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Best Champions Of All Roles In 12.7

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Hey everyone, Librarian Husky here, and welcome to another guide today. We’re going to be talking about the ten most underrated champions for the upcoming 12.7 patch, and there are some very interesting picks in here.

Now starting off at number 10. We have a champion who’s going to really like the game force change coming in the next patch, and this is Twitch. But you might be like, if I play Twitch, I’m not going to go gale force, and you’d be right. Well done. But the point here is that because you’re a bot laner, gale force is built most often in the bot lane.

Best champions Twitch

So these champions like Jinx and Caitlyn, because the cooldown on gale force is active, the dash is now going to be close to 2 minutes. These champions don’t have the dash to escape your ultimate, and therefore they are more accessible because Twitch really likes your big weakness are actually getting outraged by some of these champions, and sometimes they are able to escape because of gale force.

Against the Jinx, for example, the only way he gets out of your ultimate and survives is by using the cloud burst exit. But now, because of the Nerf, it’s going to mean we’re going to get way more kills, and Twitch, at the moment as well, is actually doing very well in terms of win rates in every single ELO. So crack slayer Twitch is definitely going to be a fool’s next patch and underrated.


Now beating him to the number nine position, we’re going to talk about a top laner. who isn’t really going to benefit from any buffoon 12.7. But he’s just flying under the radar as being very good. This is Aatrox. That is thanks to the buff a few patches ago where. If you land the key part of your QS, you will deal extra damage.

This is really nice for Aatrox players who know how to play this champion, and in the last couple of patches, his win rates have actually improved because, really, the only people playing age rocks are those Age Rock’s mains. They are showing us that. If you can master this spellcasting top laner, the Dividends are very big. So if you even put the time into Aatrox to learn his matchups, mechanics, and micro, it is definitely worth it.


Now coming in at number eight, we’re going to head back to the bolt lane here. I’m honestly really excited for this pick because to be honest. I find this champion challenging and, therefore, fun. That’s just the way I am, and for all you Kalista mains out there, because your base mana is going up, and your base movement speed and attack speed per level, more importantly, 12.7, is looking very Juicy indeed.

I really want to focus on the base movement speed buff, so it’s going up by five, which doesn’t sound like a lot. This is your Irelia meme change, but. This is going to be legit for Kalista because movement speed is really just such a huge part of your kit because, really, what this champion is about is kiting the enemy champions. You need the movement speed. You need mobility.

Better chance for LoL Kalista

This is going to give you a better chance of doing it. So, and then the attack speed per level, well think about it, because the attack speed for Kalista really generates movement speed. This is super useful as well. Such a bit like Aatrox. I think you can pilot Kalista. At a Decent Ish level.

You are going to froth these changes. The mana buff as well might come in handy because sometimes. We do screw up the mana refund from my “e,” and sometimes we do throw out cues a bit too often. So we can maybe be a bit more liberal with our abilities during the laning plays, but overall, 12.7 looks really good. Callista mains out there. Let me know in the comments exactly what you think.


Now beating all of these to number seven on the countdown. We’re heading to the top lane here and talking about Vladimir. Who really hasn’t received any love this season? But at the moment, Vladimir’s win rate in challenger anyway in the top lane is 55. Even though it might not be 55, even if you go down to diamond and platinum, it’s well above 50 percent.

So Vladimir in the top lane wisely all of a sudden becomes really good. Perhaps the biggest reason why Vladimir actually likes the top lane at the moment. It is probably because of the tp change at the start of the season that lots of people didn’t actually realize.

Top laners

What this meant because for top laners right now, the strongest ones anyway are those who take two Combat Summoner spells, and for Vladimir, one Combat Summoner spell along with your flash is actually super useful, and this is Ghost because the movement speed when you pair this with flash and even like your rocket build active.

Mobility Advantage

It gives you mobility. It gives you engagement. It gives you Kite. So if you do get ganked in the top lane, it’s very hard to kill you. So it’s an excellent Versatile Rune, but you might be like, well, I’m giving up. Tp, what’s the point of. This is especially on a scaling champion. Well, yes, tp will keep you in the game in terms of golden experience. So you’re not going to miss waves under your tower, especially against strong early-game champions, so if we think of a champion like said or Darius or maybe Riven.

These champions are for Vladimir because our cooldowns are longer. We don’t really have the damage to one-shot them. These lanes are definitely harder. But even with flash, we still might die for them. So Ghost gives us a much better opportunity of actually surviving and still being able to play the lane afterward because if we get ganked or jumped on, we probably have to flash, and then we tp back and.

Beating enemy champions

It’s really just a waste. We can stay in lane and still stay healthy enough and even beat these enemy champions in the 1v1, and Ghost anyway has insane scaling the movement speed you get in the late game. It’s so beneficial for Vladimir, so he comes in at number seven.


Now coming in at number six on the countdown. It is perhaps the most deadly and scariest full-clearing jungle on the rift. In 12.7, he will be even Scarier because he’s getting buffed, and this is Karthus. So what’s happening in 12.7 is that the “q” monster modification damage is going from 85 percent to 95. So if you can’t do the math, that is a ten increase in damage. This is significant for a full clearer like Arthas, who loves to farm camps. That’s how most people play this champion. So the fact you’ll be clearing your camps quicker.

It’s not just useful for your early game because you will be clearing cans quicker, essentially. You’ll be getting Golden Experience Quicker. So you’re accelerating yourself to your mid to late-game spikes, in other words, your items, because you’ll be power farming even quicker, including stuff like scuttle Crabs, Dragons, and even the enemy jungle camps. So this is a serious buff and should not be underestimated. It’s going to push Karthus back into being on 12.7.


