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New Top Lane Champions Tier List for 14.1b – LoL Season 14 Meta Guide

Hello, this is Librarian Husky. In today’s discussion, we will be providing a Top Lane tier list for patch 14.1. As always, these tier lists are primarily geared towards those of you that want to climb. There are certain picks here that are much better in the hands of an enthusiast.

Top Lane Tier List for Patch 14.1

Akali is a great example. This champion is not low tier, but because of how well you have to play in Top Lane, she is rated just a tad lower than she would normally be. This patch, in particular, has a lot of the higher-skilled top laners rated really high. This is simply due to how strong they are in the current meta. Let’s go ahead and dissect this tier list, starting off with C tier.

Impact of Top Lane Changes on Champions

Rengar, Illaoi, and Yone have each been significantly affected by the recent modifications in the Top Lane. Rengar, in particular, has seen a drastic reduction in his lane control due to the new positioning of the bushes, which are now situated further from the minion collision area. This change hampers his ability to stay within effective range for engaging, leading to a loss of his crucial level three power spike. Such a setback is detrimental to Rengar’s playstyle, as he thrives on early aggression, a strategy that has become less viable. Consequently, Rengar’s standing in the tier list has noticeably declined.

Illaoi, another top laner, has also faced challenges due to the lane’s altered layout. The new spacing directly impacts her ability to strategically place tentacles, which are central to her playstyle. Even when she successfully lands her E ability on an opponent, the lack of follow-up damage, unless she’s extremely close to a wall, significantly reduces her trading effectiveness. Although she can adopt the Iceborn build to enhance her chasing potential with the W ability, her inability to fully utilize her tentacles is a substantial drawback. While Illaoi can still find some utility in specific scenarios, like Dragon fights with prior setup, her overall impact, especially in late-game team fights, is considerably weakened. Currently, Illaoi is not an optimal choice and may benefit from future reworks by Riot.

Impact of Hole Breaker on Top Lane

The removal of Hole Breaker has profoundly impacted Yone’s effectiveness in the top lane, where it previously played a pivotal role in his strength. This item not only provided Yone with substantial resilience during team fights but also enhanced his durability in a way that often went unnoticed. Its unique mechanism, which reset his resistances following the use of his ultimate or the third strike of his Q ability, allowed him a brief period of augmented tankiness. This attribute, fading after two seconds, significantly contributed to his survivability in skirmishes. With the current version of Hole Breaker gone, Yone’s functionality in the top lane has diminished drastically, especially when facing champions in the S+ tier category.

Yasuo, who shares similarities with Yone, still maintains a slightly more advantageous position. The key difference lies in Yasuo’s ability to exert early game pressure, a factor that can lead to substantial advantages if managed correctly. However, to capitalize on this strength, a player must execute Yasuo’s abilities flawlessly, particularly when compared to other champion options. This requirement for precision play marks Yasuo as a challenging yet potentially rewarding choice for players in the current meta.

New Builds and Strategies

A novel strategy has emerged for Yasuo, involving a build progression starting with Blade of the Ruined King followed by Iceborn Gauntlet. This approach is particularly effective for Yasuo, allowing him to assert dominance in lane phases much earlier than Yone. Despite this, it’s important to note that both Yasuo and Yone currently fall slightly short in the top lane meta of Season 14, a fact that becomes apparent during gameplay. For those seeking to delve deeper into the nuances of these champions, a visit to is recommended. This site offers detailed courses on every champion mentioned, enabling players to quickly adapt to ranked play without the burden of mastering complex champion mechanics.

B Tier Champions: Better but Flawed

In the B tier, champions exhibit a slight edge over their C-tier counterparts in terms of numbers, yet they are hampered by significant inherent flaws in their kits. Volibear serves as a prime example. He performs admirably against other juggernauts but struggles when facing the broader spectrum of viable top lane champions, who can both disengage from and eventually outscale him. Volibear’s predictability in combat is a double-edged sword; while it provides reliability, it also renders him too straightforward to excel in diverse matchups. A strategy like maximizing his W ability can offer some surprise element, but it demands consistent close-range engagement, which is not always feasible against the array of top lane champions. Mundo faces a similar predicament. His straightforward approach and predictable strategy, while not inherently weak, are easily countered by the current dominant picks in the top lane. Ornn also finds himself in a challenging position, with items like Warden’s Mail significantly reducing the effectiveness of his early-game abilities. These limitations place these champions in a less competitive light within the current meta.

The State of Current Meta in Top Lane

At present, the top lane landscape remains static, with anticipation for a significant meta transformation in the near future. This shift is expected to bring fresh dynamics to the current state of play. Having discussed the B-tier champions, it’s now time to explore those in the A tier.

