahri down into S, as Vlad, Ekko, and TF lock down the three slots.

Mid Lane Opportunities in 14.2

For some easy ELO from the mid lane in 14.2, Karma is the play. AP ratio buffs have been huge for Karma, and she also has incredible synergy with the new Mage item, Malignant. The damage from a Karma Mantra Q with the Malignance proc is super nuts and gives her so much poke power. The champ is also relatively easy to pick up, so it should only take you a few games to start feeling comfortable. Malzahar is another midlaner who’s benefited quite a lot from 14.2, as the added health in runes is something Malz likes since he builds Liandry’s as a core item. Other Liandry’s mid lane users like Swain, Aurelion Sol, and Vlad are all super strong right now too. All the talk is about Brand jungle in 14.2, but Brand mid lane is also super good right now and is being moved into the S tier.

Impactful ADC Changes and Meta Shifts

There was just one ADC change in 14.2, as we saw some massive buffs to Ezreal, with the AD ratios being increased on Ezreal’s Q, W, and R. It’s in turn shifted the priority on builds. Essence Reaver priority has shot up as it provides 10 more AD than Trinity Force, so it’s become more valuable with those buffs. The core of Essence Reaver, Manamune, and Quick Blades has made a return for 14.2 and is now back to being a top-performing build on Ezreal. With the direct buffs and Ezreal fitting in much better with this build, his power level has seen a pretty nice rise for 14.2, and he’s no longer a C tier ADC like in 14.1, as we’re bumping him into the A tier.

Bot Lane Meta and Champion Priority

With more access to health, it’s indirectly made early game ADCs less valuable, and scaling ADCs have seen an uptick. Vayne, being an ADC who has percent health damage built into her kit, has benefited from the Rune changes more than most. Even though Senna is no longer able to abuse the Bloodthirster upgrade when played in the ADC role, she’s still performing very well in 14.2. Senna has one of the lowest base health pools for any champion in the game, so the fact she now has more access to health makes her less vulnerable in lane, allowing her to scale more consistently.

These ADCs who are more reliant on snowballing early on have seen a small decline in 14.2, with Draven, Samira, Lucian, and Tristana all being bumped down a tier.

Twisted Fate’s Unexpected Role in ADC

In the ADC role for this patch, and who knows how long this will last, but he’s actually not a completely terrible pick, better than some of the bottom dwellers like Kai’Sa and Zeri right now, but definitely not top tier by any means. You’ll find Twisted Fate placed in the ADC B tier for 14.2.

Support Meta Shifts with Morgana’s Rise

Supports that can abuse Liandry’s have seen a considerable increase in strength for 14.2, and one of those champs is Morgana. Morgana is back to being a high-priority support pick, as she not only loves the Rune changes from this patch but she’s also a great counter to so many of the meta melee supports. We’re giving Morgana a bump up the tier list for 14.2, as she’ll be moving into the S tier.

Pike’s Struggle with Health Increases

With access to more health, combined with the nerfs to Bloodsong, Pyke has not been liking 14.2 as much as others. More health in the game is actually a bad thing for Pyke because his ultimate executes based on the enemy’s missing health. It now takes more damage for enemies to get into that lethal range for Pyke’s R, which has definitely hurt him. As a result of these changes, we’re moving Pyke further down the support tier list, going from A into B tier.

Top Performers and Adjustments in Support Tier

The cream of the crop does not change a whole lot for the support role in 14.2, as Maokai and Bard remain on top, with Zyra moving up and joining them in the OP tier. Zyra and Brand are being moved up the tier list as they both love the direction of the Rune changes, being able to abuse the Liandry’s rush.

We moved Senna into the A tier for the pre-patch tier list, thinking the Bloodsong change would negatively affect her, but what we didn’t take into account was that the Rune changes and more access to health would be quite positive for Senna, so she’s back up in the S tier for the mid-patch update.

Karma is definitely a better midlaner than support for this patch since she can abuse the AP ratio buffs much better. However, she’s no slouch in the support role by any means. We have held off on moving Karma up the tier list in our pre-patch update, but we’re giving her the bump for mid-patch, going from B into A tier. Mandate rush is performing insanely well on Karma support right now, so definitely look to abuse that if you have not been already.

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