Now starting off the top five of this counter, we’re actually going to stay with the jungle here. Talk about a champion. Well, he’s not actually getting buffed in 12.7. but he is going to be insanely good and better than Karthus, to be honest. This is a Nocturne. So we’re talking black Cleaver, more Malmortius, Death Stance; it has pushed Nocturne in the right direction. Also, the fact that earlier this season, his q’s ad ratio got a buff in terms of damage based on your build. This means that the 12.3 items which are giving you more attack damage are even more valuable because you will be hitting harder.

Also, the lethal tempo on Nocturne is so good because when you jump on an enemy champion with your paranoia, you get more attacks off because of the attack speed. When you pair this with Stride Breakers active, even though it’s not 90 percent slow, it once was still big enough to slow the enemy mid laner the enemy 80 carry enough. So you can land your fear, tempo auto attacks, and “q,” which deals more damage. So Nocturne in the Jungle in 12.7 is really underrated. We’ve even seen him picked at the moment and in the last patch as well in some pro games. So he is a jungle that you can definitely carry on.


Now for the next pick at number four, we’re heading back to the bot lane here and talking about an ad carry. Who a bit like Twitch is really going to value the gale-force nerf for Ashe, who doesn’t go gay or forced? I know it sounds a bit weird, but exactly like Twitch, because the Jinns of the world, because the Jinxers, the Caitlyn’s, any champion who builds gale force is more accessible.

Ash importance

Now, why is this important for Ash? Well, think about it, her ultimate. The ultimate buff a couple of patches ago where. It’s traveling a little bit faster the longer it travels. This becomes even more potent when you think about the gale-force Nerf in 12.7. With a 110-second cooldown on the action on the Ashe for ash’s ultimate, the in China Crystal Arrow.

You will be throwing these out, and the enemy 80 carries won’t have the cooldown up to dodge that ultimate, which will spell their death guarantee it. So Ashe with Kraken Slayer. You don’t even have to go shield bow with the wet end, which was the typical route. You can actually go Kraken Slayer with PD. It’s actually a very strong setup, and we talked about it in yesterday’s top 10 builds guide for 12.7, so make sure you check out that if you haven’t already, but Ash comes in at number four.


Now number three, we’re actually staying in the bot lane here and talking about support. Who is the one and only supporter of the countdown, but still. One of the strongest champs on the rift, and to be honest, is played nowhere near enough, and this is Taliyah as support. So really, the whole gist of this is that to Leah, her passive makes her one of the best romances because of the innate movement speed you get then if you think about your ultimate.

How can you not roam around the map and just dominate because of the support role now, especially in a solo queue? Has been evolving into more of a roaming champion. That’s probably the best way you can actually 1v9 as a support, especially if your teammates are feeding. So Taliyah, because of the agency she has on the map, has to be in consideration here. Even if we just think about the laning phase.

Potential for LoL Taliyah

Your queue gives you good shoving potential. So you can get to level two. First, you can get the push pressure, and also, the poke allows you to control those bottom brushes. Then if we think about your seismic shoves or your “w,” it has a lot of kill pressure. If you have a jungle with some sort of cc like a j4, you land your w 100 kills. It can also be used to peel the enemy champions off your ad carry. So super underrated champion Taliyah fills the number three position.


Now coming in at number two on the countdown is a champion who is not actually getting buffed in 12.7. but he will be flexing the abs even more in 12.7 because Umbral Glaive is getting buffed. So it costs 2300 gold. That’s a 100 gold decrease and the cooldown for the passive where you get a vision of those wards. It’s going down 10 seconds. Now for a roaming champion in the mid-lane like Pantheon. You could play this in the top lane, but I don’t think it’s as effective because you have less access to the rest of the map. In the mid-lane, you can go top. You can go into the enemy jungle. You can go to the bot lane to dive into ganking. There are a lot more routes you can take.

So with Umbral Glaive, you can roam around the map with your jungle, killing wards grinding vision for your team, and denying vision from the enemy team. It’s going to be deadly on Pantheon in the mid-lane. This champion, to be honest, has kind of been forgotten. About LoLs of ads, champions seem to be more popular. So Yonei, and Yasuo, are both getting buffed. We have zed Kiana talon, whereas Pantheon has kind of been left behind. But definitely not in terms of strength, and the next patch and Humble Glaive rush Pantheon mid-lane is just free lp.


But maybe it’s not going to be as three ops as the number one champion on this countdown, and that’s how the countdown works, of course. This is Wukong, guys, but I’m not actually talking about Wukong in the top lane, which will still be much better because your “q” cooldown is going down by a second at each rank. Your w’s cooldown is also going down to later ranks, and your ease AP ratio is going up if you want to go AP Wukong. But for Wukong, your e is going to deal more damage to monsters and what’s great about your w. is not the cooldown getting reduced to later ranks because you will be maxing this Lasso. It’s not the most important buff but guess what.

Your “w” is going to allow you to go over walls. Are you legit as a jungle? Think about Wugong into the jungle with this buff. You can w over the baron pit, over the Dragon Pit, around the blue buff walls everywhere. Name of all you can go over. This is going to give you so many more ganking opportunities and make. You are such a force on the map, and for Wukong, who is an amazing jeweler in the jungle, because of the attack speed in your “e,” your “q” cooldown is also going down now. This is great because you can probably get multiple queues off during these skirmishes.

Thank you for reading this guide. My name is Librarian Husky – your information provider. Please check our League Of Legends Guides main mage for more useful articles. Good Luck!