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Top 10 New Builds for Patch 12.7

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Hello guys. It’s Librarian Husky here. This is a guide, and in today’s upload, we’re going to be talking about ten unknown challenger-type builds that you guys have to be aware of for 12.7, and some of these are very interesting indeed and very op as well. So make sure you stick around for the whole guide.

LoL Builds start

Well, the Umbral Glaive rush for 12.7. It is now serious because Umbral Glaive is getting buffed in 12.7. it costs 100 less gold, so 2300 overall and the cooldown. For the ward, a timer is also down by 10 seconds, and for heavy roamers like Pai, Kiana, Zed, Talon, and Pantheon, there might be a couple of others; maybe Kane, you might think about going it on if you’re Snowballing. So the first build we’re going to mention is quite simply a lethality setup. So if you’re playing champions like:

  • Pai.
  • Kiana.
  • Zed.
  • Talon.
  • Pantheon.

This is going to be very problematic for the enemy team because you’ll be clearing vision, and they’ll have less room and kind of safety on the maps. So you can set up more traps and ambushes, and it’s going to be a deadlier summoner’s rift for anyone who is not one of these Umbral Glaive rushers.

LoL Build №9

Now coming in at number nine, we’re going to talk about a grave setup here, and I’ll also give you the room page and the skill order. For this, and this is quite simply Eclipsed, and then brews are great. So we’re getting an Eclipse, first of all, the stats it gives you. But one important thing it gives you is armor penetration in the passive. This means that once we get black labor collectors or Wilder’s Grudge, more memories. More dominance regards edge at Knight.

Depending on what the enemy team is building and their champions, you just have to build. You will be shredding anyone with armor in the late game and even. If they don’t have armor, you have the Lethality from Eclipse to blow them to bits. This has seen greys and high reloads. You can see that this is in the challenger. So from almost 2 000 matches with Flash and Smite, he has close to a 52-win rate. Just make sure if you are going to play graves to start with your “e.” I know many players and lower ELO start with their “q.” It doesn’t really do much “e” allows you to invade level one. It’s also good for kiting the first buff. So make sure you do this.

LoL Build №8

Now header gray is coming in at number eight on the countdown is sung once again. Who’s featured on this countdown quite a lot, and the reason Sinja’s back on here is actually because of higher reloads. He has the highest win rate out of anyone, a 58-win rate as a top laner. You’re joking. Now I understand that if you place things, you’re probably one trick.

So you’re aware of all the intricacies of the champion. So he’s naturally going to have a high win rate. But the fact is close to 60 percent has got to draw our attention to it .you can see that this build with swifties and then a Rylie’s Crystal Scepter buff, which I remember because of the buff earlier in the season.

Low price for 8th build

It’s now 2600 gold. This is cheap, and by following this with Zhonya’s hourglass, which is also very cheap, it’s a very quick two to three items you get with your boots. So this really makes sense as an early to mid-game powerhouse and hopefully by the late game. The game is already over. Just make sure for your rune page, you’re copying the page down on your screens. So an ultimate predator hunter is really important.

So we can proxy more safely and make more plays in the early to mid-game. Then what’s interesting is running Flash and Ghost because they teleport in the first 14 minutes during the early laning phase. It doesn’t pack the punch you’re used to. So what we want is two combat summoner spells and ghosts on singed and even flash for the fling. It’s so much better for your laning phase than just dominating the game’s early stages. So be aware of singing 12.7.

LoL Build №7

Now following all of these guys coming in at number seven. We’re going to talk about one tank item that’s getting buffed, and this is a Bissell Mask. So the magic was this you’re getting this is getting buffed. Have a top lane tank champion like on Mundo like Cho’gath; you guys will be interested. But I’m actually interested if one mage in the mid-lane is going to build this. This is vega because I’m sure we’re all aware of Anathema’s Chains take on vega.

