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New Updated Tier List for Patch 13.22

Greetings to all readers! Today, we delve into the latest mid-patch tier list, specifically focusing on the developments of patch 13.22. This update is enriched by insights from Challenger-level players who have keenly analyzed the evolving meta.

Mid Patch Tier List Update for Patch 13.22

A standout in the top lane is Ahri, who has become a notable pick due to the recent аttack Speed Enhancements. Contrary to traditional AP builds, players are now opting for a full AD Build, reminiscent of the AD LeBlanc trend. This includes an initial Static Shiv, followed by Trinity Force and Stormrazer.

Fleet Footwork is the primary rune choice, complemented by the Resolve tree for secondary runes, emphasizing Demolish to bolster split-pushing capabilities. An essential strategy shift is the prioritization of maxing Ahri’s W over her Q, leveraging Shiv’s wave-clearing strength to focus on more consistent damage output.

Ahri Top Lane Strategy

So, how competitive is Ahri top, though? Is this a build that should only be played by pro players, or is it viable for solo Q too? It is definitely a riskier pick that has very little margin for error.

If you want to succeed on it, you’re building AD and are playing to be a strong split push threat. So, if you fall behind the curve early on, there’s really no coming back. Even if you eventually get your items, you have to snowball early on with Ahri top, which doesn’t make her the greatest pick for the average player.

We wanted to make you guys aware of Ahri top because it is seeing a lot more play this patch, but we would recommend staying away unless you are really competent with your Ahri, as it’s being placed in the top lane meta now.

Countering Tanks with Vayne

Currently, Vayne emerges as a highly effective counter against the increasingly popular tank champions in recent updates. Boasting a win rate exceeding 54% against tank matchups, Vayne proves to be a solid choice for players struggling against these buffed champions. For top lane gameplay, rather than the typical Static Shiv rush seen in bot lane, focusing on an early Blade of the Ruined King proves more advantageous. This strategy enhances Vayne’s ability to effectively combat tank opponents.

Top Lane Meta and Vayne’s Rise in 13.22

In the current top lane meta, Vayne is becoming increasingly valuable, especially against the rising trend of health-focused melee champions.

For players considering Vayne in the top lane, the go-to secondary item should be Trinity Force, which outperforms Rageblade in this context. The preferred Keystone Rune for Vayne is Lethal Tempo, complemented by the Resolve tree for secondary runes.

Vayne’s adaptation to the top lane has been so successful that she’s secured a spot in the S tier for the 13.22 patch. This update didn’t bring significant changes to the top lane, maintaining a similar tier list to the pre-patch period.

Champions like Malphite, Nasus, and Ornn have become top contenders, with Nasus and Ornn gaining considerable strength from the recent changes aimed at reducing snowballing, while Malphite continues to be a reliable choice in the top lane due to his sustained effectiveness over recent updates.

Top Lane Tier List Adjustments

A notable change in the top lane rankings is the repositioning of Tahm Kench, who has moved from S to A tier. The impact of the nerfs was more substantial than anticipated, diminishing his status as a top-tier carry that he held in patch 13.21. For those looking to optimize their top lane strategies, prioritizing bans against champions like Camille, Aatrox, and Malphite could be beneficial. Additionally, for players aiming to advance quickly in lower ELOs, focusing on champions such as Mundo, Nasus, or Garen is recommended.

Brier’s Resilience in the Meta

Brier’s resilience in the face of consecutive nerfs presents an interesting case. Despite significant reductions in her scaling power in this patch, her win rate remains unaffected. A deeper analysis reveals that Riot implemented over seven bug fixes for Brier, as indicated in the patch notes. These fixes, while intended as nerfs, have inadvertently balanced out her power levels, maintaining her as a formidable jungler in the game’s current meta.

Impact of Mage Attack Speed Buffs on Junglers

One of the biggest winners from the mage attack speed buffs was not actually a champion played in the mid lane, but instead a jungler, being Tia. The base attack speed buff is actually huge for Tia in the jungle because it allows her to clear camps a bit faster. In the mid lane, you may be throwing in the odd auto attack or two during a trade, but in the jungle, you’re literally autoing all the time, which makes this buff way more impactful.

Impact of Attack Speed Buffs on Jungle and Mid Lane Meta

Tia Jungle has experienced an impressive gain in her win rate, showing an increase of over 1%. This improvement is particularly noteworthy as the recent buff wasn’t primarily targeted at enhancing Tia Jungle’s capabilities. Due to this positive change, Tia is set to climb the ranks in the mid-patch tier list, moving from tier A to S.

In examining the overall jungle tier list, it’s evident that Brier, Nocturn, and Jarvan are dominating as the top-tier junglers. On the other hand, Graves, who underwent nerfs in this patch, has performed as predicted. Although still a strong choice for jungling, Graves now ranks slightly below the top-tier junglers, securing a place in the S tier.

Additionally, Rammus has benefitted greatly from the recent buffs, significantly enhancing his effectiveness in the jungle. These changes have made him an especially potent choice for players in lower ranks, marking his return as a top contender in the jungle role.

Jungle Tier List and Recommendations

If you want to climb out of low ELO from the jungle, our new website course provides you with the exact blueprint, and it has just been uploaded for you guys. There’s actually a pretty good mix of AP and AD junglers to choose from in the current meta right now. You’ve got Brier, Nocturn, and Jarvan leading the way for your physical damage carries. Tia and Morana, both buffed over the past few patches, are amazing magic damage carries and should not be slept on. Morgana is exceptionally strong for the lower ranks in 13.22, while Shyvana and Nocturn are also great options. A few of the best jungle bans for the patch include Brier, Jarvan, and Evelynn.