A Tier Champions: Strong But Not Overpowered

Renekton stands out in the A tier of this patch. While he possesses a variety of viable builds, there isn’t a single dominant strategy that overshadows the others. A build focusing on Blade of the Ruined King proves potent in lane, but it tends to lose effectiveness, particularly against the latest mage items. Renekton maintains a solid laning phase and can hold his own against many S-tier champions, but he struggles to significantly impact the game independently. His vulnerability when trailing and the limitations of his itemization relative to other champions are notable. Nonetheless, skilled players can still leverage Renekton’s strengths to influence matches, despite not being overwhelmingly powerful.

Set: A Consistent A-Tier Champion

Set exemplifies consistency in the A tier. Known for his stability regardless of itemization, his ultimate and W ability contribute significantly to his effectiveness. Set’s resilience makes him formidable, especially in solo lane situations where he can efficiently push objectives. However, his lack of mobility is a setback, particularly in transitioning early leads into mid-game advantages. Despite his strengths in the early and late phases, it is the mid-game period where Set often encounters challenges.

The S and S+ Tier: The Pinnacle of the Meta

Moving beyond the A tier, we delve into the core of this analysis: the S and S+ tiers. A notable S-tier champion for players of all skill levels is Kante. The introduction of new tank items has notably enhanced Kante’s effectiveness, transforming him from a complex character to a formidable tank in the game’s ecosystem. Items like Hollow Radiance have greatly benefited Kante, especially against AP-heavy opponents, a common occurrence in current matchups. This itemization enables Kante to assert lane dominance and continuously contest objectives, showcasing his elevated position in the meta.

The Rise of Tanks in the Current Meta

Playing as Cante in either the top or mid lane proves to be highly effective in the current meta. My preferred builds for Cante involve either Hollow Radiance transitioning into Frozen Heart, or Sunfire Cape evolving into Abyssal Mask, contingent on the opposing team’s composition. An alternative strategy is to prioritize the Force of Nature and pair it with a health-focused item, enhancing the stats on our Q ability from the early stages. The updated Force of Nature is particularly advantageous for Cante, allowing him to amplify his Q effectiveness rapidly if facing a team with substantial magic damage. Interestingly, Cante holds his ground well even against traditionally challenging opponents like Fiora, making most tanks in this patch not only powerful but also versatile in blind pick situations.

Tank Meta and AD Carry Trends

The prospect of a shift towards a tank-centric meta is high, especially as top lane carries receive balancing adjustments. Observations from professional play indicate a growing preference for on-hit AD carries, with champions like Aphelios and Lucian leading the trend, followed by Kalista and similar picks. This development is advantageous for tank roles, which are likely to gain increased significance, as they can scale effectively to counter the on-hit AD carry style and the currently less dominant carry top laners in upcoming patches.

S Tier Champions and Their Impact

Sion exemplifies strength in the S tier, paralleling Cante’s performance, with new itemizations greatly augmenting his capabilities. Against AD tops, a strategy involving Heartsteel combined with HP stacking and Bami’s item proves effective. Against AP opponents, rushing Force of Nature or opting for Hollow Radiance is advisable. Sion’s ability to scale irrespective of the matchup makes him a formidable pick. Another notable S tier champion is Gwen, who has been tailored to counter robust tanks. Despite a recent hotfix nerf, which is set to be reverted in patch 14.2, her position remains strong due to her impressive lane phase and scaling, albeit limited by a lack of significant crowd control. Additionally, Kayle retains her S tier status, largely due to her scaling potential. Her impact in the modern top lane meta is substantial, although her influence in early game phases may not always be as pronounced as needed.

Strategies with S Tier Champions

Mastering the art of utilizing grubs effectively or achieving timely momentum with Kayle is crucial for securing victories. This approach encapsulates the essence of strategy for S tier champions. Now, we transition to discussing the S+ tier, also known as the overpoweringly formidable tier, where champions reach an unmatched level of dominance.

Atrox: A Dominant Force in S+ Tier

Atrox stands as a primary choice in the S+ tier, primarily due to his capacity to equalize the playing field. His ability to influence the outcome of games, particularly through his significant presence in team fights, elevates him above many. In laning phases, Atrox demonstrates formidable strength, with very little room for error unless it’s a self-inflicted mechanical mishap. Grasping the intricacies of his Q1-W-Q2 combo is vital, as it ensures a secured chain pull followed by a powerful Q3. The introduction of the Starred Sky build has notably enhanced his scaling potential, a stark contrast to his previous reliance on Ganker or Divine Sunder. Atrox’s stats have seen a considerable improvement, complemented by the added benefit of his guaranteed critical passive in conjunction with the Deathbringer Stance, making him an incredibly potent force in the current meta.

Jax: The Menace of Top Lane

Jax stands prominently in the S+ tier, notoriously recognized as a persistent threat in the top lane. His adaptability in terms of build paths is a key aspect of his menace, offering a wide range of successful strategies. Currently, the preferred build for Jax includes the combination of Trinity Force and Centered Sky, a nod to his traditional build prior to the introduction of Mythic items. This particular build demonstrates considerable strength. Additionally, the revamped Spear of Shojin and STK Gage remain potent options for Jax, further emphasizing his versatility. The key to harnessing Jax’s full potential lies in maintaining lane stability, as avoiding major setbacks in the early game allows him to evolve into an exceptional duelist and split-pusher, a role that is set to be enhanced in the upcoming 14.2 update.

