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Patch 14.11 Tier List Changes

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Patch 14.11 Tier List Changes

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Patch 14.11 brings significant changes, including champion buffs, nerfs, AD carry item adjustments, and updates to turret fortifications. Check the guide for the latest meta shifts.
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Hey everyone. Patch 14.11 is the first major patch of Split 2, and it’s been a pretty interesting split so far with plenty of S tier picks. Some Champions have not been having the most fun, and overall, there has been a big shift and a ton of change. In this patch, we’re mostly seeing champion buffs and nerfs, along with some AD carry item nerfs and some turret fortification changes to stop all of that lane swapping in pro play. We’re going to start off with the top lane as always.

Top Lane Adjustments

The Champions affected here are Gangplank, Nasus, Pantheon, Camille, Singed, Aelia, Morisa, Or, and Kante. Gangplank has been a bit down in the dumps since the Split Two patch went live, so he’s getting buffs this patch to his HP and armor growth. This definitely is not going to make him broken by any means, but it is a nice little boost, which he definitely needs. We’ve moved him up from C to B for now, but unless there is a crazy OP build that comes around, he won’t be moving up from there for the time being.

Nasus Enhancements

Nasus could be a much stronger pick this patch with buffs to his AD growth, as well as his E’s mana cost and armor reduction. We aren’t going to bump him up any tiers just yet because he is very matchup and drive specific, but in those games where he is a great and viable pick, he’ll just be even better now.

Pantheon’s Updates

Pantheon gets some interesting changes here with some max HP damage, some resistances on his E, and then some random AP ratios too. To be honest, Pantheon’s stats do look pretty average, but those that really know how to abuse him have been doing so for a while now. So, with these buffs, he’s only going to get better, and therefore, we have bumped him up to the A tier.

Camille’s Current Status

Camille has been an absolute machine in the top lane so far this split, and for the majority of the season 2024 in general. Now she’s had some nerfs to her Q’s movement speed and her ultimate damage, but to be honest, we just don’t see these changes making as much of a difference as she needs. Camille has some crazy bursts with her Q, she’s got great trading and laning mobility, and her ultimate will still be an amazing tool to shut down those fed AD carries, so she’s going to stay in the S tier this patch.

Top Lane and Jungle Updates

So, he gets a buff to his AD growth and his Q’s AD scaling. Singed receives some buffs to his ultimate cooldown and his Q’s poison AP ratio. Morisa gets more nerfs to his passive but even more buffs in the jungle. Aurelia gets her health growth reduced after a very strong start to Split Two. Cante gets yet another round of tweaks, and Or can now make pretty much all legendary items into his upgraded items too.

S Tier Champions

Let’s have a look at the tier list, and in the S tier, we have Camille, Fiora, Gragas, Gwen, Aelia, Kenan, Poppy, Set, Scarner, Trendir, and Zach. Yes, that is quite a few picks to choose from, and these are just super strong in the right matchups, which is pretty much what the Top Lane is all about. There’s a mixture here of consistent blind pick Champions like Gragas and Poppy, and then some more counter-picking machines like Gwen, Kenan, and AA. Scarner continues to maintain a very impressive success rate up here in the Top Lane at the moment, and as we mentioned already, despite her nerfs, we think Camille is here to stay.

Jungle Dynamics

Well, now let’s take a look at the jungle, and the Champions affected here are Kix, Master Yi, Carus, Morisa, and Tiia. Kus has definitely been on the strong side so far this split, with the addition of Blackfire Torch, and he’s been having some unbelievable numbers in the jungle and the bot lane, and even a little bit in the mid lane too. He just packs a ridiculous amount of damage, spikes earlier now, and still scales incredibly hard, so it was expected to see some nerfs. But don’t get too excited because his Q’s base damage is only going from 45 to 125 to 43 to 119, which probably isn’t even going to scratch the surface.

Adjustments in Champion Performance

Tiia has been another user and abuser of the Blackfire Torch, and generally, she’s just been a real force in both the jungle and the mid lane this patch. Her damage per rock is being nerfed marginally, which again, we don’t feel like is enough to bring her out of the EST. Kix, unfortunately, hasn’t had the greatest time in this split so far, so this patch, he gets some extra base damage on his Q, which could actually be just enough to really help him out. Master Yi is another jungler who’s just been a bit panted recently, so this patch, he gets some buffs to his health growth, armor growth, AD growth, and attack speed growth too.

