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New Updated Tier List for Patch 14.7 – League of Legends

Camille is back in meta for Top Lane, and Lux is actually a powerful midlaner for the first time in a while. In this article, we’ll be providing you with an updated tier list for every single role in patch 14.7. Make sure to stay up to date so you don’t miss out on next week’s changes.

Top Lane Meta Shifts

Despite Camille’s support becoming weaker for 14.7, Top Lane Camille has actually become much stronger and is a top tier pick once again. Top Lane Camille is now stronger because Riot increased the scaling on her Q, cooldown is now lower at max rank, and the movement speed is now greater at max rank. Top Lane Camille maxes Q out first every game and can reach level 9 much faster than support, which is why top has benefited way more.

Max health damage on W was also increased, and Top Lane Camille will be playing into a lot of matchups that stack health, so it’s a more positive change for top compared to support. We’ll be giving Camille an added bump up the tier list for 14.7, going from A into S tier. The Top Lane tier list will remain pretty similar to where we had her pre-patch, with a few minor adjustments.

Top Lane Rexi has lost a bit more strength than we had originally expected, so she’s going to be moved from S into A tier. The laning phase of the champion is definitely much more exploitable now due to the reduced healing from passive and less Fury stacking from hitting minions. We were optimistic the changes wouldn’t reduce.

Top Lane Adjustments in Patch 14.7

The Champion’s strength wasn’t expected to be reduced too much because it was literally just a single patch where Rex’s top was strong. However, it looks like Riot just doesn’t want her to exist as a strong Top Lane champion.

Despite Olaf’s W and R now costing more Mana in 14.7, the win rate of the champion has actually gone up for Top Lane. W bonus attack speed duration was increased from 4 to 5 seconds, so it looks like that change is outweighing the increase in Mana cost. Of course, the bonus monster damage on Q and reduced cooldown on E when hitting monsters don’t completely go to waste for Top Lane Olaf either, since when he’s helping with dragon or Baron, those will come into effect. So, even though we were skeptical of Olaf’s strength as a Top Laner going into the patch, he will remain in the S tier.

Fiora and Nasus’s changes have landed as we expected, so they won’t be needing any further adjusting on the tier list for mid-patch. Fiora lost a bit over 1% to her overall win rate from the Nerf, while Nasus gained a little over 1%.

Jungle Changes and Scarner’s Rework

Initial reactions to the Scarner rework are that the champion does feel on the weaker side and a bit clunky to play. The new mechanic on Scarner’s Q, where he’s able to pick up a rock, feels kind of bad since it locks you in place while you’re picking it up, and then you even have to wait a bit to throw it after you’ve picked it up. If the pickup time were faster or if you could just throw the rock immediately after picking it up, that would definitely make the champion feel much smoother to play. The new Scarner R is definitely more difficult to use than the old one as well, so there’s a steeper learning curve to the reworked Scarner in comparison to the old.

As with any new champion release or rework, Scarner has started off with an absolutely abysmal win rate, 38% on release, to be exact. But we really can’t look into that very much. For instance, Smolder literally had a 43% win rate on release but ended up climbing to over 50% within a few days. To be fair, though, 38% is a lot lower than 43%, so even if the champion were to follow the same trajectory as Smolder, he’d remain a bit underpowered.

Riot has gone ahead and issued some hotfix buffs as they feel the champion needs a boost. Mana growth has been lowered, passive monster damage cap is up, while Q monster damage cap is up as well. W Mana cost is being increased, while E cooldown is being reduced, so mainly changes to help out Scarner’s clear speed and nothing in regards to quality of life.

Optimizing Scarner’s Viability

Adjustments just yet now, there is some optimization that can still be done to help boost Scarner’s viability. With all the health scaling in Scarner’s kit, Heartsteel is performing the best as a rush item. Every single one of Scarner’s basic abilities scale off of health, so players are definitely sleeping on Heartsteel right now as it’s only being purchased in 9% of games.

It’s winning about 3% more than Sunfire Aegis, which is quite significant. The three-item core of Heartsteel, Sunfire Aegis, and Iceborn Gauntlet is winning the most so far. For Scarner’s tier list placement, we’ll be dropping him in B tier to start, as we do think there’s a lot more to be desired at this point.

Jungle Tier List Update

The patch had very minimal impact on the meta. Volibear’s nerfs didn’t really do a whole lot in reducing his power level as he’s still a really great jungler and being placed in the S tier. Brier is now taking up the only OP tier slot as she’s heavily outperforming in diamond and below. Rex’s side changes did not impact the strength of the champion in the jungle very much at all, so she continues to be placed in the S tier.

Olaf’s buffs have landed a little weaker than we originally expected as we had initially placed him in the B tier for the pre-patch tier list, but we’re going to be adjusting him into C for mid-patch. Silas’s buff, on the other hand, has played out to expectations as the change was not enough to pull him out of the C tier.

Rating Kayn’s Two Forms

Now, one major change we’re making to the Jungle tier list is rating Kayn based on his two forms. So we’ll have a blue Kayn and red Kayn ranking on the tier list from now on. The reason we’re doing this is because last patch, we ran into a situation where blue Kayn was significantly weaker than red Kayn, so it made it much more difficult to accurately place the champion on the tier list.

