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New Champions Tier List for 12.8

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Hello guys. It’s Librarian Husky here. In today’s upload, we’re going to reveal the 12.8 tier list because of the changes that will probably hit the Rift’s next patch. So we’re going to give you the tiers for each role.

We’ll also be going through the changes and what they might mean in the near future. so make sure you stick around for the whole guide.

Top Lane LoL

These are easy for solo queue, the best champions you can pick. They have good laning phases. They scale incredibly well. So these guys will continue to be the kings and queens of the solo queue in 12.8 now, as far as the top lane champions who are getting buffed to nerfed in 12.8. well, why don’t we start by talking about Mordekaiser?

Who is now in the low-key broken tier list because his passive movement speed is going to increase by three percent to six percent and level six and then by six percent to nine percent at level eleven? So we’re going to start with the 12.8 top lane tier list, and you can see that in the broken tier. We have four bruises:

  • Camille.
  • Fiora.
  • Jackson.
  • Riven.

Big weakness LoL

This is awesome for mort because one of your big weaknesses is getting kited. It really cuts your team fighting. Now that you’re going to get more movement speed from your passive.

  • It might even mean you don’t have to build a Rylai’s Crystal Scepter. So you can spend that gold on potentially a better AEP bruiser item.
  • So 12.8 sounds like a great patch for more. Now moving on, we can also see that in the Loki broken tier, we have Vladimir, whose base armor is going from 23 to 27. In the top lane, lots of championship play will be attacked damage based. Vlad is going to have a lot better time of it.
  • Just be careful about blind-picking Vlad because he does have some pretty big hard counters. So what you want to do is pick Vladimir into a free lane. Then you can scale for free. Hit the late game, hopefully, and this is why this buff which gives your early game a bit more power, sounds really good.

The last champion is specifically getting changed from the top lane; well, this is Swain. Who is getting some massive adjustments in 12.8? This is why Swain is in the b tier. So because the second part of your ultimate is not going to end your Demonic Ascension, this is a huge increase in power because your base damages are up.

AP Ratios

Even though the AP Ratios might be down, this means that you could even consider going like full-tank Swain. So this makes Swain a lot more viable in the top lane. because his soul fragments the healing. They’re going to be scaling off your maximum hp.

By having items, maybe even something like Sunfire agents with Demonic Embrace. You’re going to have. So much hp, but still. So much damage, but I can’t say for certain how good Swain’s going to be. So he’s in beats here, but I’d love to know your thoughts on the Noxion ground general in 12.8.

Mid Lane

These champions are because of either recent buffs or because they haven’t been touched at all. Now the next tip we have to talk about is the mid-lane tier list. The four best champions for 12.8, well, these aren’t changing from 12.7 because we have:

  • Ahri.
  • Nico.
  • Vega.
  • Yasuo.

Cream of the crop in 12.8

This is why they will continue to be the cream of the crop in 12.8 now. As for the champers who have been changing the mid-lane for 12.8, we have Vladimir. With the base arm above and this will actually be useful for the mid lane because against 80 assassins in the mid lane, so:

  • Yone.
  • Yasuo.
  • Zed.
  • Talon.
  • Kiana.
Better matchups

These matchups are going to be a lot better for you, and you will see most of these champions in solo queues. Also, against ranged champions, you get heavily outraged by some of them, even by their auto-attacks. So this will make those matchups a little easier as well. Now moving on, we have Kassadin, who’s getting buffed. So the shield from his q is the actual base. That has increased by 20 at each rank, and it’s also scaling more off your AP.

Here’s the thing with Kassadin: do you need a bigger Shield? Is it actually going to do anything, especially with Serpent’s fangs and Shadow Flame in the game? It probably isn’t going to be that big of a buff which is why Cassis is an A-tier. Now going back to the Loki broken team, we have two champions to talk about who is getting buffed in 12.8. These are Tristana and also Zoe.

AED level increasing

Tristana in the mid-lane as a counter to those immobile mages is excellent. Now her scaling has always been really good. So when you’re counter-picking Tristana, not only are you very good during the laning phase, but you’ve got even more of a security blanket underneath you now because of the ad per level.