Jungle Impact and Mid Lane Dynamics

We’re going to have to wait and see how this one plays out. He’s been below a 50% win rate for the last few weeks, and let’s see if these changes are enough to bring him back up into the A tier. So, how do these jungle changes affect our tier list? Well, in the S tier, we have Carus, Kindred, Nidle, Nocturn, Rex, Siiz, Scarner, Tia, Vigo, and Zinou. Blackfire Torch has made the jungle very AP-heavy right now, with Carus, Tia, Brand, and even Rumble and Morana proving to be very viable picks here. With all of the choices having very rapid jungle clears, great ganks, and crazy scaling, Vio and Zhia continue to be very popular in the jungle too, racking up a ton of games with amazing stats across the board.

Mid Lane Shifts

Nocturn makes a return to the yes-tier here after an impressive split two so far in the first few weeks, and Kha’zix moves back up to the A tier with those buffs to his Q. Well, let’s get into the mid lane then. The Champions changed here are pretty much just H, Aurelia, Andia. As we mentioned earlier, Aurelia got minor nerfs to her health growth, so she’s going to stay in the S tier. Tia, we’ve also covered in the jungle section, but seeing as she’s just been so damn strong in both roles recently, she stays in the S tier where she belongs.

Mid Lane Contenders

Q has always been a very scary pick at higher ranks in the right hand, but recently he’s been more consistent and proving to be a top pick across the board. He has been super contested with a massive amount of games, and that’s not really too surprising because he’s very fun to play this patch. Whei has had his Q’s max HP damage nerf slightly, and his Q’s max AP ratio reduced. Overall, though, he still has a ton to offer, and these nerfs are probably pretty expected but also not too harsh. He’s still probably going to be one-shotting carries from three screens away, wave clearing lanes in a matter of seconds, and dishing out some crazy AOE damage throughout games.

Midlane Tier Overview

So if you are having some good results with Whei this split so far, don’t stop playing him anytime soon. Onto the midlane tier list then, and in the S tier, we have Ahri, Aan, Copia, Whei, Aurelia, Lux, Silus, Toa, Twisted Fate, and Vex. Ahri is going to keep her spot here despite dropping down a little bit recently, but when you look at just how popular and how consistent she has been, it’s clear why she remains a top pick.

Mid Lane Updates

Lux has made a bit of a comeback in the last few weeks with the changes to Luden’s Companion. She’s really shot back up again with fantastic wave clear and huge burst damage. LeBlanc will stay in the B tier here, but in high Elo, she’s really bounced back again, becoming much more popular and very hard to beat in the laning phase. Speaking of high Elo, a car is also an S-tier terror in those top ranks, but for the majority of players, she remains a solid A-tier pick. Yasuo and Yone continue to be pretty underwhelming so far in this rank split, so let’s see what Riot has in store for them in the next few patches.

AD Carries in Bot Lane

Now let’s have a look at the AD carries in the bot lane, which has been the main topic of Split 2 so far, with so much change happening here. Both The Collector and Infinity Edge are getting nerfed this patch, which does make sense because these two items have basically defined the meta so far. Infinity Edge will lose 10% of its crit damage, and The Collector loses three lethality. Immortal Shieldbow also gets a nice buff to its shield. Essence Reaver costs 100 gold less, and Static Shiv gets a few buffs too.

Caitlyn’s Impact

Caitlyn has genuinely been one of the best Champions in the game this split so far, with some absolutely absurd damage, allowing her to basically one-shot enemy carries with one Rapid Fire Cannon headshot in the late game. Her W and Q combos, alongside those headshots, are just dealing some ridiculous damage. So, what are they changing? Well, they’re nerfing her W’s bonus AD ratio and her ultimate’s bonus AD ratio too, but they are buffing her attack speed ratio at the same time. Yes, these are mostly nerfs; however, it’s actually a small buff to her early game because now she’ll have some more attack speed, and you won’t really be relying on your ultimate as much until the mid-game onwards.

