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New Champion Builds for Patch 12.8

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Hello guys. It’s Librarian Husky here. How’s season 12? Eh, well, 12.8 is going to be easier because after watching today’s guide you. Will know about builds that are really overperforming in the current passion that will still be good when 12.8 rolls around.


Now starting off at number 10 for the builds of 12.8, we have the split pushing Jax to build. So we’ve divided Sundra and hole breaker. I’m sure we’ve all seen this. So to find Sunderer with sheen and the spell bay passive hole breaker, which makes you tanky in the side lane. What really caps this build-off? Suppose you’re against attack speed-based champions.

You have enough innate damage. You don’t need to go ham and get a book and whatever else. After that, you can build tanks and still deal much damage.
With this, you are unkillable and a much bigger threat. so bruiser tanky Jax with a frozen heart comes in at number 10.

So the enemy team might have an Irelia, they might have a Tryndamere, they might have a kindred, they might have a hyper-carry AD carry like a Jinx or a Vein. The Frozen Heart actually completes this build and rounds it off beautifully. The armor is very useful. The mana isn’t the most important thing in the world. You get a ton of ability ace and also the passive, which is going to slow the attack speed of those opponents. With the Jax bus, especially to his “w.”


Now ahead of jack’s coming in at number nine. You could call this the frozen heart patch. This is Lillia. and I’m not talking about Lillia in the jungle talking about Lillia in the top plane. You can see that in the master and above with this setup. Lillia wins two-thirds of their games.

  • Of the AP ratio and you’re passive, this has gone up, and your w’s damage. It is also up. This is nice for the laning phase. You’re definitely going to feel it.
  • So Lillia, with the Frozen Heart rush, just make sure you go Rift Maker and Demonic Embrace. Afterward, she fills the number nine position.

Now it might not be the biggest sample size in the world. If these players are doing this well in high Elo, then I guarantee you against those attack speed-based champions in the top lane like jacks like Tryndamere like Irelia. This champion is an amazing counter.


For beating both Jackson, the Frozen Heart abuses to number eight on the countdown. This is Kai’sa, who is getting some really nice buses for 12.8. So the shield you get from your ultimate. This is scaling more of your ap. On top of this, your passive damage is going to deal more damage to tanks based on how much ap you have.

  • So it’s now going to be five percent per 100 ap. So what Rider is trying to do is draw Kai’sa away from going to Luden’s tempest. Just spamming her “w,” it’s pretty Uninteractive.
  • This is also why they are nerfing your w’s ap ratio down from 70 to 45. this is a significant Nerf. To be honest, I think. It’s a quality one because it’s going to encourage. This setup right here is to be built with Masamune Nash’s tooth and then the crown of the shattered queen.
  • Even at the moment, without these buffs, you can see that this is a 56-win rate in higher reloads.

So this certainly works. Just be a little careful picking Kaiser in the mid lane or as an ad carry because you do have a lot of hard matchups. Hard lanes, really. You want to be picking her up when the laning phase is going to be free. This is why she does so well against champions like Ezreal because she will 100 get to these three items.


Now coming in at number seven, we’re going to continue. I’m so sorry. We’ve got to with the Frozen Heart theme. This is the last one, trust me, but this is Karma on the top plate. You’re probably like, why enough would I build this on Karma? Well, let’s think about it if you’ve got the attack speed reduction. In the top lane going against attack speed champions is kind of common.

  • The 80 carries on the other team don’t build a tag speed these days. So the item’s passive is very valuable for a champion like Karma. Also, the mana and then the ability hates Karma.
  • You want to spam your spells like nothing else. You can see that in high reloads with Moonstone than Frozen Heart. Even a Putrefier, which is going to give you a bit of heel cut because sometimes your teammates just won’t build properly.
  • You can be the one in the top lane to do it. So it’s just a little riskier because, yes, you might have to rely on your teammates more because you’re not going to 1v9 a game through one-shotting champion.

Also, because you’re a great team fighter, you are going to be near other enemy champions. So if your teammates want to win, hopefully, they do. This is a very underrated setup, and this is why it’s on this countdown.


Now, number six is being filled by one of the best supports on the rift at the moment, and this is Senna. You might be like Senna. Everyone knows she’s broken but did. that the umbral glaive center rushes at the moment and then follows this up with an eclipse and Rapid Fire cannon. It is carving up higher reloads.

  • So if we look at this win rate in mass from above with these three items, a 71 win rate from almost 100 matches, then if we up the ante. Go to the challenger.
  • This increases to 75 now there are about a third of the games played, so above 30, which isn’t the biggest amount. Still, these games are going to be played at a higher level. This elucidates how strong Senna’s support is with the humble Glaive Rush. That is pretty damn good and for support because of the Umbral Glade buffs from the last patch.

This will accelerate your scaling more than any other support unless they’re playing Pipe. Because of the support Mythics and items, they cost more than Umbral Glaive dots. So you’re going to be hitting the first Side of Spike a lot sooner.

Useful for Senna

It’s very useful for Senna as well. Using the passive because this cooldown is now down to 35 seconds from 45 seconds. You’re going to clear more vision and get more space for your team. It’s a great first item.

Now, after this, getting eclipse for the passive. Also, because of the armor penetration. You deal a lot of damage, and it gives you the scaling you kind of need because when you go glaive. If the enemy champions have any type of armor, you won’t deal any damage to them. So eclipse is a must. Then finish this off with a Rapid Fire cannon to work on your range. Keeping the enemy champions at a maximum distance from you is important as well. So the Umbral Glade brush center is number six. Honestly could be higher.