Buff now. As far as Zoey goes, your q mana cost is going down by ten at each rank, and seeing as you’re maxing. This first is useful. Your ultimate mana cost is down by ten as well. So you’ll be spending less of the blue stuff in 12.8, and Zoe is already doing very well. So this is why she resides in Loki broken:

  • We have to talk about Silas, whose ultimate cooldown at rank 1 is down by 20 seconds.
  • A rank 2 is 55 seconds which is 15 lower.
  • Then at level 16, rank 3, it’s down by 10 seconds, so 30 seconds.
Biggest impact lvl 6 to 11

So this will definitely have the biggest impact from level 6 to level 11. stealing more ultimates and because you’re such a good skirmisher team fighter. This will be useful around those dragon and rift herald fights when you start roaming around the map. In the late game, it’s not going to have the biggest impact.

Silas, just like Zoe, is performing very well at the moment, which is why he is an s tier. That’s not all because we also have Xerath, who’s getting buffed. So his e stun duration. It’s actually lasting a quarter of a second longer. Based on the distance it travels. For a lot of Xerath players, you’re probably not going to be using it at max range unless the enemy champion is CC’d by a teammate.

Using your keys

You could, of course, use your “w” into an “e,” but the enemy champion, if they have their screen turned on, will most likely dodge it. So when you get jumped on, your e is going to buy you a little bit more time to escape that danger. It might not sound like the biggest buff in the world, but I think it’s going to be quite nice, which is why Xerox will be one of the strongest B-tier chips. Now the last mid-laner we have to mention for 12.8. this is Kaiser.

  • So the AP version of Kaiser is getting changed. So the ap ratio in your passive is up to five percent per 100 ap.
  • So straight up doubled, but Ryan has decided to give Kaiser a bit of a compensation nerfs because of your w’s ap ratio.
  • This is down from 70 to 45, but your ultimate ap ratio is actually up from 75 percent to 100. so this really brings into play mirror man and Nash’s tooth crown the shadow queen, and it means if you’re playing ap Kaiser.
W-spam LoL

It’s less about the w spam, which is kind of nice because that was pretty active. So it’s more about picking those fights and those situations where you can get in, get out, assassinate the squishy enemy champions. So it’s going to be a lot more fun and rewarding as a playstyle. So these sound like really good buses, but to be honest, Kaiser in the mid lane, it’s very hard to do work. The champion really is not a champion until the late game, at which point the game might be already over. Still, it will be fun to play, but it probably won’t have the best win rate now.

Jungle LoL

These are staying the same from 12.7. because not much is really changing in the jungle, there are some champions who will be happier. So more Kaiser is remaining, and Loki is broken because of the passive movement speed buff. You can also see Poppy and Sejuani. So why are these two champions here? Well, for poppy, your w’s cooldown is going down by four seconds. Let’s move on to the last solo role in the game, and this is the jungle. Just like the mid lane, the top four champions:

  • Kane.
  • Kha’zix.
  • Rexxar.
  • Rengar.


This is going to happen more often, and I’m kind of scared for sedge as well. A bit like Poppy, she might become 2op because of this. There is one more jungle benefiting from buffs in 12.8. this is Fiddlesticks, who is remaining in S-tip because his w’s healing against champions is increasing. To be honest, how important is this for the fiddlesticks in the jungle you’re all about?

Your clear speed and using your ultimate. Your w’s healing against champions, alright, it’s increased. It’s kind of nice, and it is buff. It is a pretty placebo. You’re not going to survive a fight because of it. Your w’s healing. You’re probably going to survive it more if your ultimate is good quality. Suppose you can time your stopwatch and Zhenya’s according to the enemy’s cooldowns.

Poppy in the jungle

Now I’m not sure if this is going to mean that poppy in the jungle should max their w second. Regardless, this is a huge buff, but Yura’s knock-up is going to last longer.

  • The knockback distance is a lot higher, the missile speed is also high, and the channel refund is getting halved from 30 seconds to 15 seconds. So if you add up all of these buffs, it sounds ridiculous for Poppy. I’m honestly scared this Hammering Yordle is going to be the standout jungle and maybe even champion in 12.8.
  • So if there are any poppy mains out there, let me know what you think of the 12.8 changes. You should be very excited for Sejuani or Passer’s cooldown instead of being a flat 12 seconds.
  • It’s going down from 12 seconds to 6 seconds, and this is massive because, for Sejuani, you are a scaling jungle. So getting all those bonus resistances when you’re out of combat.