Changes in AD Carry Dynamics

The changes that are really going to make a difference for Caitlyn are the W’s damage ratio as well as the nerfs to IE and Collector. But despite these changes, we do think she’s going to continue to be one of the best and most contested AD carries in the game. Speaking of popular picks, Jinx is the most popular pick in the bot lane at every single rank, with the highest win rates across the board. This week, she’s getting her AD per level nerfed. Now, we really can’t judge how much this will hurt her until we see it go live. Therefore, due to how crazy Jinx has been recently, she’s going to stay in the S tier. Now, Draven was completely busted when Split 2 first hit live, and he was one of the main Champions who got hit with the initial nerfs.

Draven’s Adjustment in the Meta

Draven received hotfix nerfs a day after the patch; however, he went from a 53% win rate all the way down to 46% after these nerfs, and it has taken a while for him to balance back out again. Over the last few weeks, Draven is still winning a ton of games in high Elo, as those one-trick players are still stomping lanes and farming LP. This patch, his adoration passive stacks lost on death have been buffed from 75% down to 50%, and his base gold per kill also went up. These buffs aren’t going to change any of his laning or damage, but it does mean he’ll be harder to punish and probably means he will get stronger more consistently. We’re going to keep Draven in the A tier here, and in the S tier in high Elo.

AD Carry Tier Adjustments

So, let’s see how the AD carry tier list is shaping up. In the S tier, we have Ashe, Caitlyn, Jhin, Jinx, and Carus. Many AD carries will be affected by the Collector and Infinity Edge nerfs, like Samira, AOS, JY, and Caitlyn, but it all depends on how these items still perform. We think the meta will still revolve around Infinity Edge, and those that use Collector have plenty of alternatives. For example, Jhin can just rush IE into Rapid Fire and Lord Dom’s, and we’ll probably see some more of the other lethality item opportunities.

Corki’s Rising Popularity

Speaking of this item, Corki has been massively on the rise with that lethality into crit build based around Hail of Blades and maxing his E, which deals some pretty bonkers early game damage, but he also scales really hard too. Hail of Blades is one rune we expect to get nerfed against soon. The bot lane picks like Varus, alongside Ashe support, and then Kist and Corki, they’re all winning a lot of lanes at the moment in high Elo.

Support Meta Developments

Now, let’s finish off with those supports, and the Champions being affected here are simply just Lulu and Nami. The meta has been heavily based around engaging, tanky, or hook supports in the last few weeks, so enchanters have taken a bit of a step back. Lulu has still been a great A-tier pick in the right games though, and now she’s getting her ultimate knockup duration up from 0.75 seconds to 1 second, and the cooldown is being lowered too, with 20 seconds off at just rank one. This isn’t going to make Lulu suddenly a perma blind pick auto-lock in every single game, but it just means in those games where she’s the perfect fit, she’ll be even harder to beat. Nami has been a really consistent A-tier pick too, especially with certain synergies like Lucian, Ki, and even Brand. This patch, she’s getting some buffs to her base AD, less mana late game on her W, and a flat buff to her ultimate’s slow at early levels. She’s been in a pretty good spot for a while now, so these buffs will just improve that further.

Nami as a Versatile Support

Nami is one of those Champions that just has everything you need from your support: CC, peels, buffs, boosts, and protection. So, if you are looking for a new main support champion to play, give Nami another go.

Support Tier List for Patch 14.11

Now let’s have a look at the support tier list then for patch 14.11. In the S tier, we have Blitzcrank, Braum, Janna, Leona, Nami, Pyke, Rakan, Rell, and Thresh. As we have mentioned already, the meta here revolves around engaging, aggressive, tanky supports who can dictate games with their 2v2s, their roaming, and their ability to set up fights.

Top Support Picks in Detail

Nautilus has probably been one of the most popular and one of the most impressive supports in the game so far in Split 2 across every single rank. Braum and Leona have quietly climbed up into two very strong, contested picks as well, and Braum is just such a great counter to so many different matchups. Pyke is still super scary in the right hands but definitely takes some more practice than some others, and Janna is still doing the things Janna does best, which is winning solo queue games.

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