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New Updated Tier List for Patch 14.6

The significant changes in 14.6 have notably impacted the ADC role. Previously dominant strategies involving Smolder have been significantly weakened due to nerfs, while many crit-centric ADCs have gained strength. An updated tier list for every role has been compiled to reflect these shifts.

Meta Shift in Top Lane

Rexite, after recent updates, has emerged as a formidable top laner in 14.6. Previously, patch 14.4 brought significant changes to Rexite’s passive health healing ratio, enhancing viability for full tank builds. This setup has become popular in top lane play, particularly utilizing a build strategy focusing on early Sunfire purchase followed by Spirit Visage to maximize tankiness and healing effects. For those facing teams with significant magic damage, incorporating Spirit Visage early is advisable. Despite Rexite’s current low play rate in top lane, her effectiveness makes her a strong pick likely to receive future nerfs.

Rexite’s Top Lane Strategy

The current popular build for Rexite in top lane involves an initial focus on Sunfire, followed by Spirit Visage and Sterak’s Gage, optimizing her tankiness and healing capabilities. An alternative for added damage is the inclusion of Stride Breaker as a secondary item. The preferred rune setup includes Grasp of the Undying with Demolish, Second Wind, and Overgrowth, supplemented by Tenacity and Coup de Grace for secondary runes. Given her power and potential upcoming adjustments, it is an opportune time to explore Rexite’s capabilities in the top lane.

Top Lane Tier Adjustments

Apart from Rexite’s rise in the top lane meta, the overall tier list for the role remains largely unchanged. As new strategies and champions gain prominence, it’s crucial to stay informed and adapt to maintain competitiveness. Exploring new and emerging builds can provide a strategic advantage, making it essential to keep up with the latest developments and potential shifts in the tier list.

Future Meta Predictions

Looking ahead, the top lane meta is expected to evolve, with potential nerfs targeting dominant strategies and champions such as Rexite. Staying ahead of these changes by anticipating shifts and adjusting strategies accordingly will be key for players aiming to optimize their performance in upcoming patches.

Urgot’s Dominance and Tank Champions in the Top Lane

Urgot remains a top contender in the current meta, justifying his position in the OP tier. Tanks like Mundo, Tom Kench, and Zac have risen in viability in the top lane due to recent buffs to Sunfire Aegis and Heartsteel. Conversely, champions like Top Lane Smolder have experienced significant nerfs, reducing their viability and pushing them down to C tier. The base attack speed buff to Trendir, along with enhancements to Quick Blades, has revitalized his gameplay, moving him up to A tier.

Mid-Patch Adjustments and Predictions

Other top laners like Shen, Cho’Gath, Volibear, Gragas, and Sion have experienced changes in 14.6, but these adjustments aligned with predictions, resulting in no further tier movements mid-patch. The significant development in the jungle has been Diana’s heavy buffs, which catapulted her from one of the weakest to a robust solo queue option, emphasizing a Nashor’s Tooth rush to maximize attack speed buffs.

Jungle Changes and Impact in 14.6

Diana’s resurgence in the jungle is noteworthy, with an optimal item build of Nashor’s Tooth followed by Lich Bane, creating a powerful two-item spike conducive to both burst and sustained fights. Despite perceived minor nerfs and placebo changes to other junglers, Volibear maintains his top position in the OP tier. Changes to other champions like Brier and Graves have been analyzed, with adjustments made to reflect their current status and performance after initial disturbances like the Ghostblade bug.

Adjustments and Analysis of Current Jungle Meta

The jungle tier list continues to evolve with changes such as those affecting Brier, moving her to S tier due to her adaptation to the Eclipse build, which significantly enhances her win rate. Graves, despite a temporary dip in win rate caused by a bug, will not be moved down the tier list. However, Kane’s adjustments have pushed him further down, especially Blue Kane, whose nerfs have been substantial. Red Kane, now focusing on different build strategies due to the 14.6 nerfs, illustrates the ongoing complexity of rating such versatile champions in the current meta.

Mid Lane Meta and Champion Adjustments

In the recent updates, blue Kane has been rated as C tier and red Kane as A tier, leading to a compromise placement in B tier. AP Gallo has significantly weakened in 14.6, losing a considerable amount of damage from his full burst combo. Early analyses suggest that W max first on Gallo is outperforming Q max, hinting at a potential shift toward a tankier Gallo build. The viability of Gallo remains conditional, suitable mainly against magic-dominant enemy compositions. This has notably reduced his viability as a blind pick, placing him in the B tier.