Miss Fortune

Now starting off the top five, we have one of the easiest. Fun to play setups on this countdown. This is going, Miss Fortune, now. It’s not full ap Miss Fortune. It’s actually just building Lee Andrews. You might wonder why I want to build this?

  • If I’m playing as an 80 carry because I support miss fortune, for sure, you can probably see why you’d build it. As an ad carrying Miss Fortune, it’s useful to build this in specific games. So if the enemy team has pretty much no front line.
  • So there are no tanks there. They’re all pretty squishy. They have a lot of immobile backline champions. So they might have a Syndra as their mid-laner. Their AD carry might be something like a Jinx. AP Miss Fortune can completely demolish these champions.
  • It’s not even really for the bird. Don’t get me wrong. It’s very useful if you’ll make it rain, but really, we’re getting laundries for the ability to haste. Spamming this multiple times during team fights.

It’s a massive cuck to these immobile champions. don’t forget that your ultimate still has a little bit of scaling up in there, as well as does your “q.” So it might sound bad on paper going the Andrews MF, but in the right game against the mobile team compositions when they don’t have a lot of tanks on the front line. It is an amazing building. You will find legit just instant win games by building it.


One build at the moment in higher reloads. That is not as niche as a Miss Fortune. Now with the Umbral Glade rush. It’s so much cheaper. This is a great item for graves the lethality. The attack damaged the abilities. Also, the passive as well because you are a very aggressive jungle; you like to get in the enemy jungle’s face. It’s very useful for clearing vision and controlling the map, controlling space, and just putting pressure down on the rift. So really, you’re not sacrificing that much damage. Going in clips first might be a bigger spike.

  • This is the Umbral Glaive rush graves of the Umbral Glade bus from the last patch.
  • This item, no doubt, is going to be featured a few times on this countdown.
  • This is just one of them. So with Grey’s before there, she was going eclipse and then collector.

Humble glaive is the earlier spike, and hopefully, this will snowball you toward your eclipse and then toward your collector. You can see this setup and challenger career. This has a 62-win rate from almost 200 matches. So if this works there, it is 100 going to work in every single other reload. So for any jungle out there, make sure you guys test this out for 12.8.


One Umbral Glade rushes. That’s a little bit better than Grey’s rushing it. This is Rengar. I actually mentioned this setup in our last builds guide. Not the actual build itself. So Umbral Glade into Dust blade, for instance, reaver the attack damage, the lethality the ability is all very nice. What you guys might not know about this build. It is that you don’t have to build boots. It might sound kind of troll.

  • This is why you’re going to run relentless hunter in your secondary tree. So the domination tree in your ruins, make sure you take this. Once you get your stacks, you’ll get more and more of this. Movement speed on Rengar is a useful stat.

You can make do without it. You can spend that gold instead of putting it towards lucidity boots. You can put it towards your dust plate your essence river these items especially. If you’re snowballing, if you get them earlier, games are just going to end quicker. So no boots, humble glaze rush Rengar comes in at number three.


Now I’m kind of excited about this next setup because of Ezreal. Who is getting buffed in 12.8? I think it is going to be super broken, and even right now, he is dominating a high Elo career. Really the key to all this is your keystone fleet footwork. You might be like, why would I run? This, on or not conqueror, may be lethal tempo. This is because fleet footwork works with the “q” it gives you. So much sustain and mobility, of course, during the laning phase. It’s when you are weakest. You want to get to the mid to late game. This enables you to do that.

  • You might even see some other 80 carriers doing this to achieve the same thing. It’s because the ultimate buff to Ezreal’s next patch.
  • This is going to get you to level 16, which is when your ultimate is going to be on a 90-second cooldown and remember with the ability as.

Masamune force

You can see from these items with trinity force Masamune and then grudge or frozen heart. You will be spamming your ultimate so much. Your mystic shot as well, remembers, is going to reduce your true shot barrage cooldown. So you will be throwing these out left-right. Center and after this, it really depends on the enemy team composition.

If you need armor penetration to get through their tankiness, then get a grudge. or if you need to actually kite back yourself because they have a lot of dives, a grudge will be very useful as well. If they have, a lot of attack speed-based champions. Frozen heart is amazing. It makes you very tanky just remember to get lucidity boots in every single game. You guys will be sweet and so fleet for work Ezreal is the silver medalist. Who is the gold medalist?


This champion hasn’t been talked about ever since. he got nerfed earlier in the season. This is Corki, and I’m not talking about ap Corki. To be honest, that setup, well, it just takes too long to work. At least if you go shield bow mana Mooney and then essence reaver. You are actually a lot more relevant quicker in games now. You might get your packages later. Yes, your package doesn’t recharge as much as it once did. Guess what? It still recharges enough, particularly in lower Elos.

  • This won’t mean that much, but you can see this setup. In diamond and above, this setup has a 55-win.
  • Rate really not bad at all. Then we go to the master and above a 64-win rate and then challenger a 72-percenter. Now, of course, the games decrease because there are fewer players in a challenge. Just like the other bills we’ve talked about, all of these games are going to be played at a high level, well, hopefully, anyway.
  • So for the Shilbo Manamuna essence river, corgi to have a 72 percenter. This is legit, and it speaks volumes to how good this champion actually still can be.


A bit like Kaiser. Just be careful about blind picking him. You do have some very tough lanes to navigate out of, really. You want to be picking him when you know the laning phase is going to be free, so you can hit the late game and then dominate.

Thank you for reading this guide. My name is Librarian Husky – I am your faithful companion in the world of League Of Legends. Please check our League Of Legends Guides main mage for more useful articles.

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