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Updated Patch 14.6 Tier List for Season 2024 (League of Legends)

In the S2 tier, we have Darius, Fiora, Gragas, Kale, Olaf, Renekton, Trundle, Urgot, and Zac. Cho’Gath, Son, and Shen all received some minor buffs this week, which didn’t really make too much of a difference to their placements. Darius continues his strong success rate over recent patches, and Renekton moves back up there with the big boys.

Top Lane Standouts

Gragas’ nerfs this week saw him lose a few percentage points of his win rate in the mid lane, a little bit in the jungle, and the top lane too, but he still kept his place in the S2 in the top lane due to that tanky ability haste build being so consistent. So, if you are a Gragas main, don’t worry too much. He’s still a really good option to play in the top lane.

Rising Stars of the Patch: Tryndamere and Zac’s Impressive Comeback

Tryndamere saw some buffs this patch to his attack speed growth and to some of his items too, which have given him the little boost he needed to get back into the S2. His win rate climbed by over 1.2%, now placing him with around a 52% win rate, which is a really solid number to maintain. Tryndamere mains are some of the scariest opponents to face, but we just haven’t seen them that much for a while now. Maybe this patch will remind players just how hard he can carry.

Zac bounces his way back into the top lane S2 again and still proves exceptionally strong in the jungle too, and people are even playing him support and mid lane as well. This patch, he has a ton of damage, sustain, tankiness, and disruption in fights that make him an amazing pick into any game.

Jungle Tier Insights

Moving into the jungle, and in the S tier, we have Bel’Veth, Brand, Evelynn, Jax, Master Yi, Rek’Sai, Viego, Volibear, and Zac. Yes, Volibear stays in the S tier this patch despite his nerfs. Rek’Sai moves up to the S tier, and Brand and Jax make a return as well. Brand has been a bit of a pub-stomping machine in low ELO.

Seasonal Performers and Adjustments

So far this season, despite having absolutely no presence in High ELO whatsoever due to her tendency to face roll lower ranks, she’s got some nerfs this week to her W and her ultimate that have caused her to take a little bit of a dip in form. She’s still in the A tier, though, and capable of snowballing extremely hard, but just not quite as often as previously.

Diana got some buffs this patch to her attack speed ratio and attack speed growth, which have brought her back up into the A. She’s been pretty underwhelming and not very popular so far this season, and after a huge period over the last few years prior where she was just such an amazing jungle pick to play, now she is much more playable than before and a great pick to have in the right games. She’s just not absolutely super duper broken just yet.

Kayn got hit pretty hard this patch with Riot nerfing his ultimate damage in blue form as well as hitting some of his item spikes like Serrated Dirks. Riots are trying to bring back Red Kayn without gutting Blue Kayn, but unfortunately, this patch has not really been too kind to him so far.

Mid Lane Dynamics

Turning our attention to the mid lane, the cream of the crop, or S tier, includes notables such as Ahri, Anivia, Aurelion Sol, Cassiopeia, Kassadin, Sylas, Tristana, and Twisted Fate. Major changes to Karma have significantly altered her ranking, sending her from the prestigious S tier down to B. Meanwhile, Twisted Fate has managed to climb his way back to the top of the rankings.

The A tier is packed with solid options for players, with Heimerdinger, Katarina, Qiyana, and Neeko being particularly noteworthy. Among them, Aurelion Sol stands out as a powerhouse in this patch, with an outstanding win rate that spans all tiers of play. His unparalleled ability to control space, defensive strategies enabled by his W, high damage output, and exceptional scaling — highlighted by his devastating area-of-effect damage in the late game — establish him as a formidable foe.

Despite a somewhat underwhelming early game, Aurelion Sol becomes a significant problem for the opposition once he secures a couple of items. Tristana, on the other hand, finds herself back in the S tier, thanks to enhancements to AD carry items and changes that have edged out some of her rivals. The current meta greatly benefits her presence in the mid lane, solidifying her status as a top-tier champion.

Mid Lane Dynamics and Counterpicks

A remarkably effective counter to those champions who grow stronger over time and control the mid-range of the battlefield, she has consistently been a favored option against characters like Kassadin, among others. Her ability to dismantle these adversaries before they even get a chance to impact the match is well-documented.

Currently, Ahri is thriving in the midst of the mid lane dynamics, showcasing that when she’s at her peak, she stands out as an exceptional choice within the game. Her exceptional agility, ability to ambush opponents, explosive power, and efficient lane clearing demonstrate she possesses all the necessary attributes to lead decisively, frequently, and with relative ease. Therefore, if Ahri hasn’t been part of your champion rotation, now might be the perfect time to consider her.

AD Carry Insights

Jinx is finally having her time in the spotlight so far this patch with the crit item buffs and the nerfs to some other AD carries that have overshadowed her so far this season. In my opinion, Jinx has always, always been one of the most fun marksmen to play with those long-range rockets and crazy movement speed from getting those passive resets. So, right now, if you do enjoy Jinx like me, then you probably should start maining her again.

Kog’Maw is in the S tier because his win rate is seriously impressive. He does need the right games with the right supports and the right comps to really be optimal, but in these cases, he’s just winning an absolute ton of games right now. Pick him with a Lulu, Yuumi, or even a Janna, and as long as you don’t turbo int during the lane phase, you will come out in team fights all guns blazing and completely decimate everything you see.

Samira’s Shift in the Meta

Rest in peace, Samira. You will not be missed. Yes, the unbalanced abomination, pentakill, fire-breathing machine has finally bit the dust this patch after Riot gave him basically the Zeri treatment. Samira has been a serious issue to deal with since his release and has genuinely been one of the most contested picks in the game in every single lane. His win rate has dropped already this patch by over 5% at most ranks.

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