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Comprehensive Breakdown of Patch 13.20 Meta Changes, Tier Adjustments, and Expert Analysis

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Introduction to Patch 13.20

Patch 13.20 has brought forth the single biggest shake-up to the Jungle meta that we have seen all season long. Every single role, for that matter, has movement for this patch, which is not something we have seen happen all that often in season 13. There are so many amazing new picks that have shot up in power for this patch, so if you felt the meta has been stale as of recent, 13.20 solves that with the help of our Challenger players and analyzing the most recent data, we are ready to bring you guys the updated tier list for patch 13.20.

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Analysis: Top Lane Changes

One of the biggest risers up in the Top Lane for this patch has been Dr. Mundo. Anti-snowball changes have been massive for Mundo and allow him to reach his godly midgame spike much easier. These scaling champions that have been notoriously weaker throughout the early game are ones who have seen the biggest jump and strength for 13.20, and Mundo is one of them.

Movement in the Tier List

We have decided to make a change in the tier list for this patch. Mundo, who was previously ranked in the A tier, will now be pushing his way up to the S tier. However, we will continue to monitor his performance throughout the patch to see if he has the potential to become overpowered in 13.21. As we predicted in our pre-patch tier list, we anticipated a decrease in the strength of early-game-focused Top Lane picks in 13.20, and Renekton is no exception to this trend.

Detailed Champion Analysis: Renekton

Renekton, the champion who received direct nerfs in 13.19, is now facing the additional challenge of the anti-snowball changes introduced in 13.20. This means that there are other carry options that will outshine him in the future. Winning consistently with Renekton heavily relies on getting ahead early, which is not the most reliable strategy, especially in solo queue matches below the diamond rank. Therefore, it makes more sense to choose champions like Malite, Garen, or even Mundo over Renekton. Hence, Renekton’s placement on the tier list will be lowered from S tier to A tier.

Patch 13.20: Champion Adjustments and Tier Shifts

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Introducing Patch 13.20, where we make necessary adjustments to champions and witness shifts in tier rankings.

Given his exceptional scaling capabilities, Nasus has been promoted to the coveted S tier in our pre-patch tier list, a decision that has proven to be the right one as he has experienced a significant increase in success this patch. With these scaling Top Lane picks making a comeback in the meta, mastering Wave Control becomes crucial in maximizing your carry potential. Our comprehensive Wave Control course can provide invaluable resources to help you achieve this.

Cassan Mini Rework and Champion Analysis

Here are some valuable insights for the Top Lane: the best champions to ban and picks to climb with.

Among the top bans for the Top Lane in this patch are Garen, Aatrox, and Malphite. If you find yourself at a low ELO and aiming for a climb, focusing on Malphite, Nasus, and Garen is your optimal choice. Raising the alarm on Rammus in our pre-patch tier list was not without reason, as he has exceeded our expectations even further in Patch 13.20.

Top Lane Insights: Best Bans and Climbing Picks

A few of the best Top Lane bans of the patch include Garen, Aatrox, and Malphite. Malphite, Nasus, and Garen are really the only three champs you need to climb at a low ELO from the Top Lane. We told you guys to watch out for Rammus in our pre-patch tier list, and he’s even exceeded our expectations for 13.20.

Champion Focus: Rammus

The champ is looking absolutely broken right now as the changes that Riot made to pet DPS were huge for Rammus. They increased the armor scaling on pet damage by 10%, which is perfect for Rammus as he rushes Thornmail. If you want some free ELO right now from the jungle, then Rammus is the pick as he’s moving into the jungle OP tier now.

Adjustments to AD Junglers

With the likes of Rammus gaining power off the back of the pet DPS changes, lots of AD junglers have lost power because of them. Riot completely removed the bonus AD scaling from your jungle companion, which in turn is hurting Kha’Zix extremely hard. This is one of the biggest single patch adjustments we have made in a while as Kha’Zix drops from being one of the best junglers in 13.19 to one of the worst in 13.20.

Return of Morgana to the Jungle Meta

Morgana, a champion with a fluctuating presence in the Jungle meta throughout recent years, makes a triumphant return in patch 13.20. Riot games discreetly introduced a welcomed boost to Morgana’s W ability, augmenting her damage output against monsters. In light of this enhancement, we are inclined to position Morgana in the jungle B tier, representing an average but reliable choice. Now, let us delve into the broader scope of the jungle meta and analyze the significant shifts shaping this particular patch.

Patch 13.20: Jungle and Mid Lane Changes

Walker Nerfs have affected Kha’Zix, but they put a dent in the power of many more junglers as well. Hecarim, Elise, Master Yi, Rengar, and Talon have all fallen off quite hard this patch and all find a spot in the jungle B tier. Tanks have definitely been the biggest winners of the patch, as we already went into detail about Rammus.