Well, even some people at the moment and 12.6 are building a Bissell mask and the next patch because it’s getting buffed. It’s going to be even better against lots of magic damage teams. So if you’re against a Katarina in the mid lane and a Diana in the jungle, and maybe they have a gun in the top lane. Abyssal Mask is giving you even more value now for an item that’s 2700 gold. This is certainly going to be the case. Just make sure to get Everfrost and then probably a death cap for your first two items, and then get the am after this.

LoL Build №6

Now boasting the number six position on the countdown. We’re going to talk about a champion who’s getting buffed once again, and this is Nico, and Nico, your w is getting buffs of the damage and the movement speed. This means that potentially on-hit Nico is going to become a real thing. It is such a bit like Veigar; our first two items are going to stay the same. So Rocket Belt, then Shadow Flame, and we still want sorcerer issues for our boots. But then you can consider getting a Nash’s tooth because of the on-hit Nash’s gives you.

This is going to Synergize with the 12.7 buffs and make you very scary. It’s important to get ashes after Rocket Belt and Shadow Flame because you’re going to be maxing your “w” last. So there’s no point in accessing the odd hit until you have the one hit. So you should be finishing Nash’s even closer when you’re level 16. this is when your “w” is really going to come into play. So you can definitely think of abusing this in 12.7 now, starting off with the top five guys, and if you do enjoy these guides where we will update you on what is going on on the rift and what is going to happen. Let us know by leaving a like down below.

LoL Build №5

Coming in at number five, we’re heading to the bot lane here and talking about Ashe because Ashe has been affected this season quite a bit. Whether it be the nerfs to our w’s cooldown, whether it be the Shield Bone wit’s end Nurse. Ashe hasn’t been in the best position, but in 12.7 and even right now on the rift. Ashe is actually doing very well. But if you’re still going with ten and shield, you guys have to stop because look at these stats in high relo when Ashe players go, Berserkers, groups that aren’t changing. They go crack and slap, followed by phantom dancing and infinity edge or Gensue’s Rageblade.

61 winrate for 5th build

It has over a 61-win rate, and this is for a champion who doesn’t have any Dashes in her kid. So this really goes to show how powerful this is. When you pair this with the Lethal Tempo, the attack speed and the extra range you get at max Snacks Approach velocity and then your innate slows in your auto attacks. Indeed you will be Shredding anyone on the rift. But the Drawback.

As I said, you don’t have any escapes or even a Shield from Shield Boat because we’re going crack inside. So what you have to make sure you do is to run Flash and Ghost, just like Singed, because we need to be able to Kite the enemy champions in order to survive Ghost. Going to allow us to do that, and Flash gives us the Dash that. We need to dodge the Malphite ultimate and the Yonei ultimate and stay alive. So I think this is really underrated at the moment, and it will be even better next patch. So make sure you guys are aware of this one.

LoL Build №4

Next up for number four, we’ll head to the top lane here and talk about a hole-breaker-abusing champion. But you probably wouldn’t guess this champion would abuse the hole breaker, but he does. This is Gangplank. He actually has a very strong win rate for Gangplank and high reloads. You can see that these stats are from challengers in Korea now. There might not be thousands of games. But the Koreans just know how to play this game, and the champ is in it. So it’s a real reflection of how strong a champion actually is and the potential they have.

Gangplank Trinity force

So a Gangplank is getting a Trinity force for the Spellblade passive and also the HP it’s giving you to pair this with Hole Breaker. You become very tanky, but you also deal a lot of damage still. So this core item is set up with Trinity force, and you can either get steel caps or Mercury treads or even cooldown boots depending on how you’re going in the game and the enemy team composition, and then follow this with a hole breaker. It’s a really nice rounded item composition. You have an offense. You have a defense.

Ways of winning the LoL match

You have multiple ways of winning. You can probably use team fight because you’ll be tanky enough to. You can duel it out with the top enemy laner because of a Hole breaker. So it makes you a very versatile champion in Gangplank. He’s always going to be useful as an excellent pick in the top lane. Just make sure to run ignite into lanes that you know you’re going to win because Gangplank, believe it or not.