Bot Lane

Now the last two roles ad carry in support. Let’s head to the bowling, and let’s talk about Eddie’s carrier first. So in the broken tier, we have the following:

  • Vayne.
  • Vega.
  • Yasuo.

Now Vega and Yasuo are over here even though they aren’t traditional 80 galleries because they curb some of the bot lanes. Ever since the asshole’s buff last patch. Ever since the Vega queue has been buffed, you’re getting more stacks. So these two anti-meta bot laners, if you will, are in the broken tier once again. 12.8 is going to be a big patch for a lot of ad carriers because lots of them are getting changed. So let’s start by talking about Zaya.

Q’s damage LoL

Who’s one of the most popular? So your q’s damage is going down sequentially. So at rank one is not changing, but at rank five, once you’ve maxed this out at level nine, it’s going down by twenty. This is significant, and your q’s cooldown is going down from ten seconds to eight seconds.

No longer six, so that’s an extra two-second increase in the cooldown apartment. This is a big nerf for lethality, Zaya, and because Krid’s eye really isn’t that great. This is why she’s dropped all the way down to bt. Just above her, we see another champion who has fallen from grace. This is Jinx in 12.8.

  • Your base hp is going down to 560. that’s 50 less, and this might open the door for you to go cut down in your runes. That’s really about it.
  • This is a pretty big Nerf in the early game, but just because Jinx works so well with lethal tempo. You will hopefully still have enough offensive power to get through the early laning phase and dominate in the late game.
  • You can see that next to Jinx, we have gin as well. Who is actually getting buffed? So the root duration on your “w.” is increasing by 0.25 seconds at each rank.

Cooldown going down 4secs

Your e’s cooldown is going down by four seconds early game, and this will be two seconds at rank five, and your damage on your w and e is no longer reduced against monsters. So this could be useful. You probably don’t want to do this all the time, but if you are doing dragons, rift heralds, and barons. This will actually give your w and your e another job to do, which is why Jin has improved from B-tier to a tier for 12.8. there is one more ad carry we haven’t mentioned who’s getting buffed in 12.8, this being Ezreal. I think this might be one of the most impactful buffs of 12.8.

Ultimate cooldown 120secs

It’s going to be pretty insane. So you might be throwing your true shot barrage down a lane, or you might be throwing. Out an objective or trying to steal the enemy red buff, or you might even be able to get two of these off during those long extended team fights. So Ezreal means let me know what you think of this buff in the comments section.

So your ultimate cooldown is going down by 120 seconds at rank 1 to 105 seconds at rank two and at rank three, so at level 16, it’s going down to 90 seconds.
Now remember your “q” is going to reduce your ultimate’s cooldown, and because you’re all about ability haze, you will be spamming your ultimate so much in the late game you could even have this like every 20-30 seconds.

Support LoL

Of course, the last role we have to talk about for the next patch is the support role. You can see that we have the following:

  • Blitzcrank.
  • Nami.
  • Pyke.
  • Cena.

In the broken-tier Blitzcrank, Nami, Center, they’ve been. So good all season, but we also have Pyke in here because of the umbral glaive change from the last patch. This gives you a much cheaper first-item option because Pyke loves lethality. The passive in it so you can clear wards and control that vision. he is going to love 12.8 as well. Now we have already talked about poppy. This is why Poppy with a potential w max second is in Loki broken.

Velcro’s abilities

We’ll have to see how this works out. I think it could really work, especially in dive compositions. Now we also have Velcro’s, whose q’s ap ratio is getting increased. His initial w’s ratio is increasing by five percent. To be honest, as follow, you don’t really need the damage you already deal enough.

  • So once your “w” has been on the ground and it activates, this is going up by five or rank 1 to 25 at rank 5.
  • This is nice, especially in the late game, and your passive damage is also going up, which is going to mean. Suppose you’re going Spelthy’s edge not only more damage but also more gold. So this is why Bart has ascended from the B tier into a tier for 12.8.
  • The last support change is hitting the rift next patch.

It would probably be better to reward someone for landing both parts of their “w” or give him a bit more tankiness or some sort of cooldown reduction on his abilities. Still, he will be annoying poke support. So he remains in BT. Now one popular supporter is getting buffed in 12.8. this is bad, and your w’s max heals.


This is the Sorak enough. So the actual base amount of the heal. This is down, and it’s also scaling less off your AP, but to be honest, this really isn’t going to change Soraka all that much, which is why.

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