Riven: A Versatile and Powerful Champion in S+ Tier

Riven emerges as another formidable contender in the S+ tier, distinguished by several unique advantages. She is notably capable of accumulating a significant amount of ability haste without detrimental trade-offs. Following recent enhancements to her abilities, mastering the fast Q technique, while still beneficial, is no longer as crucial as it once was. This change allows players to extract substantial value from Riven’s kit with less mechanical intensity. Moreover, Riven’s matchups are generally favorable or manageable against other S+ tier champions, providing her a competitive edge. Her effectiveness against various opponents, such as Cante, Zon, Atrox, and Jax, highlights her robustness in the current meta. Overall, Riven’s solid performance across different matchups solidifies her as a top-tier pick.

Riven: A High-Skill Champion with Great Potential

For those considering Riven, she comes highly recommended. Contrary to popular belief, Riven’s learning curve is more approachable than often perceived. Her skillset, while intricate, offers a rewarding experience for players who invest the time to understand and utilize her capabilities effectively in various game scenarios.

Fiora: A Simpler Alternative with Strong Carry Potential

Fiora emerges as a compelling option, notably for her similarities to Riven but with a more straightforward gameplay. For players seeking a character with significant carry potential but less complex mechanics, Fiora is an ideal choice. Her lower skill floor compared to Riven makes her an accessible yet effective pick for many players. Fiora’s itemization strategy focuses on life steal rather than ability haste, favoring sustain in lane. The Ravenous Hydra stands out as an almost best-in-slot item for her, enhancing her lane dominance and scaling capabilities. While the Sun Sky build is occasionally seen, the consistent effectiveness of Ravenous Hydra makes it the preferred choice, allowing Fiora to effectively manage lane opponents and escalate her power as the game progresses.

Teemo: A New S+ Tier Contender

Teemo, the latest addition to the S+ tier, brings a unique set of strengths to the table. Known for his early-game pressure, Teemo excels in lane control and scales impressively into the later stages of the game. His versatility is highlighted by the Malignance build, which amplifies his global impact. Teemo’s ability to adapt his build according to team needs – whether as an AD tank or a pure AP threat – makes him a formidable opponent. He particularly shines in matchups against champions like Vayne and Singed, leveraging his range advantage. Despite a vulnerability to top lane mages, such matchups are rare enough not to significantly hinder his overall performance. Teemo stands out as a top-tier choice for players aiming to climb the ELO ladder quickly, offering a strong alternative to more niche picks.

Vayne: A Rising Force in the Top Tier List

Vayne’s position in the tier list is increasingly prominent, given her ability to counter numerous champions effectively. Excelling against Fiora and Riven, holding her own versus Jax, and outperforming Aatrox, Mordekaiser, Kante, and Sion, she has become a force to reckon with. Observers of the tier list will notice Vayne’s consistent ascent, a testament to her growing effectiveness in the evolving meta. Her proficiency in utilizing on-hit items, notably the Blade, further cements her status as a top-tier choice.

Vayne: A Top Tier Champion with Exceptional Strength

Vayne’s strategic use of the Ruin King Terminus, followed by a transition into robust tank items like Jack Show, showcases her exceptional versatility and effectiveness. This approach renders her a formidable contender against almost all listed champions, with Teemo being the sole exception due to the challenging nature of that matchup. Her prowess is particularly notable in early-game skirmishes, especially when leveraging Flash and Ghost. This versatility extends to the next surprising S+ tier pick, Singed.

Singed: Benefiting from Recent Buffs

Singed’s elevation to S+ tier can largely be attributed to the enhancements to Riftmaker and Liandry’s Anguish. This potent combination significantly boosts the performance of AP bruisers and many AP champions. As a result, Singed has risen in priority, boasting favorable matchups against a majority of contenders. In situations where direct confrontations aren’t advantageous, Singed can resort to proxy farming. Even in non-ideal matchups, his mobility with Ghost and Flash enables him to disrupt enemy AD carries effectively. His quirky playstyle belies his strength in the current patch, making him a top pick for players seeking to climb the ELO ladder.

Mordekaiser: A Dominant Force in Top Lane

Mordekaiser embodies the pinnacle of top lane prowess in the current meta. As an AP bruiser, his optimal builds include Riftmaker, Rylai’s, and Liandry’s, equipping him for a variety of encounters. His effectiveness against other carries, coupled with his prowess in team fights and skirmishes, makes him a dominant presence. The strength of his Darkness Rise passive, particularly in controlling grubs and sapping health for shields, renders him nearly invincible in certain situations. Mordekaiser’s potential as a top lane skirmisher is so significant that despite the impending nerfs to Riftmaker in patch 14.2, he remains a must-pick or ban in the current patch. The only potential challenges he might face are against skilled Fiora or Vayne players.

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