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10 Broken Champions In 14.7

Patch 14.7 has brought some much-needed changes, as many of the previously oppressive champions have been significantly weakened, while those excessively nerfed by Riot have seen some improvements. This patch’s top 10 champions, ideal for farming champions, are listed here. Always remember to support your fellow gamers by sharing any underrated champions you know of in Patch 14.7, starting with the top lane.

Top Lane Dominance

In the top lane, AOT remains a formidable choice, maintaining a 53% win rate with few challenging matchups. This champion can dominate from level one with his explosive capabilities for damage and range, posing a significant challenge for all current top laners. The remarkable aspect of AOT is that every new item, even simple tier 2 boots, marks a substantial power increase.

The ideal first item would be Hull Breer, providing significant laning stats in AD and HP, and enhancing turret destruction capabilities if opponents are unprepared. Following up with a Black Cleaver transforms AOT into a top lane terror, capable of wreaking havoc across the map. Although AOT may be tricky for new players, many high ELO players stream their gameplay, offering an opportunity to learn. Alternatively, one can visit educational sites like for detailed guides on mastering AOT.

Poppy’s New Build

Poppy has adapted to a new build that not only allows her to absorb substantial damage but also to deal it effectively. This build, involving Eclipse and Fimblewinter, synergizes perfectly with her kit. Poppy’s typical E into Q combo, a two-part attack, activates the passives of these items, providing both Eclipse’s shield and damage, and a Fimblewinter shield triggered by the CC from either her E or Q. With Poppy’s naturally robust stats, delaying the acquisition of armor and MR allows her to dominate both lane and team fights.

Ivern in the Jungle

Many players are hesitant to learn Ivern, but those seeking a boost in champions should consider picking him for jungle duty. With a remarkable 55.7% win rate, this tree-themed champion is dominating with his ability to utilize cost-effective support items like an early Redemption or Athene’s Unholy Grail. Ivern excels in clearing and providing utility across the map.

Upon reaching level six, Daisy becomes a force on her own, capable of solo engagements with her disruptive knockups and punches. Unlike traditional junglers whose paths might be predictable, Ivern’s flexibility allows him to move unexpectedly across the map, aiding wherever necessary. For those interested in mastering Ivern, following streamers like Jama Banana can provide insightful gameplay tips.

Update on Skarner

Following his recent rework, we at Gamleaper are still evaluating Skarner. As of now, he presents a compelling kit as a tank with engaging mechanics. However, extensive testing is still required to optimize builds, ability leveling, and understanding his power spikes. Keep an eye on upcoming content as we delve deeper into Skarner’s potential in the current meta.

Mid Lane Dynamics

Mid Lane dynamics remain relatively unchanged, with Ahri continuing to dominate as a laner. Her ability to consistently outmaneuver opponents through skillful use of her abilities makes her a formidable presence. Ahri can easily control the lane by utilizing her Q to win trades and activating Electrocute with a simple auto-attack and W combo. Despite the seeming imbalance, she remains potent without substantial counterpicks, allowing players to exploit her strengths. Opting for item builds like Lich Bane or Liandry’s Torment can significantly enhance her impact, making her an excellent choice for those looking to climb the ranks.

Ahri’s Gameplay Tips

A common mistake among Ahri players is not incorporating enough auto-attacks between her spells and dashes. To optimize Ahri’s combo efficiency, we recommend choosing the attack speed shard over double adaptive runes. This adjustment ensures smoother transitions between her abilities, particularly when using Lich Bane, as it allows for an auto-attack to be woven in after each dash and spell cast, enhancing her overall damage output.

Rising Star: Akshan

Akshan has quickly climbed to the top of the mid Lane rankings due to his exceptional gap-closing capabilities and control over mage opponents. The key to Akshan’s oppressive playstyle lies within his kit, particularly his wave-clearing ability and the tactical advantages it offers, allowing him to maintain pressure and secure victories efficiently.

Akshan’s Mid Lane Strategy

Akshan’s ability to clear waves quickly with his Q is crucial in the current meta, where rapid action and mobility are key. By using his ability to roam and empower teammates before enemy mages scale with two or three items, you can frequently secure victories. Furthermore, the effectiveness of Akshan in mid Lane is also due to his passive; the shield from the three-auto attack proc allows him to absorb significant damage and win numerous trades, making him a formidable opponent.

Comparison with Tristana

Similar to Akshan, Tristana excels in mid Lane through her ability to roam and push lanes. Her kit, particularly the passive from her Explosive Charge, enables aggressive lane shoving and powerful all-ins. Depending on your playstyle, Hail of Blades can greatly enhance her laning dominance, while Fleet Footwork offers a safer scaling option. However, unlike Akshan, Tristana lacks a protective shield, making her more susceptible to assassins. It’s advisable to secure a favorable matchup during champion selection, especially against mages, to leverage her strong early game and scaling capabilities.

Current ADC Meta

The ADC role has evolved yet again, with champions like Jinx and Zeri emerging as top picks due to recent item changes, particularly to Infinity Edge. The nerfs to lethality and the ineffectiveness of utility items on ADCs such as Ashe have paved the way for Jinx to excel. She can freely scale in lane, occasionally securing kills with her global rocket ability, which accelerates her itemization. In terms of builds, players typically choose between rushing Static Shiv into Kraken Slayer and Infinity Edge, or starting with Kraken Slayer followed by Infinity Edge and then attack speed items like Phantom Dancer, Hurricane, or Rapid Firecannon.

Zeri’s Playstyle in High Elo

While Zeri may have a lower win rate in lower elo brackets, she is considered S+ tier in Challenger. This discrepancy is largely due to differences in playstyle across the skill levels. Common mistakes include excessive mana use in lane phase and premature engagement with her abilities. Zeri players should focus on using her W in coordination with support’s slows or crowd control, as trying to hit an enemy with W early in the game is often ineffective due to its predictability and slowness. Additionally, her E should be used judiciously as engaging too early without proper support can lead to unfavorable trades.

Zeri’s Tactical Use of Abilities

Lower ranked players often initiate trades with Zeri’s E, while Challenger players strategically reserve this ability until the fight moves into a minion wave. The savvy use of her E is crucial as Zeri’s basic attacks can bypass minions with it, extending her effectiveness in skirmishes. This tactical difference is key in distinguishing between proficient and novice Zeri players. The recommended build remains consistent, favoring Static Shiv into Infinity Edge or Navori, and completing with either Phantom Dancer or Hurricane.

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