Now that blue Kayn has been buffed in 14.7 and players have dropped Ravenous Hydra from their build path completely, blue is performing much better. With that said, red Kayn is outperforming, especially for the lower elos, so we’re going to be placing red one tier higher than blue. Red, in general, is just more consistent and easier to execute, and the build right now involving Eclipse is giving him a lot of power as the item is just way too good.

Mid Lane Update

Mid lane is going to be getting one new addition to the OP tier for mid-patch as we’re bumping up Diana. Diana mid is getting a lot more attention right now, and with her play rate increasing as of recent, her win rate continues to remain extremely high. Generally, when a champion sees a play rate spike, their win rate takes a dip due to inexperienced players picking up the champ, but that has not been the case with Diana, which analytically points to a very strong champion even.

Diana’s Rise in Solo Queue

Pros like Showmaker have started picking Diana back up in Solo Queue. Diana was buffed in 14.6, and with her meta build revolving around Lich Bane, she has a super strong one-item spike to play for. Lich Bane is still an extremely powerful item, and it’s not a surprise that the two most OP mids in the game, being Ahri and Diana, are both abusing it right now.

Diana has always been a very underrated counterpick to many melee mids in Solo Queue, as she’s winning over 52% of the time against Zed, Sylas, Katarina, Yone, Qiyana, and Fizz. Just playing around W shield makes it very difficult for those champs to trade back against her. Her first few levels can be a bit of a pain in range matchups; however, once Diana gets level six, she has the ability to one-shot those squishy range mids very easily.

Mid Lane Tier List Adjustments

So, if we’re moving on to looking at the mid lane tier list, we now have Ahri and Diana locking down the OP tier spots. We noted in the pre-patch tier list that Lux could enter the realm of being a fringe S tier pick due to her buffs, and we’ve decided to move her up for mid-patch. Lux and Galio were the only mid lane champions changed for this patch, so there’s not a whole lot else to report for the role. We moved Galio up into the A tier for the pre-patch tier list due to his buffs, and we like that placement with how the analytics have shown up.

ADC Meta Shifts

Smolder was the lone ADC buff for 14.7, so very much like mid lane, the meta has remained very similar to where it was last patch. Smolder buffs ended up adding about 2% to his overall win rate, but even with that change, he’s still underperforming compared to most ADCs and will remain in the B tier. A big change for ADC in 14.7 was the nerf to Static Shiv, and that adjustment has led to a few champions dropping in power.

Zeri and Aphelios were two champions negatively affected the most by the change, and we’re going to be pushing each of them down one tier for mid-patch. The OP tier is going to see a minor change for this patch as we’re bumping Kog’Maw down to S and just leaving Jinx as the standalone OP pick. Every single metric is pointing towards Jinx being a cut above everyone else right now.

ADC Meta Shifts: Shiv vs. Kraken

Now, Jinx, Aphelios, and Kai’Sa, who have the Kraken alternative, are seeing a shift due to the Static Shiv nerfs. Kraken Slayer is now winning over 1% more than Shiv on those champions, so it doesn’t look like there’s much reason to prioritize Static Shiv anymore. The huge draw to Shiv was the fact that the item was so cheap, but now that it’s only 100 gold cheaper than Kraken, there’s little incentive to build it. The passive proc from Kraken Slayer is just way stronger than Shiv in a skirmish.

Support Role Updates

Changes that we expected to be negative that have actually turned out quite positive were the adjustments to Nami. Damage on Nami’s W and E were reduced while Imperial Mandate was nerfed as well, but the buff to Nami’s W healing and bounce falloff have outweighed those nerfs.

Nami ended up gaining about 1.5% to her overall win rate for this patch, so the changes have been extremely positive. Imperial Mandate nerfs haven’t seemed to hurt very much at all, so we definitely overestimated the effects of that change. As a result of the adjustments being net positive for Nami, she’s going to be bumped into the support S tier for mid-patch.

Other Support Adjustments

Beside the Nami adjustments, we were pretty spot-on with our predictions as to how the changes to Camille, Sona, and Karma would land. Camille has taken a decent hit this patch, but the nerfs were not enough to completely remove her from the meta, so she remains in the support A tier. Sona has been seeing a lot more success in 14.7, especially for the lower ELOs, as her win rate has spiked up to 3% in bronze, silver, and gold.

This makes sense because it was the AP ratio on Sona’s W that was buffed quite significantly, and in low ELO games tend to last longer, so the value you’re going to get out of that buff is higher the lower you go. The changes to Karma have ended up landing pretty neutral, as even though she was directly buffed, the nerfs to items like Imperial Mandate have made it so that those direct buffs didn’t really do much, especially now that Sona and Nami are way better for this patch.

Enchanter Tier List Update

While Janna, Lulu, and Yuumi are in pretty good spots right now, too, there’s really no reason to prioritize Karma if you want to play an enchanter. Janna is going to be moved back up into the OP tier for mid-patch, as the Imperial Mandate and other item nerfs just didn’t hit very hard at all. Shurelya’s Battlesong is, however, performing at a very equal level to Imperial Mandate on Janna now, so you can swap between the two based on the game. If you’re able to snowball early game and your ADC is quite fed, then going for Shurelya’s Battlesong to just buff them up even more is definitely the play.

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