He’s really got no hard counters unless they pick something like Kalista or Ryze, or Lucian. Someone who can actually hit your barrels. So it might be time to put a bit of time in a Gangplank who’s also getting buff next patch, so the w’s mana cost is going down, and your passive space damage is also going up in the late game, which is amazing for this version of kind of tank damage Gangplank.

LoL Build №3

Now we’re going to stay in the top lane for this next pick, guys, and being honest. I couldn’t really believe this when I saw it. But there is one champion in the top lane at the moment in challenger. Who has around a 55 win rate, and who on earth would have guessed that this would have been Garen because, let’s be honest, when people know how to kite in space, champions like Garen, Darius said they actually become useless? So when one of these champions like Garen has this high of a win rate and these incredible stats.

Champ is broken

It just points to one thing the champ is broken. So let’s try to figure this out. So, first of all, Garen players in Challenger are running phase rush. This gives you the mobility you need against players who have their monitors turned on. And then by taking Nimbus Cloak with Flashlight Knight. This is going to give you more movement speed.

Then celerity is going to give you more movement speed. Who would have guessed and then Gathering Storm gives you the Scaling and taking second wind or Bone plating, depending on the match? This gives you more hp and makes you beefier. So that’s really the big difference here with Garen in higher reloads, and this would definitely work in lower ears. The build stays the same, so Berserkers grease shrine breaks and water reminders, and after that, you can consider getting a dead man’s plate or hole breaker. So if this will work in Challenger, it will 100% work in any other reload. So if you won that lp, guys, this could be the best pick of all.

LoL Build №2

Now ahead of Garen, boasting the number two position is a champion who is actually getting changed in 12.7. so we might have to be a little bit careful here. This is Rengar. So his w for clearing cam. So if you’re playing jungle, Rengar Clear is going to be better. That’s good. But as far as dealing damage to towers with your “q.” This is going to be reduced. So in 12.7, you won’t be able to get to the enemy tower in five minutes. But the good news is the Rengar everywhere else is staying the same. And the build that we’re looking at here are stats in high reload. We’re looking at no boots, Rengar.

Run relentless hunter

So what we’re going to be doing instead in our runes to compensate for this? Is to run relentless hunter. This is going to give us the movement speed we need. We’re also going to get footwear because, with those boots, you actually get more movement speed, and it saves us 300 gold. We are kind of a scaling champion because we want to hit level 6 and then dominate the map. You still have power in the early game, don’t get me wrong.

Serrated Dirk

But once you get to Serrated Dirk and then dust plate. This is where you really start to take off, then get essence reverb because this is going to proc on your “q” and then finish the setup with Lord Dominus Regards, you can even think of going collector here or maybe even infinity-edge if the enemy team is Very Squishy it really just depends on what they’re building so if they have armor get an LDR. So no boots lethality Critical Strike chance Rengar comes into number two.

LoL Build №1

Now holding the number one position, guys, for 12.7, we’re heading to the bot lane here and talking about Kog’maw for this ooze-spewing Baron-type worm. The build is popular now, and this is in high ELO. Just look at this for me. It’s going Luden’s tempest because this will proc off all of your abilities, especially your living artillery, and give you a lot of AOE and magic penetration. You’re going to hurt, and then we’re going to get Ryla’s Crystal Scepter which procs off pretty much everything in your kit. so we’re really playing Kog’maw as an Artillery Mage in the bot lane.

Ziggs playstyle

Kind of like a Ziggs playstyle and the best thing about this is your Scaling, even if you have a support that goes non-stop even. Suppose you go 05 in the laning phase. You are always going to be useful because you scale so well, and if you do get a lead, it’s completely over. Just make sure with this build-to-go sorcerer shoes and to max your EU first and then your “q.” so “w” last. This is the one on this countdown, guys, which you’re probably going to have the most fun with. So test it out. Let me know in the comment section if you have played this or maybe seen someone else play it. It is legit too. This is no troll build.

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