Mid Lane Changes and Mage Buffs

So, the big mid-lane changes this patch were the attack speed buffs to many mages, and one mage who is looking much stronger as a result is Anivia. Anivia has always been one of the more difficult mid-lane champions to CS with, just because her auto-attack animation is quite slow, which makes timing your CS more difficult than the average champ. By increasing Anivia’s base attack speed, this makes securing farm a little easier early on in lane. A buff like this may seem kind of worthless for a mage on paper, but if it ends up helping you secure even a few extra CS in lane, that can make a big difference in completing a key item like Rod of Ages a bit faster.

Specific Mage Buffs and Their Effects

Despite the recent attack speed buff, it appears that choosing the attack speed shard in runes remains more advantageous than opting for adaptive damage. Initially, it was speculated that the attack speed boost might eliminate the need for the attack speed rune, but this hasn’t been the case. Consequently, Anivia has emerged as a surprisingly effective mid-lane champion in patch 13.22, securing her place in the S tier.

LeBlanc, too, has seen significant benefits from the attack speed buffs, experiencing approximately a 1% increase in win rate—a notable improvement compared to other mages. This enhancement can be attributed to the fact that LeBlanc received dual buffs: not only to her base attack speed but also to her attack speed ratio, unlike Anivia, who only received a base attack speed increase.

Mid-Patch Update: Changes in League of Legends Meta

Following the recent game changes, a segment of players has reverted to using Statikk Shiv, but this approach doesn’t match the efficiency of the conventional AP build featuring Luden’s Rush, even considering the new buffs. LeBlanc’s standing in the game, despite these adjustments, hasn’t improved enough to significantly boost her presence in the meta. However, she’s advancing from the C tier to B tier in the mid-patch update for the mid lane tier list, reflecting a moderate improvement.

As things are progressing, the attack speed enhancements have reinforced Orianna and Syndra’s positions as leading carry champions in the current meta. Brand, in particular, has benefited more in the mid lane role than as a support in patch 13.22. This is largely due to Riot’s increase in the scaling power of Brand’s E, along with the easier access to levels and gold in the mid lane, which maximizes the impact of these buffs. Mid lane Brand players have recently preferred to max E second, and these latest changes have further amplified his mid-game effectiveness.

Mid Lane Meta and Champion Recommendations

For those seeking to enhance their mid lane roster with an effective team fight mage, Brand in the mid lane is currently an underutilized choice, particularly excelling in lower ELO play. When it comes to strategic bans in the mid lane for the 13.22 patch, focusing on champions like Orianna, Neeko, and Sylas could be advantageous. Additionally, for players in lower ELO, champions such as Malzahar, Aurelion Sol, and Neeko are emerging as top picks.

ADC Meta and Bot Lane Strategy

In terms of ADC gameplay, the meta remains consistent with the pre-patch phase. Ziggs and Vayne continue to be top choices as ADCs. Despite the nerfs, Ziggs maintains his strong position due to his substantial range and poke capabilities, making him a highly reliable choice for the bot lane. Similarly, Vayne, although slightly weakened by the nerfs, still retains her S tier status, indicating minimal impact on her overall strength in the current meta.

Support Changes and Janna’s New Playstyle

For bot lane bans, Jinx, Vayne, and Ziggs are currently the advisable choices. If you’re aiming to advance rapidly from lower ELO in the bot lane, consider picking champions like Ziggs, Miss Fortune, or Jinx. A major update in the support role is the change to Janna, significantly altering her gameplay style. Contrary to previous expectations, rushing Imperial Mandate has proven to be highly effective, with Shurelya’s as a potential secondary choice. This change in build strategy is complemented by a new optimal skill order for Janna, deviating from the previously favored E max first to a different approach following the 13.22 patch.

Janna’s Rising Dominance in the Support Role

Now though, as W max first is outperforming E max by a long shot—it’s actually about a 3% gap—so if more players were utilizing this skill order, Janna’s win rate would be much higher right now. W max with Mandate rush is just so great because you can carry not only through Janna’s excellent peel power but through being a legitimate damage source as well. A lot of stat sites have Janna at around a 50% win rate right now, but don’t be fooled by that. We believe she is much stronger than an average support once players catch onto her optimal setup, and therefore, we have rated her as an S-tier support.

Support Tier List and Recommendations

So, taking a look at the support tier list, the OP tier will consist of three champions, being Zyra, Blitzcrank, and Rakan. Senna was the one support nerfed for 13.22, and we dropped her into the S tier during our pre-patch tier list. That was the correct course of action, as the champion has lost a good chunk of power relative to where she was in 13.21. Remember though, Senna was completely nuts last patch, so even though the nerfs have seen her lose a few percentage points off her win rate, she’s still in a great spot relative to all other supports.

Senna’s Current Performance and Optimal Build

The craziest thing about Senna right now is that she’s performing this well without most players even running the optimal build. Ghostblade has been heavily outperforming Eclipse ever since the 13.20 buffs, but only 20% of Senna players are building the item. Nearly all pro Senna players have swapped over to Ghostblade, so if you still haven’t tried out the core of Umbral into Ghostblade, definitely give it a shot. Supports that should be highest on your ban list for 13.22 include Blitzcrank, Blitzcrank, and Rakan.

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