Karma’s Decline and Mid Lane Dynamics

The mid lane has seen stark contrasts in performance, especially with Karma who has been heavily affected by nerfs. Previously a strong pick, Karma has now fallen to a B tier position. On the other hand, champions like Arya maintain a stranglehold on the OP tier due to unmatched power levels. The current meta continues to evolve, with only minimal changes outside these notable shifts. This reflects the dynamic nature of the mid lane, where slight adjustments can significantly influence champion viability.

Item Impact on Mid Lane Champions

Despite buffs to Infinity Edge, champions like Yoni and Yasu have experienced only minimal increases in strength, indicating that these changes were insufficient to significantly alter their standings on the tier list. Meanwhile, the continued decline of Smolder in the mid lane, with a significant drop in win rate, underscores the importance of adapting to meta changes. Players who previously utilized Smolder are advised to consider other options due to his diminished effectiveness.

ADC Role Updates and Champion Movement

The ADC role remains vibrant with discussions around optimal item builds, particularly between Infinity Edge and Quick Blades. Both items have received buffs, enhancing the overall strength of champions like Zer. This patch has prompted a reassessment of the ADC tier list, with Zer making a notable climb. This change reflects the continuous adaptation required by players to stay competitive within the evolving game meta.

ADC Build Efficiency and Meta Shifts

ADCs that can utilize Static Shiv are gaining strength, particularly Zer with a build path including Shiv into Hurricane. This budget-friendly mid-game spike, costing a total of 5,500 gold, offers significant advantages over other builds like Kog’Maw’s, which reach 6,200 gold. The presence of enchanters like Janna, Lulu, and Milio in the support role further enhances Zer’s effectiveness in solo queue, leading to her promotion from A to S tier.

Support Role Dynamics and Enchanters’ Impact

The current meta sees enchanters gaining popularity, with Janna emerging as a top pick and Lulu and Milio experiencing win rate spikes. This trend benefits ADCs like Zer, who perform better in solo queue when paired with enchanters rather than melee engage supports. The synergy between ADCs and their support influences tier placements and strategies, highlighting the importance of team composition in maximizing an ADC’s effectiveness.

Itemization and Cost Efficiency in ADC Builds

The cost efficiency of ADC builds is crucial, especially with the introduction of cheaper item paths like the Static Shiv and Hurricane combination. This economical approach allows ADCs like Zer to achieve power spikes sooner, making them formidable in the mid-game. Comparatively, more expensive builds delay significant power boosts, affecting gameplay and overall impact on matches.

Tier Adjustments and Predictions for ADCs

As item builds and support synergies evolve, the ADC tier list is seeing significant changes. Aelios, benefiting from the Static Shiv rush and Infinity Edge buff, is witnessing a resurgence in popularity. His current win rate and emerging prominence in professional play might prompt future nerfs. For players fond of Aelios, the current meta presents an optimal time to utilize his strengths before potential adjustments.

ADC Itemization and Meta Shifts

ADCs like Zia, who typically build Quick Blades and Lord Dominik’s Regards, have benefited from the recent buffs, with Zia herself moving up from B tier to A tier. This reflects a broader shift in the ADC meta, which now favors champions that can effectively utilize these enhanced items.

Support Meta Evolution and Tier Adjustments

The support meta has evolved significantly, with a shift towards enchanters like Lulu, who has seen a considerable increase in win rate when paired with top-tier ADCs. This change has propelled Lulu into the S tier, indicating a meaningful shift in support strategies that emphasize synergy with powerful ADCs.

Support Meta Evolution in Season 14

Throughout the first five patches of the season, Maai dominated the support role. However, the landscape has since shifted to include a more diverse mix of champions. Enchanters such as Lulu, Milio, and Saraka have risen to prominence, balancing the field between melee supports and enchanters. This shift means players should have both types of supports in their repertoire to adapt to varying ADC preferences, from hyperscalers like Kaga or Jinx to more aggressive early-game champions like Draven or Lucian.

Increasing Variety in Support Picks

The variety in viable support champions has significantly increased. Initially, Janna was the only enchanter rated in the S tier or above, but now others like Lulu, Milio, and Saraka have joined her. This change has reduced Maai’s previous dominance, making the support role more strategic and varied in team composition choices.

Strategic Adaptations for Support Players

For support players looking to optimize their impact, adapting to the ADC’s play style is crucial. Whether the ADC prefers a hyperscaler requiring protective enchanters or an aggressive early-game champion best supported by melee characters, having a flexible champion pool can be highly beneficial.

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