Winners and Losers in the Jungle

Zac, Maokai, Sejuani, and Amumu have all seen a spike in power for 13.20. Even though the health on Jungle camps have been increased for your second clear, it looks like this has not had a significant impact on level six reliant junglers. Karthus, Nocturne, Evelynn, and Fiddle are all performing extremely well.

Focus on AD Junglers: Graves’ Success

It’s not all AD junglers that have fallen off though. Graves is actually seeing a lot of success in 13.20, as he’s not an AD champ who has been relying on Gustwalker. With the buffs to Ghostblade, he’s looking extremely powerful right now. There’s also a strategy emerging this patch where you grab an early Doran’s Blade on your first base with Graves.

Mid Lane Updates: Shifts in Champion Priority

The changes in the recent patch have brought some notable shifts in the mid lane. Our earlier predictions about Aurelion Sol and Kassadin have proven to be accurate, as these two champions have greatly benefited from the anti-snowball changes due to their strong scaling abilities.

Mid Lane Tier Adjustments

With these adjustments, both Aurelion Sol and Kassadin have secured their places in the highly coveted OP tier for the mid lane. Additionally, this patch has witnessed significant movement in the mid lane tier list, with Vex, Kassadin, and Aurelion Sol taking the spotlight. However, one champion that may have been underestimated before the patch is Ziggs.

Special Mention: Ziggs

Ziggs has long remained rather average in terms of performance, but the buffs introduced in this patch have finally rejuvenated his relevance in the mid lane. It is quite astonishing to admit considering his prolonged weakness in this role, but Ziggs will now be elevated to the prestigious S tier for the mid lane in patch 13.20. Notable mid-lane bans for this patch include Vex, Kassadin, and Aurelion Sol.

ADC Patch 13.20: Major Changes and Adaptations

This patch has brought about notable transformations in the ADC meta. Champions like Jinx have experienced a remarkable comeback, primarily due to the advantageous impact of the anti-snowball changes. These alterations have provided a favorable environment for champions that excel in scaling during the mid and late game, allowing them to exert a more substantial influence in skirmishes and team fights.

Jinx: A Dominant Force in the Meta

Exceeding our initial expectations and making a big push back into the ADC meta for this patch is Jinx. We had moved Jinx up into the ADC A tier for the pre-patch tier list, but a push into OP tier is warranted with how impactful the changes have turned out. The slower early game where champions can scale into the mid-game seems to particularly favor Jinx, amplifying her mid-game impact substantially.

Adjustments and Shifts in the ADC Tier List

Shifting focus to the ADC tier list, we’re making a few tweaks for the mid-patch update. In a notable change, Ashe will no longer hold a spot in the ADC OP tier after many months of dominance. This particular champion has experienced a decline in power in light of the recent anti-snowball alterations, hampering her ability to bully in the lane and ultimately making her less impactful compared to scaling counterparts such as Vayne.

Itemization: The Rise of Doran’s Blade

An important note in this patch is the highlighted effectiveness of Doran’s Blade as the best starting item in most ADC matchups. This preference over other starting items like Cull and Long Sword appears to be quite significant in influencing the win rates of ADC champions in the current patch.

Optimal Picks and Bans in the Current ADC Meta

In the current patch, with the adjustments made, champions like Kai’Sa, Vayne, and Ezreal have risen in prominence as strong bot lane bans. These champions excel in scaling and can become formidable threats in the late game. Bans on them can limit the chances of facing highly mobile and damage-dealing opponents.

Patch 13.20: Impact on Support Champions and Tier Adjustments

This discussion revolves around the modifications in the 13.20 patch and its impact, particularly focusing on the performance and tier adjustments of support champions, considering the buffs and anti-snowball changes introduced in this patch.

Milio: Surging through the Tiers

For 13.20, an underestimation was made regarding Milio. The buffs focused on mid to late game power, showing significant impact in conjunction with the anti-snowball changes. Milio received notable improvements in shielding and passive changes, increasing his relevance and power, positioning him deservingly higher in the tier list.

Assessment of Support Meta

The support meta has seen significant changes in recent times, with champions like Milio, Zyra, Blitzcrank, and Senna solidifying their positions at the top tier. Senna, in particular, has experienced a spike in win rate thanks to indirect changes and item buffs, making her a formidable carry in the support role.

Subtle Shifts in the Meta

There have also been some subtle shifts in the meta. Enchanters such as Sona, Janna, and Saraka have made a comeback, benefiting from the anti-snowball changes. On the other hand, melee supports like Leona and Nautilus have seen a decline in performance due to starting item modifications that have affected their early game kill threats.

Band and Optimal Picks

In terms of ban and optimal picks, Senna and Blitzcrank are key bans in this patch, while Zyra has emerged as a preferable low ELO carry. The patch changes have played a crucial role in reshaping the support champion meta, tier placements, and their overall effectiveness in games.

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